Belina(Tender Beauty) Episode 9


He looked round d small room & just when he felt everything was intact, he looked at d place d girl was lying, saw nothing & his eyes widened. He went to spanner who was still snoring & kicked him so hard that he woke up in an instant.

“Wetin be ur problem now?” spanner asked

“Where is d girl?”

“Which girl?” Sparrow hissed,

“Which kind foolish question be dat? Wey d girl wey we bring come here?” Spanner looked round & exclaimed,

“chai, our own don finish. I no no where she dey o”. Without saying anything, they both set out to look for Belina.


As tony & prisca made for Belina’s place, they noticed that d road was empty & so they were not scared of encountering any traffic. Prisca was worried that something was wrong so tony held her hand using one hand to control d steering.

“Don’t worry honey; I am sure she is ok. Uhhh, why don’t u call her, she might have switched on d phone” tony said. Prisca nodded & took her phone only to find it off.

“oh, d battery is flat, give me urs” she said. Tony gave her his phone & she dialed Belina’s number which she knew off head and it rang. She almost danced for joy when it rang & she heard, “hello…”


Mr Badmus was trying hard to find sleep but he could not. He was just too happy to sleep. He stood up again to check if he had packed all he needed for d journey & discovered that he had packed everything. He had resigned from his job as a cashier during d day even though he had been on leave & was not due to return until d following week. He went back to bed & sighed happily. His plan had worked & he just could not contain his happiness. He thought about Belina & smiled devlishly. That stubborn b—–d thought that she would not be useful for anything, well I have proved to her that I always have my way whenever I want to; he thought.

He rolled on the bed and started thinking about life in London. It had been a while he travelled out & he wanted to ensure that he did not come back an average man. ‘I would be stinkingly rich again’, he said audibly b4 dozing off


I walked down d lane crying. My life just seemed to be going bad by d day. I felt like dying & all of a sudden, my phone went alive & I picked up almost immediately.

“Hello Prisca, oh prisca… thank God u called” I said still crying.

“What is d matter Belina? I had been calling like forever, are u ok?” she asked.

“No, u only need to see me but I need ur help now, I would tell u everything later”

“I knew u were not ok, we are already on our way to ur house now, tony & I”

“No, no, don’t go there o, I am not there. I am at boruwa lane. I don’t know d area but that is where I am, on d road”

“What are u doing there & where the hell is that?” she asked then paused to ask Tony b4 she said,

“Tony knows d place, stay where u are baby, we are coming” The breeze turned cold & I looked at d sky & I noticed that it was about to rain. My tears started coming more frequently & I tried to subside it.

I noticed that d bushes were moving & I thought it was due to d breeze. I moved slowly so that I would be easy to locate. I heard something that resembles footsteps & I stood completely still but I almost passed out when I heard two people’s voices coming closer. I scanned d area quickly & saw a place where d bush was thicker & ran there silently. I entered d bush without thinking about d snakes & scorpions I might find there.

I saw two guys & I identified them to be d guys who abducted me; they were obviously searching for me. I stood completely still even my breath seemed to cease. They started scanning d area & when one of them looked in my direction, I expected him to see me instantly & just pick me out of d bush but instead, he looked away. I breathed out but stood still for fear of giving myself away.

“Ei, I don die”, one of them said, placing his hands on his head.

“Ahhh, see gbege. Which kind sleep we sleep so, ehn? Wetin we go tell oga Tolu now?” d other said I scanned my head to see if I knew any Tolu but I didn’t.

“Oga Tolu palava no worse reach Oga Tunji own, him go kill us”,d first said.

“na u cause am o spanner, why u sleep after I tell u say make u watch d girl”. The other whose name I now knew was spanner said,

“u no well. Make I dey watch person when u dey sleep abi? Na me no sabi sleep?” Spanner saw something & stopped.

“Sparrow….” He called & pointed a place to him. They both looked there & I found myself looking in that direction too. I saw a light that looked very much like a headlight.

My immediate thought went to Tony & Prisca & I started thinking of how I would get out my phone without catching d attention of d two guys. I looked at d two guys & noticed that they were moving backwards trying to hide themselves. I brought out my phone & dialed Prisca. She picked almost immediately & I spoke quietly.

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