Belina(Tender Beauty) Episode 8


As I ran out of the house, I noticed that the place was an uncompleted building. I looked around and the only thing that I saw was bushes. I saw a small footpath and started following walking very fast. I had always been extremely afraid of the dark and within seconds, I started contemplating going back. The leaves caught in my hair and my feet hurt because of the several stones I had dashed my bare feet on. I was totally afraid, I heard different types of sounds but the most frustrating this was that I had no idea where I was.

I thought of the possibility that there might be snakes and other dangerous animals in the bush and fear gripped my heart. I looked around again and saw the bushes and my heart beat skyrocketed several degrees and I soon found myself running. I heard footsteps like I was being pursued but later discovered that I was only imagining it. I didn’t even think about stopping and even the moon seemed to darken.

Just when I thought the footpath led to the end of the world, I saw a road ahead of me. I sighed aloud and ran faster until I got there. I stood there trying to see if I had ever been there in order to find a way out but I came up with nothing. The road was desolate and I started wondering if any vehicle had ever passed it.

I started walking upwards but my feet hurt so much that I feared they would be bleeding and that made my movements slow. I remembered that I was with my bag and I opened it hoping to God that my phone was still there. I zipped it and lo, it was there. I switched it on and noticed that the time was past twelve and immediately, a message entered.

When I opened it, I noticed that it was from Prisca. She was asking me why my phone was switched off. I was suddenly grateful that I had a best friend like Prisca. I was about to call her when I remembered that I had no idea what area I was. I intensified my efforts and I got to a T junction. Thanks to the efficient work of Fashola, I saw the street name which read, ‘Boruwa lane’. I instantly dialed her number and all I heard was, “the number you have dialed is switched off, please try again later, thank you”. I almost broke the phone on the floor as tears of anger and sadness flowed down my eyes.

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Kelvin got home really late from the concert and he had a splitting headache. The headache started immediately he set his eyes on Belina and it accelerated when she was called to the altar to sing. He hadn’t seen her for close to two years now and he had wished that he would not but fate always had its way.

He entered his house and collapsed on the bed. He lived in a one bedroom apartment, although a big one. He was a bachelor so his room was not so decorated. His eyes were swimming with tears but he held it back.

His mind went back to the time he met Belina and even though he was not happy, a smile formed on his face. She had been sitting down on the field in UNILAG reading a book when all of a sudden, a guy walked up to her. He had been watching her for more than ten minutes when that big headed goat approached her. From her facial expression, he knew that she didn’t appreciate his visit and instantly headed toward her.

He got there and wanted to beat the life out of that guy but kept his calm. The expression on her face when she had looked at him that day made him really feel handsome. People had told him he was good looking but he hadn’t believed it until Belina looked at him.

He stood up from the chair and moved to the fridge to pick out a bottle of cold beer. He had been friends with Belina for more than a year and after that, he had asked her out and after a little persuasion, she had accepted and then, just a week after her mother’s death, precisely six months into the relationship, he had blown them apart with his stupidity.

He started drinking immediately he left her cos he became very unhappy & miserable. It was then he realized that she was his source of happiness.


Richard was worried about Tony & Prisca being outside so late but there was nothing he could do about it thought he knew that Tony could take care of himself & his baby girl. He headed towards Ward C even though it wasn’t 1am yet, not even 12:30 but he went there all the same. He entered Deji’s room and just stood there, staring at him.

After some minutes, he went over to check on him. He cross-checked his heart beat, the drip bag, the temperature and other things looking for any anomaly but found none. He headed back to his office but stopped at the door when he heard some sounds. He rushed back to Deji’s bed as he noticed that he was moving restlessly. Richard prayed in his heart and tried to calm him down and just like a miracle; Deji calmed down and opened his eyes.


Sparrow woke up to a full bladder and he stood up, went outside and released the urine. He came back inside and just as he was about lying down, he noticed something was missing.

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To be continued