Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 4


Richard looked from his father to his mother in utter amazement and shock. He could not believe his eyes. After roaming the estate and road, he had come to the conclusion that it was high time he forgot about the past and move on. He afterwards went about finding out where his mother lived. He did not call his father; neither did he call Tunji or anyone who could probably inform her because he wanted to catch her unawares in order to know the state she was in.

He reached into his pocket to fetch his phone only to find it empty with only his wallet. Not willing to go back home without reconciling with his mother, he went to a business centre, bought a thousand naira card in the attendant’s phone, used it to make a few calls and left without even using #100 worth of the card.

He got the address and set out to search her out. He had admitted to himself that Belina was right and that he truly needed his mother. There is always a place a mother occupies in the heart of a child.

Richard shook his head in regret as his annoyance started showing up in full velocity. He still could not believe that his father could have anything to do with her despite all that she did to him.

“What are you doing here richard?” Mr. Branson asked looking uncomfortable. Richard slowly turned his gaze to his father.

“I should be asking you that father. What the hell are you doing here with this… woman?” he asked shifting his gaze back to his mother.

“c’mon Richard, respect her. She is your mother”

“respect. Respect? No. I can NEVER respect her. NEVER. You should not even be the one telling me this, dad. Did she respect you when you were struggling to make her happy? No. Did she respect you when she brought various color of guys to your matrimonial bed? No. (Laughs bitterly). Did she respect you when she slapped you in front of her stupid sex partner when you caught them red- handed? No. Talk of me? she never respected me once; not once. Now don’t talk to me about respect because I am sure she does not know what it means”, Richard said.

Mr J. Branson hadn’t forgotten all these but hearing it again made it even more painful. He could not say anything again as he stared into space remembering that day. His world had been shattered into pieces when he saw his wife with a fat white haired man.

He had just come back from a trip, a bit earlier than he had proposed because the business did not fall into place. He got to the entrance of the house and met his son crying. He asked why he was there but he did not respond, trying to stop him from entering the house. He neglected Richard’s advice and let himself in with his key.

On entering, he saw clothes all over the sitting room and his temperature increased as he began to get the picture of what he might see. He entered the room and the sight before him almost drove him mad instantly.

He wanted to be sure he had seen correctly so he closed his eyes hoping that he would see something different when he opens them but his eyes were forced open with a very hot slap by Loretta. She was stark naked just like her partner who sat down at the edge of the bed looking like a fat pig.

She had pushed him out and locked the door to continue her act. As he remembered all these, fresh tears flowed out of his eyes and he left the room quietly. Richard looked at his mother with contempt written all over him. Tears threatened but he held them at bay; he hadn’t cried for a long time and she would not be the one to change that.

“you know, I actually came here to settle the rift between us now, I don’t care about that anymore. You are just an opportunist and a shameless w—e. I am ashamed I came out of you. Get a life and leave my father alone cos he has a respectable wife”, Richard said through gritted teeth and turned to leave.

“No Richard, please. I am sorry”, she said pleading with tears. Richard turned at the entrance.

“Yes. You should be sorry. Sorry for yourself”, he said and stormed out of the apartment.

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Prisca woke up to the ringing of her phone. She looked at the phone and was a bit surprised but after checking the time, she saw that it was past nine. They always had the habit of sleeping early ever since she got married to Tony.

“What’s up girl?” she asked immediately she picked.

“Prisca…” Belina said over the receiver with a shaky voice. Prisca became fully awake in an instant.

“What is the matter Bell, have you been crying?”

“Richard is not back yet, is he over there?” she asked

“what do you mean he is not back yet? He is not here. Have you called him?” she asked. Tony was already awake, staring at her curiously. She put the phone on speaker and Belina’s voice filled the room.

“he left the phone in the room and I have been calling him up until I went into the room and saw his phone there. Since he left, he hasn’t returned. I am scared something might be wrong with him”, she said obviously crying.

“relax honey, he’ll be fine. We would –”she was saying when she suddenly heard ‘richard’ over the phone and the phone went dead.

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To be continued