Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 20


Oyinade got back to her office groggily. She had developed a splitting headache immediately she got that shocking message from Doctor Felix. Pregnant? How can that stupid witch be pregnant? She wondered. She could not understand why everything always gets complicated whenever she arrived at a little level of victory. She had expected many things to happen;the most expected was an open fight featuring Richard & Belina. She had expected everything to get scattered & messy between them while she played innocent, lamenting her guilt to Richard with a sober face; none of these were to happen though. She can’t be pregnant, she hummed in her head. Not when she had already gone this far.

She left her office & within seconds, she was on her way to the room Belina was. It might be good to play on her emotions.


Prisca inspected the stock with one of her sales girls giving account. She had quit her stressful banking job when she was expecting Patricia. The job was too much to handle & Tony, who had been on her tail as to leaving the job, had forced her to resign when she was heavy. She however hadn’t regretted her actions because Tony made it up to her and ensured that she did not sit idle at home doing nothing;something she hated with passion. He had opened a boutique for her where she sold all kinds of clothes.

She had a section for native materials and another for normal day to day clothes,majorlyoffice wears. The boutique was practically the biggest and most patronized of all the boutiques around.

After going through all the stock, she noted the goods they needed to order and asked the girl to place the order. They couldn’t afford to run out of stock.

Prisca went into her office happy that her business was booming and also that her staff were happy. They loved her dearly and she always had private discussions with them from time to time, finding out what was going on with them and offering words of advice.

Her mind had been on Belina since yesterday though. She didn’t know why but she felt something was going on with her. She had always had that bond with her ever since they were best friends, knowing nothing about their relativity. She called her phone and pinged her severally but she was not responding. She decided to go over to BRP Hospital.

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Kelvin glared at Richard with measured despise. His hatred for this man had grown over a period of time and he could feel his desire for a physical combat increasing as he stared at the arrogant idiot.

Richard stood tall with confidence & strength. His face was a veiled expression of what he was feeling on the inside. He had the ability to look calm at the battle front,with his face revealing no emotional feeling at all; this single trait made him look more dangerous no matter the opponent he faced.

His build up also always gave him the upper hand considering his athletic build. His desire to deal with Kelvin had never left him but now that he had the opportunity to satisfy that desire, he realized that he could not bring down his reputation by stooping to his level. He deliberately blinked his eyes slowly as he re-emphasized his question.

“I said, what in Hades are you doing here?

“I am here to see Belina. Is there any crime in that? Or does her marriage to you restrict her from having visitors?” Kelvin replied, spoiling for a fight.

Richard did not move a muscle and his face still possessed no emotion, giving Belina’s secretary a slight shiver

“Is there any problem sir?” she asked her oga at the top.

“Yes. It seems our young man here has lost his way” he replied not facing her. Then to Kelvin, “I would give you the grace of moving your filthy self out of here before I have men bundle you out” Kelvin shifted as if to ascertain that his two feets were firmly rooted, then glared.

“I would like to see you dare” Richard smiled.

“I was actually hoping u would say that”. Before Kelvin could blink, he was surrounded by three hefty men. He was oblivious of the time Richard pressed the secret button of his phone.

“You would pay for this” he growled as he was picked up by one of the men, struggling, kicking and screaming like a little child.


Prisca arrived at Best Results the exact time Kelvin was being bundled out. She parked her car just in time to see d hefty guy drop him like a bag of beans. Her surprise & bewilderment did not stop her from going over.

Kelvin was busy raining curses on the men who just turned back and left him there, foaming. She covered the distance separating them with quick strides; her concern not on his welfare though.

“Kelvin” she breathed, thinking her eyes might be betraying her. He spun like an automatic machine with a glare stamped on his face. On sighting Prisca, his frown & anger seemed to deepen. “What under heaven do u think u are doing here?” she asked alarmed. Kelvin hissed

“Have I not had enough of that ridiculous question? What else do u think I am doing here?” he growled.

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To be continued