Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 42


The pain coercing through me is so unbearable. It felt like the end of the world was just a breath away. Everything I thought of, everything I saw, everything I felt was pain.

My water broke just as I played chess with my step-mum. She had been staying with us for two weeks now. Richard’s mum wanted to stay also but Richard still could not see eye to eye with his mum. Through my efforts, he has been able to release some of the hurt he felt but he still could not handle having his mum helping me through the pregnancy period. He lamented that some of her promiscuous nature could be transferred. I felt he still held a level of grudge against her.

Months flew by without me actually noticing it. My belly rose and rose and with each passing day, my joy increased and anticipation rose. Richard stayed at home most times, leaving the hospital in the hands of doctor felix. Something I never anticipated happened: we became friends with Kelvin. The past was buried and we became family friends.

Life is a lot better when we forgive. I had always said that most women always exaggerate their labour pains. Even when Prisca was heavy and in labour, something still told me that it could not be that painful. Experiencing it now was giving me the first hand idea of what it is all about.

Richard drove in like a mad man, after the gateman had opened the door for him. He did not even kill the engine or shut the door of the car, instead, he rushed to take over from my mum; Prisca’s mum to be precise, who rushed inside to take a box filled with baby clothes. The scan had confirmed Prisca’s suspicion, I am expecting a boy.

I tried to be brave, holding back the pain but I let out exclamations unconsciously every now and then. He murmured endearments, slowly moving me to the backseat. Mum ordered him to hand her the keys and sit with me at the back. There was really no time to argue, so he obeyed immediately.

She drove in a sane manner, still on top speed. Richard’s face was carefully guarded as he caressed my hair, dropping kisses on my forehead. He was visibly worried. I looked at him and smiled through the pain. Even in pains, my head still worked to capacity.

“Honey” I whispered and gasped as another wave of pain seared through me.

“Yes baby. You would be fine. Just take in lots of air.” Even as a doctor, he was I nodded filling my lungs with air.

“Would you make me a promise?” Richard looked at me with dread. We had watched so many movies with this line of action, they don’t always end well.

“Don’t scare me Bell, please don’t. You would be fine” he murmured, his hands shook as he held mine. I smiled weakly.

“If our son comes out and he happens to be as handsome as you are, especially possessing your blue eyes, promise me that you would forgive your mother. Totally” Richard heaved a sigh of relief.

“I promise, just promise me you would be fine. We are meant to grow old together, remember?” I smiled.

“I love you”

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********** **********

Richard paced the waiting room restlessly. He could not even sit down for two seconds. People who were also nervous were trying to calm him down but it did not work. His parents, step mother, tony, Prisca, Mr. and Mrs. Jegas, and Kelvin were also with him. All the BRH workers were also in anticipation and seeing Richard so distressed made them even more anxious. Everyone had a prayer in their mouth.

Doctor Felix was with Belina along with four nurses. They had refused to allow Richard in. Richard had wanted to go in, even if only to hold Belina’s hand through it all but doctor Felix had refused.

Mr. Branson, Richard’s father went and held Richard in a tight hug. He had watched his son move restlessly and felt the deep urge to reassure him.

“She would be fine. God is in control. She needs your faith, now more than ever” he patted Richard’s back while Richard nodded. He has never been in this situation before and now that was, his heart has changed location and is now residing in his mouth but that did not stop him from praying.

“I remember feeling this way when you were to be born” Richard smiled when he heard that. “It is well” Mr. Branson whispered. Richard heaved a sigh and said,


To be continued.