Be Patient For True Love



  Waiting on true love can be a struggle. You will have days where you’ll know that you are doing what’s right for your heart and for your future but, you will also have days where you feel discouraged because nothing has happened within a reasonable time frame. Next thing you know, you will start to over think a lot.

  You will start to wonder if love has walked out of your life already. You will start to wonder if you have missed your moment. You will start to wonder if, had you done things differently in the past, would you be in a better position today. You will start thinking about all these things that you can’t do anything about and things that you don’t have any control over and it will start to change your mood and your faith in love in a negative way.

  Don’t let the fact that a lot of time has passed, push you into the arms of the wrong person. Don’t give up the person you really need in the future, just to settle with someone you really dont need today. Grow patient with love. Exercise more faith in love. Let your stars align so that you and your future mate can eventually cross paths one day.

Credit: Relationship and Dating
Image Credit: I Do Gh