Be faithful in the least (It will work)


Credit: Unknown

There was a young man in Kansas City who realised that he had the natural talent for cartooning. 
He sent many application letters to many media houses but none of them were willing to employ him. 
Fortunately for him a church decided to employ him to run their adverts for them. He did not have a place to stay so he approached the Pastor with his predicament. The Pastor told him that the church had an abandoned one room building on the premises and was told to check if he will stay there. He went to see the room and it was a mice infested room.  He had no choice but moved in. The room became both his bedroom and studio with the mice as his room mates. 
These mice inspired this young man and he developed the multi billion dollar entertainment brand MICKY MOUSE and now the world famous entertainment center called Disney land in Carlifonia and Disney world in  Florida.  
The name of this young man is Walt Disney. 
1. Why should a  Pastor employ a cartoonist? 
2.  Why did the Pastor not fumigate the room for him and deduct it from the salary? 
3. Why did God made sure that the young man will not immediately have money to fumigate the room. 
God will use anything to trigger your exit from a Season and your entry into a new Season. 
Are you going through a challenge? 
Never say God why me?
Rather ask God what do you want me to learn from this experience? 
He makes all things work together for our good.
He can even use what you call “pain and disappointment” to trigger your season of joy and gladness.
Be inspired and stay blessed!
Enjoy your weekend