Banking Episode 50 final


Ireti promised Doyin she would see to her promotion. In response to that, Doyin agreed to let go of the Ladies’ incident. That wouldn’t be good for the royal’s image.

Theresa accepted her fate. Perhaps she and Deji were not meant to be. She continued to be a family-friend to the royals.

Amanda was promoted to the level of a branch manager after Deji’s resignation. She became the Queen of Ife’s best friend.

Bunmi was shocked when Nike made her the bridesmaid. She automatically fell in love with Nike after the announcement.

Peter lost the kidnapping case and was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.

Nike and Deji got married two weeks later. Although the notice was short, but the wedding was a huge success. Mrs Williams, the maestro of party planning was at her best.

The king’s coronation took place few weeks after the wedding. Adedeji Adelowo became the fifteenth Ooni of Ife, taking the regnal name Olukosu II.

He and his queen were madly in love with each other. He later became the only Ooni in history to practise monogamy.