Banking Episode 40


Consequently, a meeting was setup by the High chiefs to invite Ifarotimi, Afobaje and some representatives from the current Ruling Huose—The Adekanbis. The purpose of the meeting was to ask the gods through Ifarotimi on which step to take.

Ifarotimi was at it again. He tapped his finger in the white sand which had on it some calories. The thing was placed on a clean white garment. After repeatedly tapping the sand and concurrently making some invocations, he pronounced to the assembly.

‘’The gods revealed that the next is still from the Adekanbi House, but a feminine gender.’’

The whole assembly was shocked by this revelation. Ifarotimi quickly added to clear their doubts, ‘’this lady is not going to rule, but her husband will.’’

‘’Does that mean the ladies who have come of age should gather and the gods will choose from them?’’

Abigbola, the eldest of the present Ruling House inquired.

‘’Apparently, no. the lady in question does not live in Ife presently. So I’ll suggest we narrow the assembly down to the eligible ladies residing outside Ife at the moment.’’ Ifarotimi explicated, facing Abigbola.

‘’Abigbola, now it’s your duty to get your women wherever they all are down here as soon as possible.’’

Oyeyemi, one of the High Chiefs prescribed.

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Uju had finally gotten answer to her longstanding question. Since Nike came to the branch, he hasn’t been himself. Deji thought.

The confidence he usually displayed on the job has recently dropped. The reason for this can’t be farfetched. Since the incident in the Ladies three weeks ago, he hasn’t seen Doyin.

It turned out she was starting her four weeks leave that very evening. Attempts to reach her proved abortive. Deji needed to know where she stands about the whole thing.

Deji found the situation awkward because many times Doyin had asked him out both directly and indirectly. On each of these occasions Deji had always lecture her on the dangers of office romance.

Clearing some mental space, Deji needed to tell someone about the whole charade, but he wanted to be sure about it. Nike wasn’t even an option, because she made it crystal clear she will never speak to Deji again.

His mind would have been lightened if Doyin hadn’t keep mute since then. Office romance was a sanctionable offence which could result to outright dismissal. He knew resigning was way better than being dismissed. He needed to settle with Doyin. Only if he could reach her.

Around 2pm that Friday afternoon his phone rang. A glance at it indicated ’Doyin Office.’ Just the person he needed to talk to. He picked up the phone impatiently. Although his office door was shut, he had to stand up to confirm it, then back to his seat before sliding his finger on the phone screen to the green icon to receive the call.

‘’Hello Doyin.’’

‘’Hmm the pretender,’’ Doyin responded from the other end of the line.

‘’C’mon don’t do that. Where are you? Where have you been?’’ he asked impatiently.

‘’Relax Deji. You must have heard I’m on holiday. Life’s too short you know. i just came back from South Africa.’’

‘’You mean you’re in Lagos now?’’


‘’We need to talk please’’

‘’We do?’’ she asked feigning ignorance.

‘’Of course….’’ He broke off as a knock came on the door. ‘’Please hold on,’’ he whispered to the phone.

Guess who ?

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