Banking Episode 2


Deji emerged from the crowd at the front door and immediately caught his friend’s gaze just behind the crowd. Kola smiled and waved.
Some ladies stared at him as he walked towards his friend. He was used to that.

He had a clean low haircut and scythe-shaped eyebrows. His aquiline nose and half-dome cheekbones sat above an oaken jaw. His mellifluous voice, his brown eyes, his manly physique, with the fact he was six feet were enough features to attract the opposite S£x.

Since their days at Oxford University years ago, Kola and Deji had been good friends.

Kola was not as tall as Deji, but his punk hairstyle didn’t make it obvious. Kola was burly and round faced.

‘’You’re early this year. I was already on the bed when you arrived last year.’’ Kola Williams teased his friend.

‘’Yeah. i don’t want a remix of mother’s last year reaction.’’ Deji said, picking up a filled glass of wine from a footman’s tray. ‘’When did you get back?’’


Kola has been on a business trip for three months.

‘‘Now that you’re here. I want you to meet someone,’’ Kola Williams said eagerly.

‘’Female?’’ Deji asked with slight scepticism.

‘’Yep. My cousin and she’s one for the eye. I must warn you, Deji. She might tempt you away from Nike.’’ Kola raised and lowered his eyebrows in a devilish manner.

Deji gave him a doubtful look as they made their way through the hall, where sophisticated and fashionable dressed people swarmed about. A cool music played at one end of the elaborately decorated room and couples danced in the centre. It was the former Commissioner for Women Affairs’ party and she was renowned for her lavish and extravagant entertaining.

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Her informal style and manner were often imitated but never matched, for no one could host a party quite like Mrs Williams.

Tonight was the kick-off for the Pre-Xmas Party. A lot of activities await the fortunate guests who were extended an invitation.

Deji truly, didn’t even wish to be at this party in the first place. He has made a promise to his mother, as well as Theresa, that he would attend, and he could not break it.

His mother’s wishes were not easily foiled, she had wrangled this particular promise out of him when he had been overly distracted with work and he had seen no decent way out of it. If it had not been for the imbalance of one of his cashiers last night, he actually might have enjoyed this get-away on the island. He wouldn’t worry much about the work as he had two assistants to back him up.