Banking Episode 11


We already talked about this, mom.’’ He responded. Irritated with her son’s response, she said,

‘’we have, and we will continue talking about it until you do the right thing. She is a daughter of one of the ED’s of your bank. This will help the career you have chosen in the stead of managing some of your father’s business.’’

‘’I’m working on it mom.’’ He knew arguing with his mother would only worsen his migraine.

Most people thought of his mother as being cold and unfeeling. Deji had to admit that his mother possessed an irritable size, but in her own way she loved him dearly. She always try to make decisions for him whenever she feels it was needed. Not that Deji didn’t allow her to do so, but sometimes her decision conflicts with his own wishes. And on these occasions, he stood his grounds.

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Deji had to give credit to this mother for some of her well taken decisions. Hooking him up with Theresa at the time when he was overly distracted with work was a perfect example. Theresa was perfect for him, he had to agree with this mother, but he could not just bring himself into taking the relationship to the next level.

‘’You better. I want to see my grandchild.’’

There was rap on the door before it was opened. Aremu stepped in. they both turned to face him.

‘’Good… Good morning Ma.’’ He stuttered as he greeted Deji’s mother bowing his head a little. ‘’I’ll check
back.’’ He gestured at Deji.

‘’No, stay.’’ Ireti said. Turning to Deji, ‘’I’ll see you at the pool.’’