As You Make Your Bed Episode 4


when Anurika resumed school, her parents made sure she lacked bothing. They bought her enough provisions, bew books and other items. Ifeoma still had mixed feelings. She was glad that at least, someone from home would be joining her at school. Anurika had been very close to her. They did many things together as if they were twins. She was coming to stay with her at the school. She heaved a sigh of relief as she reassured herself that everything was going to be alright.
At school, the students were all expected to wash their cloths themselves. It was a part of education in boarding schools. Ifeoma did not enjoy washing her cloths herself. Back home, her mother did the cooking, laundry and domestic chores. The only part she accepted was running errands for her mother. She could be sent to market to buy foodstuffs for the family but she would not like to cook unlike Bridget who enjoyed doing everything to make her mother happy though she was in the same age bracket with Ifeoma. Her Mother took it upon herself to discharge the duties alone. She had always pampered her girls to a fault and to their disadvantage. Anurika was now in the same secondary school with Ifeoma and in a boarding school. Ifeoma wondered how Anurika having had the same kind of training with her would be able to cope at school.
Before then, Anurika was excited about her admission into secondary school. She had been in high hopes about her first day at school. She saw nothig wrong with the boarding school system. Her mother had helped her to pack her clothes and other items in her bag and she was just waiting for the resumption date. In that happy state of mind, she asked her sister, Ifeoma, how life would be in her new school.
“Anurika, I know you are very excited about going to secondary school.” Ifeoma observed.
“Of course, who wouldnt be?” Anurika replied.
“Dony worry. They will soon officially welcome you as a fresher and you will learn about life there, the hard way. Secondary school life is not a bed of roses.” Ifeoma added.
“Alright, thanks for the information,” Anurika replied, her heart was already made up to face whatever challrnges secondary school would pose to her, “Is that all you want to tell me or is there any information remaining?” she inquired.
“Anurika,” Ifeoma continued, “there are lots of things you will not be familiar with. For instance, there will be no one to do your laundry. Mummy will not be there to protects you from the wrath of the senior students. You have no choice but to be completely independent of every other person.”
“Are you serious,” Anurika asked, her face turning moodly.
“It is not going to be easy oh!”
“What am I going to do, for I have not been washing my clothes myself? I dont even know how to wash?” She disclosed.
“My dear, you have to work hard yoyrself. As I have told dad and mum, boarding schools are not easy for children like us. If I had the choice, I would have preferred the day school but dad and mum refused.” Ifeoma explained.
“By Gods grace, e will survive. I am determined to put in my best at school.”
“Do you know what? Anurika asked. Her sister continued.
“Yeah, whats that?” Ifeoma, asked expectantly
“I will always try to excel. The first position is my target. I dont want anyone to take it from me.” she said confidently.
“Oh! Ha ha ha ha!” Ifeoma laughed, “Do we take first position with mouth. If wishes are horses, beggars might ride. It is not just by saying it, it requires serious studies. But Anurika, you know you like too much talking. Can you forfit thay during study periods?
“Okay I have heard,” Anurika replied, “I will be committed.”
When morning came, the girls moved thir luggage into their father’s car, as they were accompanied to school by their parents.