Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 76


Kiara’s p.o.v

The wedding was postponed.

Due to all this drama and ruckus, kyle and I had no choice but to tell the others what had happened. Mom, dad, kiara’s parents had decided to throw it after everything settled down.

And right now, the mess is just getting worse.

Remember that little girl I saw two days ago at the skatepark?

Yeah, it turned out that she didn’t even have a brother.

She was a foster child, who ran away from home, considering her foster parents were arrogant and absolutely cruel to her.

They minorly beat her a few times and they screamed and scolded her every minute she was in that house.

And a child like her should not deserve such misery like that.

No child should.

So, we took her to the child shelters and the police department.

They said that her parents were dead and she didn’t even have a brother.

Her foster parents would be charged with child abuse.

In the mean time, she would be living with us, simply because I really liked the girl.

she had nowhere to go and I felt a connection with her.

We were back home, the guys were at our house as well:

Micheal, ash, Jonas, and Bryan.

I was in the kitchen, baking chocolate truffles with Annabel, here.

“So, what do they taste like?” Annabel looked up at me, her little apron I bought for her around her body.

“Are they good?”

“Chocolate truffles? Yeah, they are good. Here, see.” I dipped a spoon in the chocolate mix and put it in her mouth.

Her eyes lit up when I took it out, and she started to nod rapidly.

“They are good!”

“Yeah, I told you so.” I wiped some of the mix on my finger on her cheek, making her squeal and laugh at the same time.

“What? you said you liked it.” I joked.

Annabel leaned on her tippy toes, she dip her fingers in the mix as well.

She ran over to me giggling, then wiped it all over my face.

It felt sticky alright, real sticky.

I pouted,

“What was that for now?”

Annabel simply shrugged, then licked the chocolate off my cheek, making me yelp.

“You girls are having fun?”

I glanced to where the voice was coming from, seeing kyle by the kitchen entrance.

“Let me have some!” Kyle walked over to where the mix was, ready to take a hand full when I slapped his hand.

“Ow! What? How come you guys got some and I don’t?!”

“Because…” I narrowed my eyes.

“We are girls, and we are the ones baking it, not you.”

Kyle threw his hands in the air,

“Aw, come on! That’s just sexist.”

“What does sexist mean?” Annabel asked, her hands on her hips as she stared at Kyle in a sassy way.

“Don’t say that word. ” I told her.

“It’s a bad word.”

Annabel gasped and creased her eyebrows, upset.

She shook her head and finger at Kyle.

“No, no, no! That’s bad. Not good. No chocolate truffles for you!” She scolded, a laugh escaping my lips.

Kyle pouted, then picked her up as she squealed.

“No chocolate for me?” She shook her head at Kyle’s question.

“Well, then. I will just have to…” Kyle set her down on the counter and began to tickle her tummy, making her laugh.

Her loud, melodious laugh could be heard throughout the house.

“Okay, okay! You can have chocolate! But you have to share and you can’t eat all of it! Okay?!” She demanded, as kyle nodded, smiling, and kissed her cheek, then put her down .

“How much longer until we can take them out of the fridge?”
I grinned at her adorable beaming face,

“Just a little longer, babe.”

She nodded and ran over to the living room.

I heard the guys scream and roar, and her giggle running throughout the house.

Seems like the boys like her too.

“Kiara.” Kyle whispered, as he wrapped his arms around my waist from the back.

“Have you made a decision?”

I nodded,

“Yeah.” I answered him.

“Which is?”

“I want to.” I replied.

I kissed just under his jawline, making him snicker and turn me around, pushing me back up against the counter, my back hitting it.

“What? Are you sure?” He pressed on, his eyes holding complete seriousness.

“It’s going to be a lot of work, babe. Long years, and all that. You are going to be like m..”

“But still, I want to.” I cut him off. “Even if it will be long and hard, I still want to. And she seems happy here, so.”

Kyle sighed,

“Kiara, you don’t even know this girl, fully. You just saw her in the skatepark two days ago, what her full name is, her birthday or anything. Kiara, don’t you think this is a little too much….”

“No.” I spat, interrupting him.

How could he say that?

“No, I don’t. She is a little girl, Kyle, an orphan! She has no biological parents anymore and her former foster parents used to abuse her. She ran away from home. Are you that heartless? I mean, yeah. I just…I …really want to. I really want to ta…”

Kyle’s lips smashed into mine, cutting my last words off.

His hand was cupping my chin and the other was on my cheek.

My hands rested on his chest, as our lips moved in spark igniting sync.

He pulled me away, smiling.

“I’m so lucky.”

“Why?” I asked him, my arms swinging around his neck, bringing him closer.

“Because I have such a wonderful girl like you.” He mumbled, pecking my jawline.

“I love you.”

“Does this mean we get to keep Annabel as our own?” I questioned, ignoring his ‘I love you’.


Kyle sighed, but I felt his smile widen against my neck.

“Yes. It does. We can”

I pulled him closer with time, with an even bigger smile on my lips.

“Then, I love you too.” I whispered back.

“Very much.”

Enter another little girl to the Johnson’s and Arthur’s family.

Her name is Annabel kyle.