Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 60


Kyle’s p.o.v

I watched her quietly as she happily took the two ice cream cones from the man at the ice cream stand. She turned and ran over to me.

Her hair was flying behind her in the wind. Her lips curved into a smile as she came up to me, handling me a chocolate chip, and then kissing my cheek. I held the cone with my hand while my other hand linked with hers.

“Can we go to the Ferris wheel after?” She pointed with her eyes in the direction of the giant, lit up wheel.


I shrugged,

“I guess so, it’s fair. After that roller coa…”

“Shut up. ” she cut me off, pushing me playfully but then wrapping her arms around my waist.

“I didn’t like that one.”

I kissed her cheek, before licking my ice cream.

Kiara began to laugh, causing me to raise my eyebrow.

“You have a little some thing on your….” She slowed down, standing on her tippy toes, brushing her lips ever so slowly against mine.


I took advantage of the moment and took her bottom lip between my lips, kissing her ice cream flavoured lips. She pulled away after a few seconds, leaving me with one peck.

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“People are watching.”

“I don’t care.” I responded , grabbing her closer by the waist and pressing her lips to me.

I couldn’t help it.

It just feels so amazing.

Her gentle lips on mine, her body against me, her soft touch on my skin, and the sparks we ignite.

I loved kissing her, but not as much as I loved her.

“No PDA, you dumb rascal shits ! ” A Sibby elderly voice of a woman echoed through us.

Kiara and I crawling off each other.

I glanced at the elderly woman, who had thick curvy gray hair sticking out in tufts, circle rim glasses placed on the tip of her nose, wearing a green velvet sweater and black dress pants.

Her lips were clenched and her gray eyebrows furrowed together, a scoffon on her face.

“Sboppy, spits walking teenagers these days. Well, in my days, we knew what privacy was and we kept it to ourselves! Dumb shits, oh you dumb shits ! All of you will rot! In hell…..” She muttered, as she walked away, earning strange looks from people around us.

My eyes were widened and my jaw dropped to the floor as I watched her walk away, her fists flying in the air.

I snapped out when I heard Kiara’s giggle from behind me.

“What are you laughing at?” I pouted.

“She was mean. Not funny.”

I leaned in trying to get my lips to touch hers, but she wouldn’t budge.

“N…no…stop…” She mumbled.

But I didn’t hear her well enough , as I searched for her lips again.

I felt her lips again.

I felt her hands on my chest, trying to shove me away but she was much weaker than how strong I was.

“Kyle, this…this…isn’t right…. Just…”

“Come on baby. It’s alright. ”

I don’t think I quite knew what I was saying, nor did I know why I was acting like this, but it happened.

Kiara would try to push me away every then and now, until I finally had enough of it and grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go.”

Her voice fell into a whisper, a shaky whisper as she said,


And I simply replied with a,

“Home….” And I smiled ???