Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 20



I heard micheal chuckle on the other end.

“So Prom’s coming.”

I nodded, then figured he couldn’t see me.

“Yeah, so?”

“You are not going?” He questioned me for the tenth time.

“No. I don’t have a date, and Prom isn’t for me.”

I saw kyle shoot his head towards me like a hawk who spot its prey, when I said the word ‘date’.

“But, I remember how you used to fantasize about Prom when we were kids back then and….”

“Yeah. Okay, I get it.” I laughed, remembering the childhood me.

“Micheal. One, we were still kids and two, I have changed.”

Michael sighed heavily, in disappointment.

“OKAYYYY!” He groaned.

“Well, I have to go. I’m getting a call from Andrea. We are planning her arrival.”

I smiled.

“Great! Can’t wait. Bye micheal. I love you.”

From the corner of my eye, I saw kyle knit his eyebrows and stiffen up.

“I love you too.” He replied, then hung up.

I placed my phone back, and started to bite my nails.


Old habit.

“Who was that, Michael?” Kyle suddenly asked me.

I shrugged.

“I guess. Why do you care?”

I couldn’t believe how rude I was being to him.

Two years ago, I will probably die instead of thinking of doing this to him.

“No reason.” He mumbled back.

I went back to biting my nails, and another five minutes of awkward silence went by.

Without thinking, I tied up my hair into a messy bun, and then started to slowly take off my cover-up, revealing my light-blue bikini underneath.

That was when I realized that kyle never stopped staring at my body.


Well now it’s whatever I guess.


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I layed back down in the chair, not deciding to go for a swim but tan instead.

I grabbed my book back up again, and began reading it.

It wasn’t seconds before I heard kyle start to cough randomly, stuttering and tripping over his own breaths.

What the actual fvck?

I knitted my eyebrows and looked at him.

“Are you alright?”I asked him, shocked because he never acted this way around me.

“H…huh? O…oh, ye…ah. I…I’m fine I g…guess. Mhmmm. Perfectly f…fine.” He stammered uncontrollably.

I couldn’t help it but to broke out into a fit of giggles.

What the hell is he so nervous for?

It couldn’t possibly be me, could it?

“You are funny kyle.” I stated simply after my giggling stopped.

Kyle smiled.

A real smile.

Then I saw a tint of red appear on his cheeks.

Must be the sun? I thought.

A long time went by of silence.

This one was a nice, and comfortable silence though.

Though, at times I still caught kyle staring at me.

And it didn’t take long after that before he spoke up again.

“Hey kiara?” He questioned, nervousness written in his voice.


“Wi…will you, you know, go…go on a d…da…date with me to…tonight?” He stammered, scratching the back of his neck and going on fire as soon as he got the words out.

I stared at him for the longest time, a smile gradually crept on my face.

“Yes, I will kyle.”

And that…was that.