Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 13



I silently nodded, walking out the room door and downstairs to open the front door.

I passed Dad, who was in the living room, finishing up a box of all my pictures and belongings.

I unlocked the front door revealing Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Johnson with sad smiled plastered as well.

I guess they will miss kyle too.

I smiled softly before greeting them.

“Good evening Mrs.Johnson, Mr. Johnson Come in. my dad is in the living room and mum will be down soon. ” I informed them, letting them in as they said their Hello’s.

I was about to close the door but stopped when I saw kyle coming on our entrance.

I let him in, not bothering to say a ‘hello’.

And again, he flashed me that look of hurt again but I ignored it.

“Mum! I think we are ready!” I exclaimed after I saw her coming downstairs with my bags and suitcases.

She set them down outside, my dad was also doing the same with the boxes.

Mrs. Johnson smiled.

“Kyle will be driving you two to your new home, okay? We will come visit in a few days to see how things are going.” She assured.

I nodded as she pulled me into a hug.

“Take good care of my kyle. I knew I picked the perfect girl for him.” She muffled into my ear before letting go.

I felt my heart flutter when she said ‘perfect girl’, knowing my feelings for him were still somewhere deep inside me.

I hugged my mum and dad, clinging on to them for a while before I let go.

I turned around, sniffling, to see kyle standing in front of me with his hand held out for me to take.

I resisted at first, but took it anyway, knowing this is what my parents and his parents wanted.

He led me to his car outside, and buckled me up in the passengers seat.

I could have done it myself, I thought.

Kyle put his keys in the ignition, taking one last look at the house before stepping on the gas.

I sighed shakily.

Why is life so hard sometimes?

Now I’m gonna stay with my high school crush that once upon a time rejected me.

How can my life end up so twisted?

I was lost in thought that I didn’t realize we have reached our destination not until Kyle opened the car door for me.

When did this high school Casanova become like a gentle man?

Oh, this is one of a player tricks.

Act Nice…

Capture the girl heart….

Start forming a busy life, too busy to spend time with her.

Then breaking her by cheating on her.

And finally shattering her heart by breaking up with her.

Well, Kyle I won’t let you get to me.

I sighed as I carried myself out of Kyle’s car.


The house is more than beautiful.

It is amazing.

Actually more than amazing.

I stood in awe, right in front of the big mansion.

How did our parents afford to buy us something like this?

Unbelievable is what it is.

“Amazing isn’t it?” Kyle suddenly broke the silence with his deep voice.

I smiled, nodding and agreeing.

“It sure is.”

Kyle smiled back, leading me to the front door.

He jammed the home keys in the slot and opened it wide.

Just before I could go in, kyle stared at me and said….

“Close your eyes first.”

I groaned but did so anyway.