Amidst Temptation Episode 2


School finally resumed and I commenced classes, I was more excited about fellowship though, I was the Financial Secretary of Gospel Students Fellowship and they were my second family, my father had been the president of his school fellowship and that was how he had met my mother. I knew God possibly had a man for me there too when the time was right, if I had to pick though I wanted a man just like my Father…

“Quit daydreaming..” Rebecca said, she was my closest friend in school and was also a devoute christian, we had met in fellowship and seeing we belonged in the same department we had bonded fast, she was chocolate complexioned and pretty, she usually didn’t wear earrings ..I hit her playfully..

” I wasn’t.. when’s the next lecturer coming?” I asked.. We were supposed to have anatomy lecture

“In the next 30 minutes” she replied busy with her book, she usually read after each lecture..I preferred the phone buzzed as a text message came in

“hey Millie” it read, I knew who it was, it was my other friend Serena..I took my phone to reply her and remind her about class as I noticed she wasn’t in it..she usually skipped classes when she liked..but this time she told me she was coming.

After class Serena came to hug me, Serena Jacobs was beautiful and lively, every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted to date her, I couldn’t remember how we became friends but we had met during year one clearance at the auditorium, we didn’t have much in common though..she had her clique of girls who attended parties and wore the latest clothes in town, I still didn’t know why we were friends.

“Hi” she told Rebecca

“Hi” Rebecca replied..they weren’t friends but tried to be cordial because of me

“ look..” She began her usual assessment of me

“Beautiful?” I supplied before she found a bad word for me

“Your skirt could be more fitting” she said, I had worn a yellow blouse with a purple skirt up to my knee

“Well thanks I love my dressing too” She laughed, Rebecca spoke up .

”We going to eat right?”

“Yea..I gotta go” I told Serena

“My friend’s and I are going too..we could eat together”she said

“Well ok” I replied looking at Rebecca who frowned, they didn’t like each other for whatever reason and I hated being caught between them..

“I don’t know what you see in her” Rebecca said as we followed after Serena

“God’s love..we only just gonna eat” We got in the back of Serena’s Honda with two of her friends who turned their noses up at us but I didn’t mind just looked out the window as Serena drove to “Mat ice” a fast food joint

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“We can’t afford this place”Rebecca said

“Why?” Theodora asked

”we know your poor you dont have to say it out loud” she said getting out of the car Rebecca made to retort at her but I stilled her

“Be know your not poor”I said as we followed the other girls inside

“My treat..order whatever you want I ll foot the bills” Serena said, I opened my mouth at her but she insisted

“Thanks” I said because I wasn’t about to spend so much money to impress anyone, Rebecca and I usually ate at the bukateria. We finally sat down to eat

“So Becky I think you should help your friend out you seem to have a better taste in fashion than Millie”Serena said

” Its Rebecca…besides you being disrespectful ”

“Nope..its kinda true” Adesua the other girl said

“I think we should go” Rebecca told me

“Gosh its a compliment you should just say thanks” Serena said..Rebecca ignored her and ate on, Serena looked at me ” I wanted to to invite you for my brothers birthday party” she said, I didn’t know she had a brother, but guess I didn’t know her that much

“Why?” Her friends asked but she ignored them

“Serena am sorry you know I don’t do your kind of parties”

“You gotta make an exception of course.. its a party am organising, its almost like not coming for my wedding” I looked to Rebecca but she was busy with her meat..I looked at Serena

“I’m sorry I can’t come”

“Ok well I ll just let him know your not”

“He knows about me?”as far as I know she had never mentioned her brother to me, not that i cared but it sounded weird

“Of course..he knows about all my friends”

“Can’t come still”

“Can we go?” Rebecca asked out of the blue

“Yea we done here” We all stood up and as we made our way outside the restaurant with Serena staying back to settle the bill, Rebecca pulled me aside

” you should stay away from her” She said

“I think so too”


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