Amanda (The President’s Wife) Episode 4


I was shivering as she started running her palm through my chest,, part of me wanted to grab her boobs that was revealed in the slightly opened nightie and the other was afraid to die young….. Oh my gosh.. Stop driving me crazy will you….

Me: but isn’t Ma*i stammered*

President’s wife: first of all, call me Amanda when we are alone, it’s an order.. And yes I know it isn’t right but you won’t stop driving me crazy Jason,, I can’t help it.

“it’s not my fault, I am just too handsome” I said in my mind na… She placed the laptop on the floor taking my left hand and landed it on her extremely fresh lap while I was just gently rubbing it ignoring the part that was afraid to die young..our lip was about colliding when soft knocks suddenly landed on her door and we quickly disengaged..

Amanda: Hide behind the ward-drobe*she whispered*

I quickly ran and hide behind the big ward-drobe even maintaining my breath..she later opened the door and someone entered…the voice was a match with the President’s then I know am finished,,chaii…

President: I want to sleep here today,,I have lesser work tonight and I know we have no time for each other since I became the President..

Amanda: ooh.. But I want to be alone sorry..

President: oh,,as you wish hon, it’s okay,, Goodnight hon…

The sound of his steps showed he has turned back and was leaving but suddenly i can’t hear the sound anymore means he stopped…

President: but why did you place the laptop on the floor?…

Amanda: I guess I was very angry, it wont work..

President: still you should be careful,,you might stepped on it unknownly and get hurt…

I can hear the pecking sound before the door was opened “goodnight” he said again and closed the door… Amanda ran to where I was hiding..

“are you okay?”…

”I think so” I replied…I have to leave now,, I’ll take the laptop with me..

I can see sadness clearly visible on her face as I unplugged the laptop and exited her room,, I started blaming myself as I kept reminiscing the obvious sadness shown on her face..did I just made an angel sad,,angel Gabriel is coming for my soul… I dashed into my room,fixed the laptop then drifted to deep slumber…

I woke up the next day standing from my bed and stretching my body, I headed downstairs to gulp down don’t believe me,, that’s the truth now,, okay it was to see Amanda face as I can’t stop thinking about her,, yes the day was a free day,, I was surprised to see the sitting room empty and TV turned on with the fashion show going on means she was there before… I was confused,, no agatha, no Amanda.. .chaii

I quickly asked a maid and she said she was urgently called.. D–n!!..but why didn’t she call me,,, I am doomed,,what if something happens to her… I was still in my misery when she walked in,,yeah in her angelic and dazzling dress while agatha was behind.. She later got to where I was standing with my heart beating tons of this rate, am going to have a heart attack..

Me: but ma, you didnt….(she cut in)

Amanda: shh.. I don’t have to

Me: ma?..

Amanda: you were sleeping and I don’t wanna disturb you,,you seemed tired..

Me: but my job is to…. (she interrupted again)

Amanda: shhh, life comes first..

“forget about yesterday night, I am sorry” she whispered to my ear getting closer to me enough then climbed up the stairs while I was standing transfixed on thesame spot…

Agatha had her usual suspicious look as she followed her…the more I look at Amanda,, the more my heart beats..aish,, am going crazy… I later got myself a cup of water even though a maid volunteered to help me but I rejected the offer forming gentleman…

I later sat on the couch watching supersport and really I was enjoying the Man United Vs Chelsea match as a fan of Man United.. The channel was suddenly changed to zeeworld,,that was when I realise I and Allison were sitting on the same couch with few distance between us,, she was wearing a simple cloth revealing her most Fwesh know “Fwesh” is fresher than “fresh”,,if you know you know…

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She allowed her hair to fall freely enhancing her beauty,chaii.. I found myself sheepishly staring at her as she concentrated on the film been shown on the crazy channel while I sat calmly stylishly glancing at sister Aphrodite(goddess of beauty) sitting almost beside me… Silence occupied the whole sitting room and only loud sound was coming from the home theatres…i really hate that goddamned channel…

Allison: you can leave when you are done staring at me, are you househelps allowed to do anything here?

I was confused and at the same time irritated,,,househelp my foot..

Me: not one…

Allison: so who the hell are you mister? *facing me*

I cant reveal my identity to her… Chai…

Me: I came visiting my sister, the First Lady..

Allison: oh… I see…. *she hissed*

Me: A..llison right? *i stammered*

She suddenly diverted her attention to me staring at me surprisingly while my brain went numb.. Chaii.. She was most worthy President’s wife competitor in terms of beauty..

Allison: yea but how did you know my name? *full of curiosity*

Me: my sister told me about you,anyway I am Jason *smiled*

Allison: okay Jason.. Can you leave now?

Part of me was angry and ready to punch her but the other was afraid to die young..

“okay” I replied then buzzed off..


Later in the night, I was in my room playing games on my phone when it suddenly vibrated of incoming message.. I swiped to the notification bar and clicked on the message..

“can you do me a favour of returning my laptop and don’t keep me waiting” from the First Lady (Amanda)..Chaii.. I quickly carried her laptop realising I haven’t return it then rush to her room.. She opened the door after few seconds of knocking and she ushered me in even though she can just collect the laptop and I can be on my f—–g way..she motioned to me to sit on her bed while I stared at her confusingly…

Amanda: I have to be sure there is nothing wrong with it anymore *smiling*

I sat with her on her bed and I was still operating the laptop when her hand found it way to my chest region rubbing it like there is no tomorrow as she slightly revealed her upper boobs part making me go crazy than ever.. .the small Jason underneath was fighting for freedom while I tried to ignore her even though it was impossible.. I placed the laptop on the bed after successfully test running…

Me: I sh..ould now *i stammered standing up*

I bowed then turned back and headed to the door direction trying to cover my standing ovation as much as I could..

“Jason” she called while I paused.. “don’t you dare walk out on me” she added… I was left with no choice than to turned back to see the surprise of my life… Chaiii.. This is the end of me…