Almost Perfect-Episode 11


” Wow this is grand!” I exclaimed in wonder as Uche took me on a tour round his Banana Island apartment. It was a semi detached duplex with four bedrooms, a sitting room downstairs and it was also tastefully furnished. There was a maintenance and 24/7 generator service in the estate. There was a huge crystal blue pool at his backyard, a gym and a cozy little garden. I imagined our kids running around barefoot there, I saw myself lounging near the pool sipping a chilled fruit juice while the children played about.
” Thank you for standing by me and also believing in me” he said, slipping his hands around my waist.
” This is all God’s doing. He alone deserves the praise” I replied, ” You should bring Mama and Nasa here.”
” No, i will get them another place in Gra”
” Why? this place is more than enough for the three of you! ”
” Dupe, we need our own space. Just you and i without anyone breathing down our back. Come,”
He held my hand and we went back into the house, he took me up the stairs into his bedroom. I sat down on the bed while he opened his wardrobe and withdrew a box.
” What’s this?” I asked, accepting it from him.
” Open it,”
I tore the wrapping around the box, lifted up the case and gasped in surprise. There was a sparkling trinket lying in it, I picked it up admiringly. ” Wow, Uche this must have cost a fortune!”
” It is nothing believe me, you deserve more”
” Awww, come, come,” I held my arms open and embraced him.” Thank you my love,”
” You are welcome dear. The couch downstairs is new, ” he said grinning.
” How about we deflower it?” I said with laughter.
It was a little game which started when he got his official car. He had picked me up and we had driven around Town, we went to see a movie and towards evening we drove down to a lakeside where lovers hang out and when the lights were dimmed, we raised up the glasses of the car and we had our first car s-x, we had called it deflowering the car.
” The bed, kitchen center table, dinning table and my study desk are all new too ” he said mischievously
” Uche!” I exclaimed, ” how about we take it one at a time?”
He laughed and drew me closer to himself.
Arianna, Rose, Alice and Gracey walked in, they were all sporting their yoga pants. Gracey was puffing on a cigarette dangling between her fingers, Rose dropped some workout CDs on my palm and Alice placed a bottle of champagne on my center table.
” It’s time for Yoga!’ Arianna, our newly married friend shrieked.
” Why won’t you be so excited when you’ ve had your puvssy stuffed with a good d–k every f*ucking night!” Gracey, an Italian_ Ghanian complained.
We all laughed.” Wait, is Scott still not back?” I asked, her husband Scotty was a businessman who traveled a lot and she was mostly left on her own.
” No, why would he bother? when he’s obviously f*ucking some dirty white puvssys over there! my cigar and my fingers are all the satisfaction i get!” She said.
” Why don’t you get something bigger? I use it all the time, i got it the last time i was in London. Although i still get down with my one of my ex_ boyfriends when the mood strikes ” Rose, a divorced mother of two said.
” A” I asked, ” why waste money on plastic when you can enjoy the real deal? this applies only to Rose who is divorced, i don’t encourage infidelity so Gracey carry on with your finger_ actions”
The ladies went into fits of laughter, I popped open the bottle of champagne and we all grabbed glasses. I doubted if we would do our usual yoga practice since gists had started flowing.
” The only people getting it are Arianna, Mabel and Alice” Rose said, stealing a cigar from Gracey’s bag.
” I have not gotten a good one recently, the kids are just too much work to think of s-x!” Alice, a young mother of three boys complained.” I usually fix myself up in the toilet every morning, but my fingers are getting sore!”
” Well you won’t believe what happened last night! Tade gave me some real good loving! I almost screamed the roof off!” I said, ” tho he wants anal which i detest”
” And there goes our Yoga practice!” Arianna said, ” Y’all know my husband is not circumcised so we engage in a lot of pre-intimacy before his big John shoots out. All the better for me, he licks me up real good and i just love me some brown carrot and cream”
Laughter twittered around the room, i popped another champagne bottle and refilled our glasses.
” I tell you uncircumcised d–k bleeps good!” I said,” I remember a Latino guy i dated in college. He almost f*ucked my brains out ”
” Mickey,” Gracey said, grinning.” I f*cked him too”
” What?” I exclaimed, ” You slutty biitch! I knew it!”
” Oh come off it, good things are not meant for you alone ” Gracey said.
” I need to have a taste of an uncut d–k too” Rose said, ” Arianna, how about jack?”
” What? don’t you dare go near my husband!” Arianna shrieked
” But you just advertised his goods to us and i am dripping already” Alice replied teasingly, ” Uncut dicks are the new ‘ It’”
The door creaked open making us turn our heads in its direction, Funmi walked in wearing a brown skirt with an orange polo. She stopped short when she saw i had company. I beckoned her in.
” Good morning ” She said.
” Good morning, sorry girlfriends i forgot to tell you about Funmi ”
” Who is she?” Gracey asked, blowing smoke into the air.
” She’s Serwa’ s new tutor ”
” The brilliant Nigerian lady you told me about?” Arianna asked, giving her a kind smile.” You are welcome to Ghana”
” Thank you,”
” You can whip some breakfast for yourself,” I said.
She nodded her head and went into the kitchen.
” Mabel are you crazy?” Gracey asked
” I am also wondering the same thing ” Rose replied, ” how could you invite another woman into your home! Especially one who speaks same language as your husband!”
” This is the dumbest thing you have ever done,” Alice said,” Just look up Nigerian women online! they are deadly.”
” She seem like the decent sort to me” Arianna replied
” Decent sort my a-s!” Rose snorted, it wasn’t news that her ex husband was stolen from her by a Nigerian girl studying in Ghana.
” Trust me girls, she’s different. She’s a pastor’ s daughter and i bet she’s still a virgin.” I said.
” All Nigerian women are sluts! One tried to get into Scotty’s pant recently and i gave her the boot! you have just invited jack the Grim reaper into your home!” Gracey said,” you better kick her out immediately!”
” Gracey you admitted some minutes ago that you f*ucked Mickey while he was still dating Mabel, what does that make you?” Arianna asked, ” Stop the stereotype”
” I don’t trust anybody from Nigeria, especially their ladies! ” Rose said.” You just watch and see, that girl will turn your life inside out Mabel. Don’t say i didn’t warn you”
” Nigerians are good people, stop believing everything you read on the internet about them.” I said.
” Well, i am not going anywhere. I will be here when the drama unfolds. You will soon sing another tune when Tade stops licking you ” Alice said, refilling her wine glass.
” Once he stops licking you, just know a certain Nigerian girl is already having him lick her pot” Gracey said, laughing.
” Not funny, I trust my husband and Funmi is a good christian girl from a decent background. Time for that yoga practice! Haul your asses up!”

Daddy was employed as the rich woman’s driver and things changed for us for a while. Our rent was paid on time, i got a new school uniform and we no longer had to drink garri and nkatie for dinner. But the woman treated my parents like a lowly slave. She slapped Mama once for giving baby Bose a drink of water with her glass cup and right there she dropped the glass on the floor and it shattered in two. She hit Daddy with a broom for coming late to work when baby Bose took ill and he took her to the health center. They bore all these harsh treatments because she promised to sponsor my tertiary education.
One day she slapped Daddy while he was driving her for entering into a port hole. He got angry, came down from the car and threw the car key at her. The very next day, a knock sounded on our door. I got up from my mat and opened it and three police men pushed me aside.
” Where your useless papa? ” they shouted, marching into our room.
My parents woke up and they immediately descended on my father. They beat him black and blue before dragging him away,Mama cried and begged, asking what her husband’s offense was. Mama found out the station they took him to and we both went there.
” Your husband is the leader of a deadly criminal gang.” The fat, pot bellied man in a blue police uniform said.” They went to rob somewhere last night and the victim identified him.”
” No ooo, my husband dey innocent. He sleep for house yester night oo, him no be thief o” Mama cried out.
The rich woman entered the station and Mama ran to her but she shoved my mother aside.
” I saw him with my very own eyes! her husband was the leader of the armed robbery gang who came to my house last night! they carted away my jewelries and money! I have already called Abuja, I am not taking this matter lightly ”
” Ah! Mummy, My husband no be rubber. Abeg no put us in trouble. Him no do you anything ma,”
” My father is not a thief. He’s a good person and he was home last night with us”
” Officer let me know if you can’t handle this case.” the rich woman said.” I want my stolen money and golds recovered.”
” We are capable ma,” he responded, ” we will get him to reveal his accomplices ”
She stormed out of the station after raining down curses on us.
” Madam, i will advise you get a lawyer. This tears and begging won’t help you” the police officer said, walking back into his office.
” Let me tell you the truth,” the officer on duty said.” Only God can save your husband.The woman who just left here is the girlfriend of the commissioner and like she said she has placed a call to head quarters. Your husband’s case will be treated as a criminal case. Once he’s transferred out of here he will be executioned. You know what execution is child? explain it to your mother ”
” I know. Mama let’s go” I said, tugging on her hand.
We left the station and i explained everything the man said to her. I was positive my father would be set free if only we could get a good lawyer to represent him. Mama went to the woman’s gate everyday, she would cry and beg for mercy. I was only thirteen years old and in sss 1, i stopped anybody i saw on the road and asked them if they were lawyers. Some walked on without replying while others thought it was funny, they would laugh and walk away. Our neighbors pitied us and they held vigils on behalf of my father.
I went to the station everyday to give Daddy food, they refused to let us see him. Sometimes the police men on duty chased us away without accepting the food. Some days i would scream out when the good officer was on duty so my father could hear my voice, maybe he didn’t hear but he never replied back. The good officer said he would do his best to delay the transfer so we could get a lawyer and he suggested we went to the secretariat where the high court was.
The securities on duty, took a good look at the tattered clothes on our backs and chased us away. We went back there on several occasions but we were sent away.
” Young boy what do you want?” the police officer on duty asked.
” I brought food for my father ” I replied
” The man with the criminal offense?”
” No, he is innocent”
” Well he was transferred yesterday and he was executed this morning, ” the officer replied
” No, that’s a lie!” I shouted, tears streaming down my eyes.
” What is the noise about?” The good officer asked, coming into the station” Boy how are you?”
” This man said my father was killed today,” I said, heaving with tears.
He threw a sharp look at the officer on duty.” You fool! don’t you know he’s a young boy? couldn’t you just tell him his father was transfered?” He placed his arm around my shoulder,” listen to me son, in life these things happen but you won’t let it stop you from becoming what you want to be in life. Make your mother proud of you and wipe away her tears”
To be continued..