Almost Perfect-Episode 10


We were almost at the airport when i got teary eyed. My childhood best friend was leaving just like i and my family moved away from her years ago. I stole a glance at Funmi, who was beside me. She also had tears in her eyes, i continued driving in silence as a sense of lost washed over me. I felt like a little girl again, i wanted to throw my arms around her and beg her not to leave me behind.
” I am not going to the end of the world you know?” She said bravely, even though the tears brimmming in her eyes was threatening to slither down her cheeks.” And i won’t miss you one bit!”
” I won’t miss you too” i managed to choke out.
” Yea sure, why are you going all emotional on me?” She snorted with laughter .
” I swear i am not”
I put the car in park and we both alighted. She took down her bag from the trunk of the car, she pulled me into her arms while we both let the tears flow down our cheeks.
” I will miss you so much,” she sobbed.
” I will miss you too”
” Please take good care of yourself”
” I will,” i replied, ” Take care too, get a network line as soon as you get there.”
” I will,” she promised.
With the help of Dupe i moved my family down to ikorodu so as to throw those wicked gang off our back. I found a good school for Chinasa and Mama also picked up her trade again. I resumed at Dominique Petroleum after signing the necessary contracts and papers with them. As a representative of the company my salary was over a million, i had medicals, housing, health insurance, pension and other benefits as well. I was entitled to visa,working permit and housing in UK and America. I went through three weeks rigorious training in the area of drilling operations and completion operations.
I was to work with a team of office_ based engineers and geologists for the first three months of my employment before I could go to the oil sites to supervise. I was also given my first task of writing a drilling program.
A round of applause sounded in the room when i finished my presentation of the written drilling program. Mr. Thomas, the rig superintendent whose team i was on stood up still clapping.
” I am impressed ” he stated, ” you are the first representative on my team to wow me,” his gaze shifted around the room, the other representatives either lowered their eye lashes to avoid his gaze or pretended to be busy with the documents in front of them.
” Very impressive but you could do better, ” Annie, the only female geologist on my team said. She was a petite dark skinned lady with a tiny waist and big boobs. She was also one of the most respected geologist the company had. The other geologists held her in high esteem and she wasn’t a push over despite being the only female in a team of alpha males.
” Thank you, it will only get better” i said.
” I told you the boy is good. ” Mr. Ola, the floating foreman said. “Alright guys, let’s wrap it up! Mr.Thomas and some representatives of another team are going to visit some sites today.”
Annie stood up, picked up her files and winked at me_ wait. Did i just imagine that or was it real? the others followed suit and one by one they all trouped out of the room. Mr Thomas handed an envelope to me before walking out. I opened it and gasped, i just became a car owner even if it belonged to the company.

Tade sulked all the way to the airport. He had been that way since i informed him i hired a tutor for Serwa, i knew he was pissed i didn’t consult with him first but he would surely come around. Funmi was genuinely nice, she had a lovely smile and she also had a way with children. She was the first outsider Serwa had taken to, i knew not to let her slip off my fingers. My mother in law also spoke at length about her good manners and Godly behavior, she was just what i needed.
” I still can’t believe you sent the money for her flight and she’s actually at the airport waiting to be picked up! ” he complained.
” Tade, what have you got against this girl? you barely know her”
” That is the problem! We know nothing about her! my mom would call Osama Bin Laden a saint if he so much as smiled at her! we might have just given a murderer a green ticket into our home!”
” Don’t tell me you are paranoid over her coming” I said with laughter.
” I only agreed for Serwa’ s sake.”
” Come on big guy” I said, caressing his thighs
” If i am not comfortable with her she will have to go back to Nigeria ”
” Alright boss”
Tade carried my bag into the house while Mabel carried on as if we were long lost friends who had just reunited. She took me to the back of the main house and ushered me into a cozy little apartment. There was a flat screen television in the sitting room and a mini fridge stock with goodies. She showed me the kitchen, the bedroom which had a king size bed with a ward robe.
” I am so excited you are here! I get so lonely all by myself here, ” She said, ” thank you for accepting my offer ”
” I should be thanking you, I am also excited to be here”
” Oh i have seen someone to have girly gist with while i am at home. Please don’t mind me, i talk too much when i am excited. Please freshen up and join us for dinner.”
” Alright, how is Serwa?”
” She’s fine. She’s with my mother now and she doesn’t know you are here. We planned it as a surprise for her. Holla if you need anything.”
” I will, thank you”I replied and she went out of the room.
I showered and padded my way back to the main house. Her husband was dragging a big bin bag out of the house when he spotted me.
” Let me help you with that sir, where should i take it to? ”
” No, this is a man’s job. Thank you,” he said.” Mabel could use your help in the kitchen”
I went inside and helped Mabel with the dinner, she set the table and they both dug into their food without praying first.
” Why are you not eating?” Mabel asked, shredding the piece of chicken on her plate with her fork.
” We haven’t blessed the food yet” i replied, ” let’s us pray”
They traded looks before bowing their heads, I shared a quick grace before we resumed eating. Tade retired for the night afterwards leaving me and his wife, she went into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses.
” Let us make a toast to your new job, ” she said, filling the cups with the wine.
” I don’t take alcohol ”
” Don’t be silly,” she replied with laughter” even Jesus took wine at the wedding of……” She lifted up the glass,” here, i poured only small for you. A little wouldn’t hurt you. Cheers”
” Cheers” I said, clicking my wine glass against hers. I took a deep breath and threw the content of the cup deep into my throat.
” Welcome to Ghana, Funmi ” she said with laughter.
To be continued