Allen’s Avenue Episode 3


I smiled before walking in a sultry catwalk to the young man calling out to me. Ever since i modified my meager wardrobe into Kanye’ s designs customers started trouping towards me. Madam B has now taken me as her right hand woman to the envy of the other girls from my village. They still don’t know the power possessed by a woman’ s puvssy, they didn’t know i watched p–n in secret to master the arts of the flesh. S-x is an art, every woman has a puvssy but not every woman is an artist.
The girls from my village were still coming to work with their braids and cornrows, no man wants to f*uck an mgbeke, give him the impression that he was sleeping with his favorite p–n star. My young Puvssy was always shaved, i knew when to make a client c-m despite himself, i knew how to make him come back for more. I opened a gt account and began to save, rolling with the bigger girls has taught me that the real clients with money were in warri, porthacourt and Onitsha. The foreign countries where clients pay with an arm and leg were Dubai, India, Turkey and Malaysia. Workers were highly appreciated in those countries because their laws frown upon hustling and their women do it codedly or undercover and they only give mommy f*ucks. Sabi girls like me know how to lick, suck and take it from behind, all for the money.
” Hi” i said to the young man. My heartbeat suddenly changed tune.
” Ermmm…….how much for a night? ”
Wow, a whole night? i mentally tried to recall if i remembered to put a lubricant into my bag. The reason is, men like to think they made a ho wet, you can’t get us wet because we are the professionals, it is our job not yours. On getting to a hotel with a client we go into the bathroom under the pretext of answering the call of nature and lubricate our oil well very well.
” 50 thousand”
His jaw dropped.” In this Buhari economy?”
I laughed. I couldn’t help it, you are not supposed to laugh with a walk in client, don’t give him any air of familiarity either even if he was a regular and i tried to compose myself. ” Short time is 5k”
He scratched his head. ” I……want a night. Can i give you N45 thousand ?”
I couldn’t believe my ears, a walk in customer agreeing to pay such an amount was beyond me.
” What is your motive?”
He was surprised. ” um……um……i need to lose my virginity.”
” I dont have time for stress, go get yourself a girlfriend ” . I didn’t know what was wrong with me, in a single night i had broken several rules and the worst of it was that i had also committed the most unpardonable offense a worker could ever commit. I had fallen for him.
” Please. Help me.”
He walked towards his car and i entered without asking about his location first! he drove down to university of Suya at Allen bus stop and purchased some for me. Suya. I loved the juicy peppered meat. He told me about himself, he was a 300 level law student at Unilag, his parents were oversea and being an only child he had a very lonely childhood. He said no girl would touch him with a ten foot pole because he was still a virgin at 23 and we both laughed.
He talked to me like we had known each other for a long time and he confessed he was always spying on me whenever he comes to Pekas with his friends. I mentally played a game. Did he see me when an unruly customer tore my top and the other girls descended on him, perhaps him and his friends had pointed finger at us, at me, thinking we were animals not worth anything in the society and i became sad.
” Babes what is the problem….. You okay? ”
” Yes” i replied curtly.
He nodded and went on with his monologue, injecting humor in the right places and i couldn’t help laughing. ” What is your name” my God! I couldn’t believe i just asked that.
He laughed and apologized for not telling me earlier. ” Dayo. Yours?”
” Ebere” another slip up but i was past the point of caring.
He drove into Omole Phase 1 estate and honked in front of a beautiful black gated house. The security opened the car and he drove in. The house was beautiful in and out, i could see how he would be lonely in such a big house but it was none of my business. He gave me a towel and i showered. I discarded the thought of using a lubricant and got on the bed. I spread my legs apart like a sacrifice being offered to the gods. He came in and handed me a plate of fruit.
I sat up. ” What is this?”
He laughed. ” Fruits obviously, meet me downstairs please”. He sauntered out of the room and i looked around bewildered. What is wrong with this boy? I wrapped the towel around my body and went downstairs.
” What is going on? . i have to leave here by 6 am”.
” Come, come sit down” he said.
I sat on the couch beside him. He was watching a movie on Netflix and he took it to the beginning of the movie. He told me he was nervous and would rather just talk but he would pay me. We watched the movie in silent, he touched my hair, kissed my cheek and towards the end of the movie he caressed my body lightly. I felt my eyes close sleepily and he scooped me into his arms and carried me up the stairs. I woke up by 5 am and disentangled myself from his arms. I felt his pocket and removed N5 thousand naira. I opened the door gently and let myself out, leaving behind my heart.
For the next three months i tried to put the young man out of my mind, With Madam B’ s permission i went to warri with some bigger babes to party with a Governor and his friends. This particular Governor we went to see doesn’t c-m through s-x. Each of us had taken turns sucking him but he didn’t come. All five of us were getting frustrated, our jaws hurt and our hands were weak from jacking him up all day. He said he won’t give us a dime if we didn’t make him come.
I went on my knees and took his meaty short deek between my fingers, caressing the tip and rubbing his ball together. The bigger girls looked on expecting a miracle from me, it was laughable, me an eighteen year old village girl doing things to a Governor!. I s—-d his balls into my mouth, my little finger traced circles around his butt hole and i felt his balls tighten in my mouth. I stuck the little finger into his mouth and he suckled it like a baby. I had discovered a vital secret. Some men have certain fantasy or fetish, you only have to discover it and use it to your advantage.
I asked him to turn round and give me his butt, I licked his butt hole, sticking my tongue into his spincher, i continued rubbing his balls and sticking my tongue into his hole, alternating it with my finger, i inserted three fingers in slowly until the tight ring around his a$$ hole relaxed. I pumped my fingers in and out while my colleagues gave me winks and thumbs up. Mr Governor wimpered,calling me dirty names and shuddered as he came swiftly. The b—–d.
He gave each of us two hundred thousand naira and paid for our flight back to Lagos. I moved in with Angel one of the hustlers that we went to Warri together. Madam B came and made lots of noise but the ladies chased her away. Angel had her retirement party that same week, she was only thirty years old but she joined the profession when she was only thirteen years old.
She had met a young doctor during one of her assignments in Benin city, they went steady for two years until he popped the big question although he had no idea she was a hustler. During the retirement party i learnt a lot, Angel was lectured on how to be a good submissive wife, she was told to totally shed away her former life and embrace her new life. She could no longer contact any one of us or have anything to do with us. Even if she meet us any where else in life she could no longer call us because we were her past. She was warned by the mother of the ceremony, the oldest hustler in Allen Avenue, never to return to the profession.
Angel cried, we all cried and hugged her. She was advised to engage in only legal trade or business to support her spouse. Most people thought that night workers don’t have legal businesses but it was a huge misconception. Most of us had boutiques, Salons, restaurants etc which we ran during the day, majority of us too was in the profession to take care of our love ones I.e kids, siblings or elderly parents.
Angel gave me everything in her wardrobe and wrote down her new phone number for me, it was against the rule but she trusted me not to spill it out or give her unnecessary calls. Underneath it she had written : For emergecies only!
To be continued