Allen’s Avenue Episode 26


Doctor’ s living room was packed with people, nurses from the hospital, my specialist, Members of the Support Group and some friends of friends. The compound was beautifully and artistically decorated by professionals, the living room had been decorated like a church and seats arranged like pews. Some women were sunny brides, some were rainy brides but i was a sun set bride. Maybe the first in the history of brides, who knows?
I could have had my wedding in the morning but my friends from the support group won’t feel comfortable in the full glare of day light and accusing eyes of the public. Racheal’ s little girls who were now Doctor’ s wards were my flower girls, Ebere was my chief bridesmaid. It was a cool evening, my dad kissed my cheeks and we alighted from the car, my friends were clapping and cheering me happily as the ” here comes the bride ” song filled the atmosphere with it’s sweet sound. I felt my eyes mist with emotions.
I gave my dad my arm as he led me into the living room, my flower girls were throwing little ribbons in the air while Ebere held my gown. My breath caught in my throat, my groom was so handsome in his black tux, he flashed me a grin and my heart swelled with happiness. He pulled me closer and gave me a long wet kiss.
” It’s not time yet!” Doctor c-m pastor groaned.
” The wedding was long since done in heaven” Emeka said and everyone laughed.
Doctor cleared his throat and read a sermon about love, life and marriage.
” You may now read your vows”
Emeka beamed at me. ” Before i met you i was just this lonely guy who was doomed to a life of loneliness…..although you are not entirely an angel…..”
The crowd roared with laughter.
” You have given me a reason to look forward to each day, you have showed me a whole new world and you have lightened up my life with your laughter…… thank you for giving me the gift of a new life and thank you for loving me.”
I had tears in my eyes, i saw my mother walk in and our eyes met. She smiled at me and i flashed her a smile. Nothing could spoil my happiness.
” Your turn Ify” doctor said.
” You have been my shield and my warmth when my arms feels cold. You are the reason for my smile, the air i breathe and i promise to love you always in d forever.”
” That’s some vows! Kiss the bride already”
Emeka lowered his head and claimed my lips in a soft sensual kiss, we were one, he was my always and i would be his forever. The fireworks went up outside, he held my hand and we raced outside. In the sky it was written ” Ify you are mine forever” i pulled him closer and kissed him. I could hear loud applause, cheers, champagne bottles being popped but we were alone in our own cosy world, shielded by our love. Life was perfect.
To be continued..