Allen’s Avenue Episode 21


” Here” Emeka dropped a bulky shopping bag on my bed. I looked up from the joke i was watching on his Tab.
” Where have you been? ”
” Shopping! God do i love shopping?” He groaned in mock ectasy.
I laughed and pulled the carrier bag closer. ” What’s this? Oh you shouldn’t have bothered…… I could have gone back home to pick some clothes”.
He laughed. ” Consider it a Christmas gift”
” Geez! Christmas is still months away but thanks”
He grinned. ” Are you up to tonight ‘ s meeting? besides today is Doctor’ s birthday.”
” Yea. Oh really?! I didn’t know and i haven’t gotten anything for him! ”
” I got something for him in our names. Get ready, we are going to dinner first. You like Chinese?”
I smiled. ” Ebere won’t recognize me when she comes back! Yea Chinese is cool, thanks”
” That’s my aim”
He saunters out of the room, he looked so young and healthy, i found it hard to believe he also had the virus.
We went to Mr Ying yang and had giant lobsters with rice before going to the Support Group. Doctor Debola kissed my cheek, complimented my look and gave us a knowing wink. We wished him a happy birthday, Emeka brought in the gifts from the car and placed it on the dining table where others had kept there’s. There was a little party for Doctor and the atmosphere that night was joyous and fun filled. I noticed Racheal wasn’t cheerful and i excused myself from my company.
” Racheal what’s up?”
” Ify i don’t know. I feel so scared, am afraid, something is about to happen to me.”
I touched her arm gently. ” Try to have fun tonight, call me up tomorrow and let’s b.itch about life but let’s just have fun for once, Okay? ”
She nodded. ” I see you came with Emeka, Ebere is not back yet?”
” Yea, i miss her so much.”
” You look good together…….don’t let this slip through your fingers please.”
” Racheal!” I admonished. ” He’s so young!”
” Oh Yea? tell me something else please! he’ s so handsome, rich and educated! F*uck young! life is too short to waste!”
I looked back, Emeka was laughing at something Doctor said. If only he wasn’t so young.
” Your eyes tells a different story Ify, you have the hots for him!” She sighed wistfully. ” Can’t remember the last time i rode a good deek”
We both laughed. ” You know Doctor is a free man now”
She blushed. ” Am dying and am worried about the future of my little girls……i don’t have time for romance besides i look so ugly”
” Oh no! you look so delectable ” i lied and actually believed the lie. She had a beautiful face and smile but she was so bony and i could still see the beauty in her. After all they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in that very moment Racheal transformed before my eyes, she was definitely beautiful.
” Mind if i steal her for a moment?” Emeka asked.
He led me onto the dancing floor which was the living room and we swayed gently to the soft music being played. I saw Doctor took Racheal into his arms and i gave her a thumbs up, she smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up too. I had my first dance that night.
To be continued..