Allen’s Avenue Episode 19


” What do you mean Kofi?”
” Ebere calm down”
Sweat broke out on my brows. Kofi had taken me to the weird looking man at Lome. He was a little midget but size meant nothing to me, i only hoped he would leave up to expectation. He ushered us into his living room and we took a seat. Kofi conversed with him in Ewe and translated to me.
” He said her condition is worse”
” How does he know that? she was fine when i left her. He does have the cure right? ” i said irritated.
” Yes”
Kofi spoke with him, they went on for a long time while i sat worried. The old shaman went inside and brought out two vials. One had a green powder and the other had an oil.
” She should dissolve some of the powder in soy milk, she should avoid the use of cow milk. And the oil should be dropped into boiled tea.” Kofi translated. ”
I collected the vials with utmost care. ” Thank you. How much ?”
” Two hundred thousand naira but I beat it down to 150 and i will cover the fifty. I know it’s a lot of money but he’s the only one i know”
” Its okay. I still haven’t changed the money into Cefas, will he accept naira? ”
” Let’s go change it into Cefas, that’s the only currency he will accept.”
I gave the vials back to the shaman, we returned hours later after searching for a good place to change the nairas and we paid him. I was packing my bag when Kofi deemed it fit to give me the news.
” If you are caught at the border with the drugs you will be sent back here to Togo, besides every Nigerian in that bus is already a suspect”
” So what do i do now” i wailed.
.” Am sorry, i should have told you but i didn’t want to discourage you before you had even made up your mind”
” How would they know it was cure for AIDS?”
” You being a Nigerian already makes you a suspect. They will search everything and anything belonging to you. But i have a plan so be calm”
He told me of his plans while i mentally devised some of mine.
” What if it doesn’t work?! What will happen to me if am caught?”
He scratched his head. ” You will be stuck here forever”.
I dropped on the bed in frustration.
” You should let the tears out, you know probably break a plate or two but please not my crystal fruit bowl” He said handing me a glass of wine
I laughed despite myself. ” Your crystal bowl is safe ”
” How about letting the tears loose? My shoulder is strong enough to weather the flood”
A laugh escaped my lips involuntarily again. ” Yea i think i should but he doesn’t deserve my tears”.
” That’s right. You will be fine ” he sat on the sofa. ” I made you dinner”
I smiled and sipped my wine. ” So what did you burn?”
” Burn?” He laughed. ” I will have you know i can cook and i learned from the best” sadness slowly crept into his eyes and i held his warm hand.
” Ada?”
” Yea. She was my surrogate and i will always miss her.”
” I could be your surrogate” i whispered then realized the foolishness of what i had just said. He would out live me too.
” I don’t want you to be my surrogate, i want you to be my wife”
I started laughing at his joke but stopped when i saw the seriousness flickering in his eyes.
” Oh Emeka…….”
” Yea i know it’s not likely. ”
He looked so young and vulnerable and i could feel the innocence and love oozing from every pores of his body. I felt myself leaning in, maybe it was the wine. It was definitely the wine i decided. His warm soft mouth claimed mine in a mind searing kiss, this was wrong, so wrong but why did it feel so right?
I recovered first. ” It’s the wine”
A smiled played on his lips. ” Yea definitely the wine”.
” Do you mind if i retired for the night? ”
” How about dinner? ”
” Sorry, don’t think i can keep it down ”
He stood up and led me to the guest room. Why wasn’t i pining over Chiboy? i cussed at myself…….he was so young! i had no right leading him on like i did but it had felt so right. So natural. That night i saw him in my dream ( Emeka), the dream was filled with love and laughter. I woke up with my ribs aching and reality dawned on me chasing back the false promises of the dream. It was an illusion.
” Hey you awake?” Emeka knocked on my door.
I pulled up my duvet over my chest.” Yea. You may come in”
He came in with a tray laden with Juice, tea, pancakes, and bacon. He placed the tray beside me on the bed beaming at me. My heart fluttered as butterflies settled in the pit of my stomach.
” How was your night?”
” Good morning, it was great. My! what a feast you have here!”
He laughed. ” Morning, Ebere will have my head if i don’t feed you well”.
” Hmmmn, how was your night?”
” It was restless ”
I met his gaze. ” Am sorry about yesterday……. I shouldn’t have……. ”
” Shouldn’t have kissed me? I enjoyed the kiss?” He grinned at me.
I shook my head.” No Emeka it was wrong of me, i just came out of a relationship and i am not ready to plunge into another disastrous one. Besides it felt like incest.”
His eyes widened in pain. ” You are not my blood. Give me another excuse please”
” You are too young and ……”
He laughed. ” Seriously?”
” You are what? 16?”
He groaned dramatically. ” Am 20 and that’s not young!. Enjoy your breakfast. ”
He walked out of the room.
” This is all so wrong! ” i whispered to myself. ” so wrong ” but my heart felt different. My heart screamed something else and i placed my hands on my ears trying to drown out what i had felt since the first day i set my eyes on him.
To be continued..