All That Glitters Episode 25


she had a dumbfounded Look on her face as she walked

it was like she was carrying a burden in her heart

halima looked so lost in thought

she couldn’ fathom any other idea

it seemed like the only way

if she kept refusing timi”s advances he might really go to his father and falsly accuse her

the man may send her packing

where could she go…

how will she cope ..

there’s no way her dad could pay up his debt on time before then

but again how is she supposed to give in and let that pervert take advantage of her

but she had to

if she doesn’t she could be a burden on her dear parents

halima sighed

she was so lost in thought

she didn’t notice me in front of her

she just kept walking until she bumped into me

“ohh,,,ken ,,I’m so sorry , ,I didn’t see you”

I quizzed her with a Look

“are you alright you seem lost in thought,,,”

she feigned

“yeah,,,I’m fine I’m just,,just not feeling well”

“hmn,,is it a fever or something,,,do you need to go to the infirmary”

I touched her forehead to feel her temperature

she shook her head

“no no…I’ll be ok if I just sit somewhere”

I wasn’t convinced

I am a very observant fellow

I knew this was more than just a fluke

I started again

“halima,,,are you sure ,,nothing else is wrong,,,I mean,,,no school problems ,social,,,or family issues”

she glared at me

“are you a counsellor or what,,,I said I’m fine”raising her voice a little

she closed her eyes then sighed

appologising immediately

“I’m sorry ken,,,i didn’t mean to sound like that,,,I’m just a little cranky today”

I welled up
“I understand,,,everyone has ways of dealing with their own problems”

she then said

“are you headed to class,,,let’s walk together”


we started walking off through the corridor

I glanced at her and still saw that distant Look in her eyes


something is definitely wrong

something else

I didn’t want to pry much…
but I know I’ll definitely get a way to find out

(I always found out stuff,,,about people I meet,,,even personal stuff)

“you know if you’ve got issues to deal with,,,you can always talk to someone”

she stopped and gave me a look
“I don’t need a shrink”

“I didn’t say a shrink,,,I said someone ,,,it doesn’t have to be a shrink”

she brushed off the idea

we took a curve and headed to the blocks

from where we walked…

we could see other students just arriving

some excited

some not so

halima scrunched her eyes

she noticed Muna stepping in with the rest of the cleansweep crew

but then she noticed someone else in their midst

she revved

“is there something between ,,this girl And Muna”

she asked rhetorically

she turned and said Again

“I mean,,,they r just friends right,,,”

I looked towards the direction she was talking about

I saw Muna And sonia trudging behind the other guys

Muna kept making remarks
which every now and then would make sonia giggle and Look away

they bantered on untill they reached the blocks

“they’ve known each other,,for a long time,,,so yeah,,they’re good friends,,”

I replied halima,,trying to avoid any prejudice ,,whatsoever

but her eyes lingered on the duo

she seemed to notice something else

something more

but she said

“ken,,,what do you call a feeling you have for someone,,,when you can’t spend a few seconds without thinking of them,,,when you catch yourself staring for too long.,,when you always want to be in their company,,,and worst of all,,when you always want your world to revolve around them”

I searched my mind for a while

this was an odd question tho,,,

but after roaming a while

I replied her

“uhh love I guess”

it seemed as though

she dreaded the answer

I saw her face swell with regret and sadness

she then asked

“even if you barely know the person,,,is that possible”

I nodded

”yeah,,,they say love,,doesn’t care,,,when ,,where,,or how,,,it just happens,,,or so I’ve heard”

she took a long sigh

so I qhickly rephrased

“but then again,,asking a boy about love may not really be, understandable,,I mean we barely know beans about it,,,so in other words I could be wrong”

(I’m I wrong)

she revved
“I understand what you meant ken ,,,I just wanted your opinion”

I nodded effectively at her

we walked the remaining steps in silence till we reached the class


“And for those of you who are yet to finish up,,,see the class rep so I may get the list of late submitters, ,is that clear?”

“yes sir!” the class chorused

as he was packing up his stuff to leave the class…

the bell rang

he rolled his eyes at the sound like

|what’s the difference I’m already leaving|

the next period was a free class

so some students roamed a little outside the class

while others stayed behind and fooled around

for someone like me,,,I always had my hands full so no time for fooling around (no pun intended)

I was on the verge of suffocating as
some girls and boys already gathered round me to have their initials pinned down before I leave to continue my part time job at the staff office

the loud and rough students sitted at the back of the class just made the place rowdy

the left row at the back showed Muna concentrating as Mike tried teaching him some moves on the “ultimate ninja impact” shippudeen series game he downloaded on his phone

Muna could easily learn anything ,,but he was a complete klutz when it comes to games…

but this time he was determined to learn this game

maybe its because he liked the game
or maybe because the movie of the game is his favourite film of all time

he couldn’t quite tell
…but he focused all he got on it


halima looked up and saw rita looming over her

“I’called you five times already,,,what are you seriously thinking of”

halima shook her head and said to her

“sorry rita,,I’m just,,,just not feeling well”

rita noticed the off manner which halima was speaking

I had told her of there being a possible issue going on with halima

and she took it upon herself to find out

but unfortunately…all efforts to make her speak up proved abortive
as halima dodged any question relating to the issue on ground

Muna groaned out loud as he failed for the sixth time

“aarh,,,gosh!!, I can’t,,,I can’t man,,,its too complicated,,”

he told Mike as he handed the phone back to him

“I really don’t understand you,,you can memorise every possible math formula that exist,,,solve equations like its two plus two,,,and do other freaky stuff,,,but this simple thing is complicated for you!!,,how is that possible”

Mike blurted out

Muna shook his head in confusion

he also could not explain his inability to get it once and for all

its just all about following cursors and instructions and pressing the corresponding key

he checked his time

mr zaki’s office should be opened by now

time to go and submit their weekly report

he looked around the class for halima

she was sitted at her desk

this time her head rested on it

he wondered why she was in that state

as he stood up and approached

he called her name

she still remained still

he called her two more times

no reply

he tapped her gently on the shoulders

she jerked up speedily in a reflexive manner!

“hey hey,,,easy its me,,!,,what happend ,,were you dreaming or something”

she calmed down when she saw Muna’s questioning gaze

*gosh,,,if only he knew*

Muna kept throwing questions at her trying to know what was the root of her downcast attitude the entire day

but she smartly covered it up with the occasional “I am fine”

he had concern all over his face as he quizzed her

halima was glad at the care he showed for her

she felt like she could tell him everything

but no

this was her problem

not his

A small smile cracked halima’s face as she listened to Muna joke about the way her eyelids Look like the game characters on mike’s phone

he stretched his hand and touched her face to inspect it properly

“but seriously,,,why the red spots,,,have you been crying!”

he asked alarmed

halima shook her head and assured him of the opposite

although she wished his hand would never leave her face

his touch was soothing

his voice was warm

and his smile was encouraging

she even already felt cheered up just being by his side

he offered to let her rest while he goes to give mr zaki the report but she declined

“no no,,,let me come with you,, I want to be with you”

she blurted out the words almost carelessly

Muna raised an eyebrow at her as he said

“are you sure,,,cuz you could-”

but she was already on her feet and she took his hand

“come on let’s go”

Muna shrugged

at least she seems to be feeling better now

which is good

although he wondered how come she suddenly felt better when he started to talk with her

they headed off to mr zaki’s office

In the kitchen of Sonia’s house

she just finished doing the dishes and was headed to her room to sleep

when her mother appeared from nowhere

“and where are you going to ”

she blinked

“to sleep?”

more like a question than an answer
her mother started

“but Muna is still working on our gen,,,shouldn’t you go and keep him company”

she blinked
“mom. ..I don’t understand…what exactly should I do”

her mom started again
“soso,,,its rude to stay in here,,while someone is out there ,,sacrificing for you ,,go and do something”

sonia flinched

“but mom,,I don’t know anything about gens,,what exaclty should I do”

“just go my friend,,standby, or assist him,,or hold the torch for him,,,just go”

sonia tried sprouting out a complain
but her mom didn’t let her
she ushered her outside to the heap

sonia sighed

she saw Muna bent over concentrating on what he was fixing

the way he looked distant…
he probably didn’t notice she was outside

she decided to maybe sneak to a corner and admire the way his muscles flexed

she qiuetly walked towards the pavement to sit as silently as possible

“why are you tiptoeing?”

Muna asked without even turning around


she thought

she then started stuttering

“I was,,I mean wasnt-,,I mean was trying to ,,,Pooh!”

what the hell was she saying
why can’t she make out one simple sentence

for crying outloud he is also a human being

she took a deep breath and decided to start from the beginning

but then

“yes I was,,I wasn’t,,,madam,,bring that torch and point it here”

Muna said to her

sonia bit her lip

must she fidget all the time like this

she thought as she picked up the torch to stable it at the spot he ordered

even though it was dark

she could make out his entire features

the hardline of his face as he focused on the gen

she let her eyes drift and fall on his back muscles

he had taken off his shirt to allow himself more opulence while working

when Muna wears a top from the outside he looks like a skinny boy that could break into two with a little force

she wondered where this muscles then came from as he was shirtless

she heard him sigh

he looked over his shoulder and said

“Hhh,,sonia I’m not the one that needs fixing,,,it is the gen,,,pls kindly point that thing towards it..and not me”

she flinched again as she adjusted

she got so carried away that
she didn’t notice that the light was now on him

and not the gen

she stuttered

“ohh,,sorry,,I,,I was ,I mean,,I wasn’t to,,,I mean,,,pooh!,,,never mind”

she decided to just keep shut

*what exactly is wrong with me*

she thought

she stared blankly for a while and watched in silent as he worked

she soon relaxed at the sound of clinging of tools and his harmonouis whistling

but soon again

sonia flinched

as Muna suddenly got up from his crouching position and walked towards her with all seriousness

she took a few nervous steps backwards but he kept coming

“whah. ,, what are you-”

her back soon reached the wall and Muna came directly infront of her

her heartrate increased

as his face came closer
and one arm stretched to the other side of the wall

she felt dissappearing
but there is no such thing at this moment

her shaky hands dropped the torch to the floor

Muna brought his face closer and said simply

“hey!,,,will you be cool?”

she blinked as she saw his hand turn on the switch behind her

she relaxed as he went back to work

all he wanted to do was test the switch to determine the passage of current

and she was killing herself for no reason

sonia thud her head against the wall

*what is wrong with me*
she asked again

but then again she blamed her mom

as she sarcastically thought

*thanks mom,,,thanks a lot,,,I see you’re interested in giving your only daughter a heart attack*

they continued

sonia focused on remaining calm as she tried steadying her torch properly

*just,,,one simple thing,,just hold torch,,you’re acting like a jellyfish,,,this the first time you’re are seeing him huh*

sonia childed herself

although she couldn’t remember the last time she saw him shirtless


she brushed off the idea

she heard ringing from the empty board by the wall

*who’s phone was that*

she thought

Muna looked up then said

“ooh,,quick!,,help me pick it”

she seemed dumbfounded

“I should pick up your call?”

she asked trying to make sure she heard right

Muna scrunched his eyebrows as he turned and faced her

“would you prefer I touch it with these hands”

he showed her his hands blackened from touching too much engine juice

well that sounded rational

she thought as she took the phone and swiped it open without checking the caller ID properly

it was like she thought

she had expected this from the start

halima just stared blankly as timi’s mom accused her

“you s–t,,,do you think I’ll believe you if you make up stories about my son”

even his dad,,the principal wasn’t helping matters as he kept saying

“,but halima you shouldn’t tell lies on people like this,,,I thought your parent trained you better than that”

her eyes drifted to a corner and she saw timi smirking at her

he had warned her not to try anything like this

but she thought perhaps maybe his parents weren’t so irrational

she couldn’t take anymore insults from the woman

with teary eyes she left the spot and ran to her room

she buried her head in her hands and sobbed silently

at this moment she wished she could be home

but home wasn’t available

so many thoughts ran through her head

she felt wronged

she felt hurt

she felt confused

she had needed to receive counsrlling

she had to talk to someone

then she remembered vividly

he had told her,,that if there was anything she needed to say

he would be there to hear

she picked up her phone

from the counter and

with shaky fingers she punched in muna’s number

she sniffed as she waited for the line to connect

after a while

it got received

and she heard the hello from the other side …


(P.s,,,that above phrase was not intentional)