All That Glitters Episode 22


“Then just tell him how you feel” jessy said again almost loudly

“No jess ,,,I can’t do that it’ll,,,-”

“It’ll what”?

Sonia bit her lip
Then said

“It could ruin our friendship”

Jessy widened her eyes


She couldn’t believe what she heard..

“Sonia ,,,how exactly will your feelings for Muna ruin your friendship,,,huh?,, just tell me pls”

Sonia revved up

“Look jessy ,,,I can’t explain it,,,but I just feel like its safer if we are just friends”

Jessy groaned loudly

“For crying outloud,,,sonia you’re not the only or first girl to have a crush on Muna ,,,and I’m d–n sure its not just not an ordinary crush,,,but something deeper, I’m I right”?

Sonia nodded

Jessy raised her two hands up

“So then what the hell is the problem?”

Sonia looked down and kept mute

Jessy sighed heavily

She walked to the bed and sat beside sonia

Taking her hand she began

“Girl listen,,,life is too short to waste on dulling,,,if you have something you want to do,,,,do it”

She adjusted then continued
“If there is someone you admire,,,stop it!!,,stop admiring,,, gather courage ,,walk up to that person and say,,,”,hey I like you,,,they won’t kill you for your honesty for crying out loud,,,”

Sonia shook her head
Then said

“There are somethings that just can’t work out”

“Whaat! ,,,like what?

Sonia looked up at jessy then said

“Look jess as far as I’m concerned I am way below muna’s league,,,and besides,,,I think I heard he already has a girlfriend”

“What who. ,,miss kate”?

Sonia arched her brows

“No,,,wha- why would you mention miss kate”

Jessy rolled her eyes and pouted her mouth in a sissy manner
“Ohhm,,,haven’t you seen the way that woman looks at him,,,I won’t be surprised if she-”


Sonia called her friend to caution

“What sort of insinuations are you bringing up,,,I mean,,,miss kate is like 15 years older than a twenty year old”

But jessy insisted

“But the woman still looks young,,,her bossom is still firm,,,and if I may Add,,,she is very very attractive,,,and she also got eyes on your boy,,,Which is why I’m telling you to do something fast ,,but you’re not taking me seriously”

Sonia tapped her on the laps and said

“Jessy come on,,stop it,,,our history teacher is a very respectable woman,,,stop badmouthing her”

Jessy hummed

“Hmmn,,.okay o,,,respectable woman,,,untill this respectable woman,, respectably shayo him between her thighs,,,na then you go give her real respect”

Sonia hushed her down

“Jessy!!,,,lower your voice,,,stop speaking like that,,,its not ladylike”

Jessy revved up

“I knew it,,,I knew it was this your shyness that is causing you not to chop your Muna cake,,,see your mouth “its not ladylike”,,,,that your own lady like now,,,how many cake have you use it to chop ehn tell me”!

Sonia brushed off jessy’s teasing

She said

“Is not about that,,,,Look my mom is home,,,I don’t want her to hear the kind of stuff we are sayin”

Jenny rolled her eyes again

“Oh,,uh,,,oh,,,and you think your mom no jasi,,,you think she’s like you ehn,,,shyness for africa right?”

Jessy pointed three fingers at her in the most teasing way possible

Sonia simply ignored her mockery and went towards the window

She peered outside and saw two figures moving down the streets
Chatting heartily

Kenna: She recognised the boy and she smiled heartily

But as soon as she reckoned who the girl was. .

Her smile dissapeared slowly

Replaced by a sullen face

She moved away dredgingly from the window and slumped on her bed

Jessy framed her eyebrows wondering what was so upsetting outside

“Wh- “whah”

She stood up from the bed and went to the window

Muna dropped the applied materials

He picked up the quantum text book and began to read out the details
As halima listened carefully

He started

”Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering deals with Atoms, molecules, and fabricated

He looked up at her

Then halima nodded

He then continued

“Now we will be based on the fundamental principles of
functional nanoscale systems from quantum to bio; nano measurement and control.

Halima scratched her head a little then asked

“Hm so what about The systems ranging from polymerase to graphene”

“Those are higher phenomena’s ,,,not meant for our level,,,”

Halima raised her eyebrow

“I bet you know them already,,,,hearing the way you are analysing it alone could put you off”

Muna revved

“I dont know the entire stuff,,just the basics”

Halima hummed
“Hohmm,,,you? …dont know the entire stuff?,,, ill believe pigs can fly before i believe that”

Her words really amused muna
He let out a small chuckle

Halima marvelled at the way his face lightened up with a smile

“Lets just leave that aside okay” he flipped the pages of the text again

But halima still had her eyes lingered on his lips

The book was the only object seperating their legs from touching as they sat on the bed

Muna continued
“Now ,,,applications of
nanoelectronics and nanophotonics-”

“Your smile is so heartwarming” she interrupted him

Muna slowly nodded
And said

“Thank you”

she revved
“Though,,,I bet lots of girls have told you that before” she added

“No….just one”

She scrunched again
Curious to know,,,she said
“Just one,,,how come,,,and who is this one”

“Urh,,,let’s finish up quickly okay”

He started flipping again

But then

Halima scrunched

As something glinted on his neck

She peered down and noticed a tiny pendant He wore

She pushed the book aside
And shifted forward she touched the pendant admiring the beauty

“Wow this is really pretty,,,where did you get this”

A little taken aback

Muna replied

“Uuh ,,its,,,its actually my mom’s,”

“Wow its really pretty”

“Yeah,,she gave it to me before she passed away”

She looked up at him and said

“I’m really sorry to hear that”

He nodded calmly

Their faces were so close
Just a few inches apart

And halima still had her hand on his neck

She traced it up to his cheeks and cupped it

Still eyelocked

She instinctly curved her head
And leaned closer to his face

As her lips nearly touched his

Muna indecisively lowered his head

He cleared his throat and said

“Um you-,,,you’re sitting on my phone”

She abruptly flexed up
As she adjusted

“Oh sorry,,,I thought it was mine”

She handed it to him

Muna collected it and slid the screen open

He saw 3 missed calls from Sonia

Halima watched his face wrink up

Are they done for today now…

She then asked him
“Is there somewhere you ought to go”

He looked at her then shook his head

“Nah,,,not now,,, I only remembered something”

She fought back a smile that welled up in her

Being in his company seemed to fill a kind of loneliness of hers

Eversince she started staying at the principals house

She missed the company of her mom and dad,,,of her siblings,,,and not to mention that nephew of the principal who keeps molesting her everyday

But just staying around Muna

Something about him seems to fill up all that void

All that nullness

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