All In A Circle Episode 80


Mike was dabbing his blood soaked cloth on his gunshot wound as he was feeling gross pains, but he dare not cry out, he could feel his skin burning, he could feel hot blood flowing through his veins and when they reached the spot of the wound, the blood will gush out in great abandon like they had been craving for escape or release. He was sure that his veins were still intact, but he couldn’t feel blood flowing to his leg, he couldn’t feel his leg, he tried moving it, but it remained immobile like a log of wood. He needed help, he needed a life saving kit, a first aid kit and emergency attention, but for the next one hour he could get none. Even if he should call his colleagues to send a backup team, they won’t arrive in the next thirty to one hour, yet as much as he felt tempted to call them, his heart broke into pieces when he remembered that he was a runaway hostage with nothing except his clothes, all other things gone. Mike was begining to see stars, he was begining to see what looked like birds flying around a very big chair that is a big a the lad surface, a much more closer look at the bird-like creatures flying, he realised they were angels of God. Thanks to his parents who had at a very young age introduced him to the word of God by first buying him a picture story book of the biblical account of the creation of heaven and earth and the things that dwell in them, he had seen the pictures of Angels, he saw it clearly in the chapter which was dedicated to the birth of Jesus when God’s angel visited Mary. If not for the pain he was going through, he would have called the angels by their names, he knew Angel Gabriel, he knew Angel Micheal and some other angels but can he recognise them? No. The pain he was feeling was excruciating was one of kind and with the environment he just found himself, he still managed to ask himself if he was dead or still alive. He certainly can’t be dead because from what he had learnt during his years as a student when he was a regular church goer and an usher back in the student’s fellowiship, he had in his first attendance at the fellowship heard the student pastor describe heaven as a place where no pians would be felt, and back then as an unbeliever, he had asked the pastor if he had been to heaven before, but as time goes on, he understood what the pastor was saying. If he could still feel pains then he is not dead, as a matter of fact, he cannot be dead. He had concluded. But isn’t that Jesus over there, on the right hand side of God? He wanted to stand up and rush over to him and hug him. He had so many things he wanted to ask, why he allowed himself to be killed, why he couldn’t perform miracles to help himself out, but a book in the bible already explained that. The book of John already said God gave him to the world so he can die and wash away our sins and live in us as the holy spirit. He sat down back, thinking of what he would ask him. He spotted him from afar and smiled, he beckoned on him to come closer, but he couldn’t move his leg, the man Jesus pointed his hand at his leg and it healed instantly, he could feel himself walking towards him and just like shutting off a computer his vision became blank and oblivious of his environment, he felt an excruciating pain going through his legs because he was already on his feet walking out of his fenced hideout. “Aaaaaaargggggh!” He moaned loudly in pain. A strong hand covered his mouth and made him sit down forcefully. His heart stopped pumping blood that moment because he thought he has been discovered by his enemies but alas, he was wrong. “No noise.” Kelvin said as he brought out a bottle of water and some other things he could use to treat his wound. – “Lets get out of here.” Kelvin said dragging Mike along with him. Mike stood rooted to the spot not moving an inch, fear was written on his face. The dreaded Danger-kelv who kidnapped him is all of a sudden becoming nice, he would have trusted him if he didn’t know who he is or what he does, but the fact that he knew all lot about him explains it. Mike felt reluctant to follow him and had it been on a normal day, he would have snatched his hand from his grip and maybe beat him to a pulp, but who does that with a hanging leg? “Come on. You can trust me.” Kelvin said persuasively. “I can never trust a devil like you and am not coming with you. You can as well get a gun and shoot me.” Mike said defiantly. “Watch what you say to me.” Kelvin warned still holding his hand firmly. “And what if I don’t?” Mike asked. “Then you won’t like what I’ll do to you.” And just like he had been expecting that reply, Mike at once freed his hand from Kelvin’s grip and pushed him hard on the chest. “What did you just do?” Kelvin asked. “What does it look like?” Mike replied clenching his fists and ready for a face off. “You don’t touch me unless I ask you to. Okay?” Kelvin said and held his hand once again ready to lead him out of his hideout even if it required force. “Who is there?” A voice asked. Mike frozed on hearing the voice and the owner of the voice flashed his torchlight at the bushes covering them. “Your father. Tell him.” Kelvin whispered to Mike. “Can’t you hear me? I said who is there?” The person asked once again still keeping his distance because moving closer to the bush might spell doom for him and at this time of the night, one should be wary of things he/she does. “Your father.” Mike replied chuckling. The man was now moving closer to them as rattling of leaves could be heard. “Good evening sir.” Mike who was now standing close to a tree for support greeted the old man who should be in his late sixties or early seventies. “Good evening my son. What are you doing here?” He asked then his eyes darted towards his wound. “I am a policeman….” Mike was saying when Kelvin returned into the hideout and from behind slashed the old man’s throat. “Are you mad? Why did you do that?” Mike asked angrily swinging the AK-47 he collected on his way out of the Khal corp. Kelvin was able to block it with his hands even though he felt the impact as he squealed in pain. “Why won’t I do that? No one is to be trusted.” Kelvin replied shaking off the pain in his hands. “But you could at least wait and see what he is up to. He might be helpful if we both introduce ourselves as police officers. He could give us a place to sleep in his house.” Mike explain angrily. “Well, I never saw things from that perspective. May his soul rest in peace.” Kelvin said non challantly as he bent down and cleaned his knife on the man’s cloth. “Now lets get out of here.” He said impatiently now dragging a limping Mike along. Mike on the other hand made no attempt to resist him drag but he made sure he did all the job. He made it look like Kelvin was dragging a box who couldn’t make an attempt to walk as it was being pulled meaning the ‘puller’ did all the work. “Man, its better you get a grip on your lazy self or you’ll be spotted.” Kelvin warned, this time they a few step away from leaving the forest onto the untarred road that passed through the forest, a regular route for smugglers and illegal immigrants. Mike smiled, he had achieved his aim. He just wanted him to complain and he just did.Chief Obi Patrick has been restless right from the time he recieved the message that his son and enemy is inside the same compound with him. It was a few minutes to midnight and sleep seemed to be some distance away from him. On a normal day, he would have gone to bed around 9pm and allowed his security men walk around the compound ensuring his safety such that, even a mosquito couldn’t bite him in his room. Such was the security that was in place, but as things were now, even a million soldiers could not be trusted to do anything reason being that, an enemy was able to sneak into the compound without anyone noticing, and up till this moment, no one knew where he is or what he looked like. So far, they are yet to spot anybody with suspicious actions, everyone is of the same pack and I dentity, there is no newbie and even if there is one, where will he get the uniform, so they were confindent that Inspector Clement is not already mingling with them even though Chief Obi Patrick is not convinced but what security experience does he have? None. If his security details could assure him of his safety, then, it will be wrong to question them or fault their assurances, all he had to do is listen to them, take necessary precautions as ordered by them, be vigillant if needs be and everything will be fine. ———- Clement carefully walked towards a group of four armed men who were conversing in low tones, but their deep voices won’t allow such, therefore, he could hear them from where he was half patroling and half hiding, they spoke in English, somehow American. They are Ghananians, he concluded. The men noticed his presence but paid him no attention, they continued with their conversation without speaking to him or asking him what he was looking for, afterall, they are colleagues. “What precaution is being taken as we speak?” He asked five minutes later when he was tired of listening. “Chief’s CSO will be here before noon tomorrow, so he’ll give us the next line of action.” One of them replied. Without invitation, another one chipped in. “But according to what our commander told us, they will embark on a thorough search by daybreak because some section said the policeman is wearing the same uniform with us even though we are not sure.” “How possible is that?” One of them asked as if he knew what was on Clement’s mind. “According to our commander, there is a file containing our pictures and other things, so every officer would be made to remove his uniform and show his identity.” The man explained further. “But that is until the CSO arrived with the file.” He added. Clement knew there was no need to bring any file or pictures for confirmation, mere looking at him, the CSO whom he had lived with right from a teenager would recognise him even in the dark. Meaning he had until now, 11:59pm till 11:59am, twelve hours to get Chief Obi Patrick and arrest him, or get himself killed or abort the mission. Aborting the mission seemed the best of ideas but he had never failed in any of his attempt to nab a criminal or get them arrested. The only time he failed was two years ago as a sergeant when he had chased an hired assassin into the airport and unknown to him, the assasin had paid some people to smuggle him into a plane, but Clement was denied entrance into the depatures lounge. The assasin succeeded in leaving the shores of Nigeria but Clement made a call to the South African police department, and upon arrival, the man was arrested. Even though he did a half job, he still go the full credit. “Whoever is mingling amidst us would make it a point of duty to sneak out before the CSO arrives and sneak in after his departure, but we’ll be on a lookout.” The fourth man who looked reserved said confidently. “One of the reasons why I told the commander not to get men from different country. He should have taken the men he needed from just one country, that would enable the men to recognise one another.” Another man said. “You dey craze. If you boss didn’t make this mistake will I be here?” Clement thought as he walked away. TWELVE HOURS