All In A Circle Episode 70


As Clement drove out of the airport after he had confirmed that Dolapo’s flight had taken off, he felt it will be good if he report to the office for the first time in a week and at the same time express his gratitude to his colleagues who showed him love and care during the past one week.

As he drove, he realised how empty and lonely he was. He realised how much he needed a comapnion, someone to talk to, even the presence of someone would do him a lot of good than harm. He decided to listen to the radio and the first radio station he tuned to caught his attention when he heard the name, Obi Patrick. He decided to stick around and listen to the news in details. And as God would have it, three minutes later, he got strucked in the traffice and at the same time, the newscaster decided to give the news that had the name Obi Patrick in details.

“The International criminal court yesterday sentenced a former president of Nigeria to twenty five years imprisonment. The trial which lasted for days as presided over by Barrister Van Djik, a dutch. The president after his impeachment was charged to court by well to do Nigerians, both at home and in diaspora as well as the interference of the United state government.

The former president was accused and guilty of a fourteen count criminal charge and in the end was sentenced to twenty five years.

Speaking to members of the press after the court verdict, the Nigerian ambassasor to the United state, Mr Bala Muktar said, the president’s involvement in terrorism and killing of innocent Nigerians was totally babaric and inhumane. Mr Muktar said, the president should have gotten a more lengthier punishment.

The former president was further compelled to give the names of his accomplices and those who worked with him, sources from the international court said the president mentioned, a former president of Ghana, Mr Mensah Odi, a former prime minister of Nigeria in the first republic, and a former senate president and former Nigerian ambassador to Belgium, Chief Obi Patrick. The Nigerian police are on the lookout for the aforemention political leaders.” The newscaster said.

“And that will be all on the morning news. Do join me at twelve o’clock for the major news at twelve. Until then, I am Maxwell Constance.” This time, the traffic was beginning to move as Clement with a heavy heart turned off the radio.

He could remember when his pastor came visiting a few days ago, the man of God told him that all these happenings are from God and things can only get better. And when he was beginning to think things are getting better, he just got another major blow in his g—n.

He felt sick that moment, but he wasn’t convinced that his father was guilty and at the same time he wasn’t conviced of his innocence. Only time would tell.


Kelvin picked his travelling bag and dropped it in the trunk of his Chrysler. He unlocked the door and dropped his laptop bag on the backseat. Just then, his father came out to join him.

“So, do you intend to move into Khal corp now?” Chief Patrick asked.

“No, I’ll be moving into Sandra’s apartment for now until the police forget about the case.” Kelvin replied.

“That’s good. Just lay low for a while. I will also go into hiding tonight, then that gives this useless police no chance against us. And before I go I will talk to Maleek, if after three days, the police are still searching for us, then he should get a team that will blow up the police headquarters.” Chief Patrickk explained.

“That will be good. I will personally see to the death of Clement, Ngozi and that boy Jay. He is the only one who could expose me to the police. And he is in their custody.” Kelvin said.

“Good one there.” Chief Patrick said shaking hands with his son. Kelvin hopped into the car with tinted glasses.

“Be good.” His father said and at once wound up the glasses. He sped out of the compound.

The sympathy he recieved from colleagues the moment he drove into the polic headquarters was unexpected and as a matter of fact out of this world. Everyone left what they were doing to say ‘hi’ to Inspector Clement and tell him everything would be fine. His surprise was capped off when he entered the commissioner of police office and saw a stranger. It was later he learnt that the former police commissioner has been transferred to Akwa Ibom and the newest state police chief was brought in from Imo state. He had chatted with the new boss who seemed firm and ready to work with any willing police officer.

“I am deeply sorry about your wife Mr Clement.” The new commissioner said with sincerity. From his estimation, Clement knew the man should be in his early or mid forties. So that explains his preparedness and agility. “I want every suspected insurgent group members nabbed and brought to book. I have gone through your profile and I must say I am impressed. As young as I am, I didn’t achieve half of what you have achieved now as an Inspector before I became a D.P.O and now a commissioner. I know we can both make things happen, which is why I am entrusting this case to you.” The commissioner had said towards the end of the chat.

“I am always ready to work and serve my fatherland sir.” Clement replied.

“I have also made up my mind that, the visiting FBI agents assisting us here would be allowed to go so that our men here can do the job they were employed to do. Or what do you think?”

“It won’t be a bad idea if we let them leave, but our corporative efforts has paid off and we’ve achieved a lot from working together. Lets work together to the end sir.” Clement explained.

At the end of the chat, the commisioner said something which Clement from his private interaction with various commissioners of police.

“I want result within days. And if the need arises, I can always lead a backup team into the picture. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give me a call if things threatens to go wrong. I can achieve little or nothing in this office of mine.” He exchange pleasantries with his boss once again and left his office, head held up in the high, swelling with pride, ego and determination. Ruthlessness was on his mind, revenge was boiling in him and the desire to make use of his gun on the killers of his wife was what clouded his mind.


His ever present colleagues were waiting for him in the waiting rrom by the time he finished with the commissioner.

“You’ve spoken with him?” Sylvester asked excitedly.

“Yeah.” Clement replied.

“So, what do you think? Don’t you think he is the kind of boss we have been lacking since the beginning?” Mike asked in a bid to spite Sylvester and his friends(the ex-commissioner)

“Yeah, he is.” Clement replied. He walked over to the counter and signed in officially inside the attendance book. “What new development do we have in place apart from the president’s case and revelations?” He asked.

Everyone knew he didn’t want to talk about his father’s involvement in Khal corp emergence and activities or maybe he wanted to handle the case his own way, or another person should handle the case.

“Deoye and his gang has been transferred to Alausa state police command, from where they’ll be taken to court tomorrow. Habeeb, Viktor and Jay are the few criminals we have around.” Mike explained.

“Okay, so, have you gotten anything new for any of them?” Clement asked.

“It is obvious that Khal corp used Habeeb because he didn’t know much about the corporation. He only gives them informations. Viktor is a bloody driver who didn’t know much as well. But from my interaction with Jay, he seemed to know a lot, because he has a tattoo on his chest which can only be found on top members. He claimed to know everyone under the mask at the corporation and most importantly, the man, Danger-kelv. He promised to talk only if he set his eyes on you.” Mike explained further.

“Then, what are we awiting for? Lets go in then.” Clement said heading towards the left wing of the station where cells and questioning room were located.

Everyone seemed to love the new Clement. Who talked less, who listened to explanations less, but acted more. Its a start of something new.

Ngozi thought as she reluctantly followed the three men. She couldn’t imagine what would happen to Jay, with this new Clement, he could shoot him just to make him talk.

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Kelvin drove into Sandra Oselu’s compound. “Welcome oga.” Sabur greeted.

“Yeah. Thank you.” Kelvin replied. “Is your madam in?” He asked. Sabur nodded in affirmation as he helped Kelvin lift his bag off the car trunk. The two men strolled towards the main house. There was nothing unusual in the compound, save for a cream coloured toyota camry which was parked just in front of Sabur’s house. He kept mute and decided to see who has the car, maybe it belonged to Sandra afterall, but would she buy a car like this? He wasn’t sure. Seeing they say is believing.


Sandra was seated on a two seater couch beside her lawyer, Barrister Benson who was seated on a single seater couch, with his ever present tablet device on the arm of the chair.

“So, how do you intend to go about this case?” Benson asked.

“I should ask you this question. You are the lawyer here, you are the one handling this case, you should be able to pull it off. All I want is that, Victoria must not be jailed.” Sandra replied. Benson heaved a very deep sigh.

“Well, we’ll need to provide convincing evidences before the court first, then we can think of other things. The reason why she had a gun in her possession must first be trashed out, its self defence, but no one saw her use the gun except the two men she killed in her room. And the second task is to outsmart Rahmon’s wittiness. No doubt, he would try to make sure, Victoria gets sentenced too, so he would do the unthinkable just to convict her. The thing now is, the FBI agent who was a witness can’t reach a compromise with us, therefore bribe is out of our options. The second option has to do with you.” Benson explained and stopped to see Sandra’s reaction.

“Me?” She asked.

“Yes, you.” He replied.


“Good, you’ll provide evidences that you were blackmailed by a certain group of people and you paid them eight million naira. You will tell them you contacted Victoria to help you trace the e-mail through which the pictures and proceedure of payment was sent. Being a computer expert, she was able to get the location which happened to be an old friend, from the university, Rahmon. He got to know about Victoria’s involvement and decided to punish her. That brings us to the business deal Rahmon was discussing with Vicky that night.” Benson explained. She really loved his plans and they looked brilliant in sight, but ugly if digged deep.

First was her involvement and decision to act as a witness, what if things go wrong and Vicky gets a jail term, then she’ll be labelled a criminal who defended a criminal on falsehood. A whole international model, what would her clients think? The companies she is affliated with, what would be their reactions to the endorsement deals binding them? And the other side of the whole plan includes the moral aspect of life. Who would be so bold to go before a court of law and present her own sex pixtures? Even if she ended up winning the case, what would people say? Then the reason why she paid eight million naira then would be exposed, then loosing at both ends.

The door into the living room opened and Kelvin walked in with Sabur behind him.

“Hey sweety.” Sandra said running to hug him. After almost minute of hugs and kisses, the two love birds decide to bring their audiences out of their miseries. “You didn’t tell me you were coming.” Sandra said pouting her lips.

“Sorry darling, its a surprise visit and I would be spending a few week with you here.” He replied.

“Waoh! That’s good.” She exclaimed. “Come and meet Barrister Benson, my lawyer.” She said pulling him into the living room proper.

“Barrister Benson.” He said extending his hand.

“Kelvin Obi Patrick.” Kelvin said without removing his hands from his pocket. Benson flashed red from embarrasment that moment, but who was he to question another man’s decision not to greet him.

“The same Obi Patrick?” Benson asked. Kelvin ignored him and collected his bag from Sabur who was dismissed immediately and exactly that moment, Janet walked into the living room and helped Kelvin with his bags.

“Every lawyer is interested in your father’s case. We just hope that when he is eventually arrested, he shouldn’t be taken to the ICC for trial. We can nail him here also. Only God knows the empire he wants to build in this state.” Benson said, no one asked him to tell a story.

“Don’t you dare talk ill of my family.” Kelvin warned silently.

“Go inside baby, I will join you soon.” Sandra said when she realised the tension in the room was becoming too much.


Clement walked into Jay’s cell and switched on the bulb. Ngozi, Sylvester and Mike were all trottling behind him.

“Hey.” He said as he settled on the only chair in the room opposite Jay’s chair with a table in between them.

“You asked to see me, here I am.” Clement said, but still got no response from the criminal before him. “Am I talking to myself?” Clement asked, but it was useless, all his question was able to do was make Jay raise his head up to look at him, after which he dropped it and continued staring at the floor. Mike moved closer to him and yanked his head up.

“Don’t make me loose my rising temper. We don’t have all day here, give answers to questions asked or you blame yourself for keeping mute.” Mike warned as he tightened his grip on Jay’s head. Jay screamed but he couldn’t make a loud noice, his vocal cord has been contracted.

“I won’t hesitate to make you drop blood if you don’t talk.” Mike warned. His greatest undoing happened to be his foolishness to talk directly into Jay’s ears. He clamped his teeth on Mike’s neck and pressed it tightly. Mike screamed as he released his grip on his neck. Clement stood up and moved to Jay’s side, someone was holding him, he turned and saw Ngozi looking at him with pleading eyes.

“Please don’t.” She pleaded. Clement hissed as he hit Jay on the head and immediately, he removed his teeth from Mike’s neck who was already bleading. Jay had passed out.

“Go to the medics, you need to be treated.” Clement said. He moved close to Jay and picked a perfumed-like container on the table, he sprayed it on Jay’s face and he woke up with a start.

“Ngozi, excuse us please.” He said. Ngozi was surprised to the marrow, the least she was expecting was being asked to excuse during questioning. She didn’t even expect such from Clement.

Clement on his part was not ready to work with unwilling colleagues, he loved working with officers who are desperately interested in result and not the welfare of the criminal in holding. He knew if Ngozi was still in the room with them, she will reduce their chances of getting anything out of Jay. She was just too emotionally connected to the guy, an attachement which she ought to have broken off, the moment she discovered her involvement with the khal corp.

“Ngozi, I say excuse me.” Clement said, this time emphasizing every word.

“Ah..ah. Clement.. Why should I?” She asked almost in a stutter.

“Obey first. I want you out of here.” Clement replied without looking at her. Ngozi sighed.

“Okay. Its fine, I’ll just go out like you said.” With this she made for the door. Immediately she shut the door, Clement moved closer to Jay, this time sitting on the table.

“You have less than five minute to answer my questions. Now, tell me about your involvement with the khal corp, I guess that was why you invited me here.” Jay looked at the angry police officer in front of him before he spoke.

“Move closer.” Jay said. Clement smiled, but didn’t move an inch.

“If you have something better to say, I advice you to say it now or you have yourself to blame.” Clement warned.

“Fine. You are Clement Obi Patrick.” Jay began. Clement flinched in shock, how did he know his name? Well, he concluded that his popularity among his peers made him a well known officer. “You have a brother who goes by the name, Kelvin.” Even if he was very popular, Kelvin was unknown to even the neighbours.

–to be continued–