All In A Circle Episode 60


Two black buses were hired to help transport the girls out of Mr Ayo Okorie’s residence as requested by the state government and driven to the governor’s office. Clement picked his car key and walked towards his car, and as expected, the journalist were all over him.

“You are Inspector Clement right?” One of the journalist asked putting his recording device close to Clement’s mouth.

“Yeah.” Clement replied.

“Tell us about your recent success in there.” Pressman two asked.

“There was really nothing much to talk about. Its not really the grand success everyone was anticipating, our main target is to stop insurgency and today’s success is just the tip of the ice bag.” He replied.

“We learnt there was an underground, how did you discover it?” He was begining to get irritated, their questions were just so off point. Is this what they intend to put on the news tonight? Then they must be joking.

“A female detective discovered it.” He replied and unlocked his car door.

“One last question sir, what’s her name?”

“Ngozi Obiora.” He replied and hopped into his car, then he realised he couldn’t shut the car door. Some powers were preventing him from shutting the door. Then he saw about ten hands holding the door firmly.

“Any chances that Maleek has been killed?” Another journalist asked. Stupid questions asked by stupid people, only God knows what our universities are producing these days, in terms of students graduating.

“I don’t know Maleek, he is always on mask. Our main target now is Danger-kelv.” He ignited the car and drove off. The journalists were all beaming in satisfaction, at least they have gotten what they wanted from the man of the moment. In one quick dash, they were standing in front of the medical team leader, asking her questions too.


His phone vibrated as he manouvered his way along the busy road, he wonder why young drivers will be driving at 20km/hr, aren’t they time conscious? He checked the sender of the message but the number wasn’t listed on his phone, moreso, it wasn’t a Nigerian phone number with the dialing code. His curiousity got the better of him, the message that greeted him was not what he was expecting, but he loved it because he felt challenged that moment.


The message reads, sent by 36501. He knew Khal corp sent the message and instead of being afraid, he felt ready to go any length in defeating the heartless organization. A thought flashed accross his mind as he drove on as he had seen in films where the main character who was interested in serving his country by restoring peace would in the end loose his family. What’s the gain if you provide security for millions of people and you can’t protect your wife and kids? He knew protecting them will require first sending them out of the country, Ukraine would be a nice idea afterall, but language will be a problem.


Dolapo was sitting alone outside the hospital watching as patients were being carried into the various wings on the hospital, how she wished she had studied nursing, she just loved how the nurses comported themselves and did their jobs diligently, but their ‘aproko’ nature is a major turn off as far as the nursing job is concerned. Its like, they offer a course on that while in school too. But its too late, she’ll be a graduate in a few days and she is happy with what she is studying.

Her mind flashed back to Rachel and her outburst. What could be wrong with her? Why the sudden change? She was not like this when she entered the hospital a few minutes ago, but the moment her parents whispered something to her, she changed. Change they say is a gradual thing, but in this case, this was the most fasted revolution she had ever seen.

Her problem now is what Rachel’s parent said about her, she was sure they talked about her. It not like she was dressed provocatively or indecently. So what on earth could be the problem? When she thought she had found a new family to live with, she was yet again rejected.

Life has been dealing her massive blows from the day she was born. Then she saw them all walk out of the hospital, Kelvin, Sandra, Chidinma, Rachel and her baby with Rachel’s parent. Akpan whom she had not seen all day came around and collected the few bags and dropped them in the car trunk. Kelvin said somethings to Rachel before he left in his car with Sandra.

“You can take a bike with this and meet us at home.” Rachel said hopping into the car as well as Chidinma who couldn’t talk, maybe for the fear of their parents. Their parents too entered the car and Akpan drove them off. As she made to leave, she could hear a mocking sound from behind, and turning back she saw Doctor Rapheal laughing silently.

“Let me drive you.” He said still laughing. She held back the tears and ran out of the hospital.

Chief Obi Patrick was getting ready to jet down to Lagos. He had finished his official assignment in Abuja three days ago, but stayed behind to handle some unofficial assignment for the president and then attend to his concubines. The president walked through the grass lawn which was well decorated with flowers towards the aircraft landing behind the presidential villa. The landing could only house a private jet at a time or a chopper.

“What do we do about this son of yours?” The president asked.

“Seriously, I don’t know. I had Maleek sent him a threatening message five times in the last two weeks but till now, he hadn’t responded to any, maybe he will step down, we don’t know.” Chief Patrick explained.

“Do you suggest we eliminate him?” The president asked. It was no new thing to do, Chief Patrick had personally ordered the killing of so many politicians, their sons or wives, maybe this is payback. He concluded.

“His wife just delivered. That’s why I am rushing over to Lagos.” Chief Patrick replied.

“Regardless of anything, I want Lagos thrown into unrest, then there would be no election in Lagos come next year and that gives me the favourable odds to win.” The president explained.

“You are back in the office for the second term your excellency, be rest assured.” He said.

“I know, but we need to disrupt peace in the South-west so that in the end, there will be no election come next year in that region. A state of emergency will be announced on Monday as soon as the Senate agrees.” The president explained.

“I think the state of emegency would be better. Let millitary administrator take over and dissolve all politically elected office holders in the state. The police will become powerless and Maleek will intensify his rate of attack.” Chief Patrick said. This time, they had reached the presidential jet which was to transport Chief Obi Patrick back to Lagos.

“Talk to your son, we both know Maleek won’t hesitate to wipe him off.” The president said.

Chief Patrick climbed the steps into the aircraft and five minutes later, it took off. The president’s last word kept haunting him as the plane soared higher into the sky.

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Rahmon was in the gym with his boys, all of them working out in a bid to keep fit.

“Boss, when last did you speak with this girl, Janet?” One of his boys asked.

“Its been a while, but I assume she is in Ukraine already.” Rahmon replied.

“She is not, its either she has been arrested for that fast one on Sandra Oselu or killed. You know she has nothing to defend herself.” The guy explained.

“So what do you suggest?” Rahmon asked.

“I’ll say we should send two men to her house to find out.” The guy replied.

“You should be able to do that. I’ll talk to Don to be on a lookout for her.” Rahmon said and continued what he was doing.

“I am not in support of you involving Don. That guy is a back stabber, I don’t trust him.” The guy replied.

“Don is my man. We’ve been together for many years now, he left because he couldn’t play the blackmail game with me, he wanted more action.” Rahmon explained.

“You are the boss. I can’t convince you.” The guy replied and walked out of the gym. And there could be an element of truth in what this guy said. He thought, but he knew Don dare not tamper with something that belongs to him, but he remembered he didn’t tell Don about Janet. Its high time he visited Don and talk things with him.

“You have a visitor boss.” Another of his boys came into the gym and announced. Rahmon waved him off, after which he exited the gym.

“Good day Rah.” The said visitor greeted.

“Take a seat.” Rahmon said. The guy sat and waited for Rahmon to sit down before he state his mission.

“Oh! I don’t sit down when a stranger visit me. What do you want?” Rahmon asked.

“I came from Don’s end.” He replied.

“He sent you to me?” Rahmon asked.

“No, he has Janet in custody. Victoria vicky pulled the job and Janet mentioned you as her boss. Vicky is after you.” The guy explained. Rahmon’s heart thumped faster per millisecond. If Victoria Vicky should be after him, then he needed to move faster so she doesn’t catch up with him. But everyone knew Vicky to be a planner before action. He knew she’d probably spend a week planning how to attack him, then he could attack her unawares within those one week.

“Why did you decide to tell me this?” Rahmon asked.

“Don wants to kill us, but I escaped.” Her replied.

“Your offence?”

“We raped her.” He replied. Rahmon’s face twitched in anger.

“Wait for me, I’ll be back.” He said and walked out of the living room.


It was all celebration in Clement’s house as well wishers trooped in to catch a glimpse of the new baby and congratulate the mother. Some of their nieghbours in the estate and some distant relatives and family friends. Chidinma was busy in the kitchen with the cooking when Dolapo walked in.

“Dollyp.” Chidinma said smiling.

“Weldone.” Dolapo said gloomily, as it was obvious that she was sad. Who wouldn’t be? After being subjected to maltreatment in the hospital.

“Thank you.” Chidinma replied trying to sound casual and jovial.

“What can I help you with?” Dolapo asked already moving to the sink where the dishes were arranged, awaiting cleaning. She picked the napkin, added a little water and dish-washing paste and started cleaning, after which she’ll rinse with clean water.

Silence enveloped the kitchen as the two ladies concentrated on what they were doing. Chidinma was trying to engage Dolapo in conversation, but her sad and gloomy face said it all. It was evident she wasn’t interested in a conversation at present.

“Dolapo, I am going to the supermarket when I am done with the cooking. Do you mind coming with me?” Chidinma asked.

“I’d have loved going with you, but I have a lot to do.” Dolapo replied.

“Come on, its the supermarket at the entrance of the estate, moreso, Akpan will drive us so we’ll be back in thirty minutes.”

“I am not going. What if…?” She asked and kept quiet.

“What if what?” Chidinma asked. Dolapo quietly walked out of the kitchen abandoning what she was doing. Should she call Clement and explain to him? That will be stupid of her, what if Clement pick up a quarrel with his wife? Then she’ll be labelled as the one who caused the quarell. No she won’t be a party to that.

Akpan walked up to her where she was seated on the bonnet of one of the cars in the compound.

“Dolapo, what’s the problem? Why the tears?” He asked. She quickly rubbed the tears off her eyes and faced Akpan.

“There is no problem?” She replied.

“But you are crying now.” He said.

“No, I am not.” She snapped. Akpan looked at her intently, as if to read the lies and pretence in her but couldn’t.

“I wanted to ask you why you didn’t come in the car with us from the hospital?” He said.

“I quickly went to pick something in school.” She lied.


The visitors had all left and Rachel was in her room with her mother.

“All you have to do is talk your husband into sending her away or better still rent an apartment for her, because I don’t know when you became helpers.” The elderly woman said. Rachel who had developed dislike for Dolapo the moment her mother made a shocking revelation at the hospital.

“She is a woman and she will one day poison you and snatch your husband.” The elderly woman said.

“She is a nice girl, but since you said she is capable of doing these things, then I think I have to act fast.” Rachel replied.

“Did you say she once slept in the house with only your husband at home?” Rachel nodded.

“Do you know if something took place between them?” Rachel shook her head in negative.

“That said it all. The girls of nowadays can go any length to get what they want especially when it comes to the issue of men. Be wise and talk to your husband.” The elderly lady explained.

Rachel sat transfixed, can Dolapo do this to her? Certainly no. She is not a desperate girl and she has not shown desperation since she came to live with them. Thank God she hadn’t told her about her fling with Doctor Rapheal, that would have been an advantage for her in poisoning Clement’s mind, but she overheard one of her discussions with Rapheal. She need to act fast and make sure she is out of the house. How could she have been fooled all these while thinking her husband was helping the girl, she had always thought there is more to it.


Clement alighted from his car and headed into the station. The junior officers saluted him as he walked in, he returned their gesture.

“Welcome Oga Clement.” A policeman at the counter said.

“Thank you.” He replied.

Just then the commissioner of police walked into the waiting room with his goons, the Superintendent of police and the Assistant superintendent.

News of Clement’s arrival had reached them and they wanted to honour him by coming out to welcome him. He threw salute at them and they returned it.

“Congratulations Inspector.” The commissioner said.

“Thank you sir.” Clement replied.

They chatted loudly and laughed like a laughing gas was exposed to them. Ngozi had heard them chat and she traced their voice to the waiting room.

“Clement, you are welcome.” She said.

“Yeah.” He replied indifferently.

“If you don’t mind, you can join us at the club over a bottle of wine to celebrate this success.” The ASP retorted. Clement smiled. It was no new thing for the police chiefs to visit a club after every work day. But they spend many hours at the club on fridays and saturdays.

There was a bar down the street which was nicknamed ‘police bar’ because it was mostly patronized by the policemen in the area. At every given hour, there would always be a policeman or two in the bar, but after the close of work, you could see about twenty policemen enjoying and washing away the stressful day at work.

Clement has always made sure he doesn’t visit the bar, since he was transferred to the headquarters, he only visited the bar once, which was when he drove his newly bought Honda CRV and decided to celebrate with his colleagues at work.

“I would have loved to join you, but as you all know, my wife just put to bed and I need to be with her.” He replied.

“I know there will always be a ‘but.’ Anyways, we’ll celebrate in your absence but make a toast with your success.” The ASP said.

Clement excused himself and walked into his office which he shared with other policemen. He said a few word of prayers before he dropped his weapon on the table and sat down, the air condition was in full swing blowing like it was programmed to do.

“Clement, I was greeting you but you ignored me.” Ngozi said standing before him.

“Why won’t I ignore you? Ngozi what’s your problem?” He asked.

“Clement you can’t understand.” She replied taking her seat.

“What is it that I can’t understand? Ngozi, you left home in the middle of the night to only God knows where. You slept two nights out.” He asked.

“Clement, Tobiloba slapped me, he maltreated me.”

“You caused it. He asked you not to break the law but you were adamant. Let me see how you want to achieve that.” He said.

“Was that why he slapped me?”

“Was that enough reason for you to leave home late at night? You didn’t pick your calls, you shut out everybody. Anyways, I have no problems with you sleeping out, its between you and your fiance. But he said something and I’ll want you to do something about it.” Ngozi looked at him expectantly.

“He said just because he was acting like a fool doesn’t mean you should see him as one. He felt very bitter about it, and you know what it means if things go astray between you two? Your wedding is five weeks away.” Clement explained. Her heart began to beat faster and she could hear the sound herself. She knew how fatal it would be if she looses her fiancee, with their wedding five weeks away, invitation cards has been distributed to people and preparation is even in full swing, how would people take the news, the wedding has been cancelled. She never bargained for that before God sent her to earth, she would have to settle things with Tobiloba, but will she be able to tell the truth?


Maleek was seated on his giant throne addressing his council of chiefs while Hakym stood in between the great Maleek.

“But where the hell is Danger-kelv?” He asked. Even though he had spent the majority of his life in Sudan, his home country, his brief stay in the States, one could hear the American accent in his voice, but it was evident he wasn’t American. He spoke with the accent because when you are in Rome, you behave like the Romans.

“He excused himself.” Hakym replied.

“I think this boy is taking us for granted. Who executed the job?” Maleek asked. Everyone in the corp knew how elated Maleek was anytime he was told Kelvin executed or killed a particular target.

“I did.” Hakym replied. His face fell in disappointment. But all the same, the desired result was achieved.

“You can go.” He said to Hakym who bounced out of the hall.

“So what next?” His second in command asked. Just then a large screen came on, showing the face of Chief Obi Patrick.

Chief Obi Patrick was in his study, his laptop opened before him, showing the faces of about twenty people in a hall and a man wearing a mask was seated at the top most corner of the hall.

“Good afternoon, Chief.” The man in mask said.

“Ah! Maleek, afternoon.” Chief Obi Patrick replied.

“Hope no problem? You called today.” Maleek said roaring, all in the name of laughter.

“I just met with the president.” Chief Patrick replied. Maleek and everyone in the hall adjusted on their seats eagerly anticipating what Chief Patrick had to say. “He said, a state of emergency would be declared in Lagos as well as other south west states, provided you storm them with your mighty armys.” Chief patrick explained.

“I think its about time I speak to the president one on one. A presidential jet should be sent to me this time tomorrow, I’ll like to see him.” Maleek said.

“That’s impossible. You can’t see the president. Its either you relay your messages to him through me or nothing.” Chief Obi said.

Maleek kept his eyes glued to the large screen which was displaying Chief Patrick as he conversed with him. No one could see his reaction as a result of the mask concealing his face, but they knew he was no comfortable with the arrangement.

“Can you do me a favour?” Maleek asked.

“Go on.”

“Talk to your son. He is overstepping his boundaries.” Maleek said.

“What did he do?” Chief Patrick who has been expecting something like this asked. He knew sooner or later, his heroic deeds at stopping khal corp will put him into trouble. But hearing this from Maleek, he knew he must have done something unforgivable to the corporation.

“He led a team of policemen and invaded Mr Ayo Okorie’s residence for a second time. But this time, a secret which has been in the house for over two decades, the underground.” Maleek explained. Chief Patrick himself could remember the underground and how they had used it during their full time crime days as illegal smugglers. The underground was carefully dug underneath Mr Ayo’s house and it after thousands of Kilometres it stopped inside an abandoned building very closed to the Nigeria/cotonou border which served as their store house back then, but now housed the khal corp.

Anbody who broke into the underground had every chances to arrive at the khal corp, the underground connects to the room directly opposite the great hall which served as Abdul Maleek’s office in the underground too.

“I will talk to him.” Chief Obi patrick said assuringly even though he knew his son would never listen, but they could get him transferred to the north or the southern part of the country.


Rahmon walked back into the living room with two of his boys.

“That’s him.” He said pointing to the guy seated on the couch. The two guys seized him and lifted him.

“Please what’s my offence? I did nothing wrong.” Sensing maybe Rahmon decided to attack him because he thought he had come to tell him lies.

“I am not lying to you. In fact, I can describe the girl. Her name is Janet.” he screamed as he was being led out of the house. Unfortunately for him, no one could hear his screams, the closest house to Rahmon’s mansion was about ten houses away. In between the two houses were lands which have not yet being developed and building still under construction.

“When next you return to this world, provided you got the opportunity to return which I doubt because, God doesn’t give second chance to sinners like you. Make sure you control that thing between your legs, it must not be used anyhow, especially when it comes to the special ones like Janet. Guys, slice his throat.” Rahmon said and walked into the house. He knew that was the end for him.

How he wished he had stayed behind to let Don kill him, even though he knew he won’t because Janet had pleaded with him not to, but he was sure to get humiliated. Don could order him to walk around the house naked for a week which would serve as comic relief to everyone in the house, assuming it was an all guys situation, he won’t mind, but with the presence of Janet, he’ll definitely feel embarrassed. So this was how he will end his once promising life? He started saying his last prayers, with the hope of being received in heaven amid funfare. –

to be continued–