All In A Circle Episode 51


Monday came rather too quickly for Dolapo. “Wake up! Its morning.” She heard someone say to her. She opened her eyes and saw Rachel on her bed.

“Good morning.” She greeted sitting up. Rachel smiled in return before climbing down from the bed. As the days rolled by, she was getting heavier and weaker. She’ll be due to deliver in two weeks, but in her recent meeting with Doctor Raphael, they had reached a conclusion that she’ll be induced to speed up her delivery date. Dolapo’s eyes darted towards the clock that stood on the bedside table, 8:45am. And she has her first paper by eleven o’clock.

“I have exams today.” She announced.

“I know, go take your bath and join us for breakfast.” Racheal said as she exited the room. Now she knew the essence of family in every individual’s happiness. When you have happy family, it is no rocket science that you’ll live a happy life. Now she was beginning to grow over the issues surrounding her, she was gradually moving on, she had found a friend and a sister in Rachel. In the space of two days, they have both established a strong relationship, much to Clement’s relief and happiness.

She slipped out of her nightie and walked into the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she was all dressed.

“Good morning Chidi.” She greeted Chidinma for the first time this morning. She wanted to ask Chidinma some questions because seeing her dressed in her white National youth service corps vest has a meaning.

“Are you going back today?” Dolapo asked. She had formed an understanding friendship with Chidinma, they both seemed to understand each other. They shared so many things in common, their love for shoes, their love for big sized cars, their love for tall guys and so many other things.

“O yes! I am going back to Ibadan today. Weekend is over, work starts on monday.” She replied helping herself with another loaf of bread and jam. While Rachel made her toasts, she helped herself with the tea.

“Where is Uncle Clement?” She asked. She had learnt to call him Clement with the title ‘uncle.’ They now see her as a member of their small family. Her presence in the house prompted Rachel to return to her husband’s house and putting her visit to her father-in-law’s house to an abrupt end in a bid to keep Dolapo’s company.

“Clement leaves home before seven on monday morning.” Rachel replied smiling.

“So when next am I seeing you?” Dolapo asked.

“Very soon. I’ll be back next weekend.” Chidinma replied.

“Then you’ll be surprised to meet your baby in the house.” Rachel added. Chidinma’s face lit up in happiness.

“My baby? Tell me.. Is it?”

“Yes. I’ll be releasing her by wednesday.” Rachel replied.

“Oh my God! I am so happy for you. I’ll fly in on thursday by God’s grace.” Chidinma said and they all bursted into laughter. There was a sharp knock on the door.

“Yes? Who is that?” Chidinma asked as she made to stand up.

“No, I’ll get it.” Dolapo raced out of the dining accross the living room towards the front door. She yanked the door opened and came face to face with three people who mistakably are police officers. Two uniformed men and a lady who wore a t-shirt with the inscription ‘POLICE.’

“Good morning.”Dolapo greeted.

“Good morning. I am detective Ngozi, from the police headquarter. Please, can I see Mrs Patrick Jnr?”

“Come on in.” Dolapo said opening the door wider for the three visitors to enter. The female officer who introduced herself as Ngozi seemed to know her way around the house, she walked straight into the living room.

“Ngozi.” Rachel said on the seat while Ngozi ran up to her to save her the stress of coming into the living room. The two of them exchanged pleasantries and chatted for a minute.

“Actually, Clement sent me to fetch Dolapo. Drive her to school and bring her back home after the exams.” Ngozi said. Rachel looked at Dolapo for her view or opinion, even though it doesn’t really count. She nodded her head in affirmation. Three minutes later, Ngozi drove out of the compound with Dolapo seated on the passenger seat while the two officers sat at the backseat.


Students were gradually dispersing the hall in the manner in which they had come. The exam which was computer based lasted for an hour and the computer has been shutdown immediately the time elapsed and everyone exiting the hall. Dolapo was walking outside like every other students when someone grabbed her hand from behind.

“Dolapo, please we need to talk.” Darasimi said. She wanted to slap her that minute but going physical with a tall Darasimi was suicidal. She just stood rooted to the spot.

“Abeg comot for road jor.” One of Dolapo’s coursemate said.

“You dey craze. Simple courtsey you no get.” Darasimi said to him, this time Dolapo had stepped out of his way.

“Na your father own this place abi? Bi.tch.” He said and walked away. Darasimi hissed.

“Please, I won’t take your time. One minute and we are done.” Darasimi pleaded. Dolapo looked to the parking space opposite the ICT complex.

“They are waiting for me.” She said to Darasimi who also looked at the black Nissan parked with a lady leaning against it and two uniformed policemen were either reading something on a phone or were watching a movie.

“I have been here since morning, even before you came just to talk to you.” Darasimi said.

“You should have called me then. I am in a hurry to leave the school premises.” Dolapo said. Darasimi gave up, there was no way she would be talking to Dolapo this morning.

“If you insist. I just want to further clarify myself that I know nothing about our friend’s death.”

“Like you have always said. Just put it at the back of your mind that nothing must happen to Tolani.” Dolapo said. A guy came to view before them, took a picture of them talking.

“Get out of here Desmond.” Darasimi shouted. The guy, Desmond was a popular blogger, he owned a gossip website which deals mainly with the activities within the school. He post pictures, leaked sex videos involving students, pictures of the newest couples, exam time table, lecturer profile, all manners of news, both good and bad can be found on Desmond’s blog. Most of such news were lies, but his videos are always a hot cake.

Desmond taking their picture, the two girls knows what it meant and they won’t want to be on Desmond’s blog of immoral things. Darasimi has never appeared on the blog and she has vowed not to be mentioned, not to talk of appearing on the blog. Dolapo has appeared twice on the blog. The first time was when her friend Tokunbo won the Miss Fresher award in their 100level and Miss LASU a year ago. A picture she took with the beauty queen was posted on the blog. Desmond took a few more captions and walked away a fufilled man.

“I have to go.” Dolapo said walking away. Darasimi stood transfixed to the spot, a part of her wanted to run after Dolapo while another part nudged her to get out of the complex. Her first paper starts in twenty minutes.


Clement has been discussing with Habeeb for almost twenty minutes now. He was trying to sound cool with him and he handled him with all leniency.

“Habeeb, you want peace right?” Clement asked. Habeeb kept mute and continued staring into space. “Your religion is a religion of peace. I bet you’ll be willing to help us stop insurgence in this country. You’ve given me the names of the top officials, tell me how we can get Abdul Maleek.” Habeeb who has been cooperative with Clement so far wanted to help them end Khal corp even though it wasn’t from the depth of his heart that he wished such. If he wasn’t arrested, he’ll continue to wax stronger as a policeman serving as an informant to an insurgent group.

Habeeb had mentioned names of the pillars of the Khal corp, from Abdul Maleek, the ceo, to the members of Maleek’s council, Hakym, the head of stategies, the Doctor Koln, a german medical doctor who worked in the Khal corp, to other top officials, who function in other government agencies, those at the federal level, the state level and local level. And the last but not the least, the man who is filled with danger, the man who perpetrate evil without battling an eye lid, the man, Danger-kelv himself. As much as Clement enjoyed these revelations, he wasn’t all that convinced that they are on the path to success.

One, none of the terrorists mentioned bears their original names, they all lived in the Khal headquaters with Maleek, their chances are very slim. He walked out of the cell three minutes later but Habeeb’s last sentence kept ringing in his head.

“Of all the top officials, the pillars of Khal corp so to say. Only Danger- kelv lived outside the corporation.” As far as he was concerned, only Danger-kelv could lead them the Maleek. Finding Danger-kelv is the number on priority for now. He had concluded.


After their close escape from the police, Jay has been extra careful in his dealing and public displays, most especially the calls he received. He was seated inside a fast food joint with Kelvin and the disguised business woman from Dubai, Becky.

“Jay, what do you suggest we do?” Kelvin asked. Jay kept quiet for a while, probably thinking of the way out of his present predicament, he was now a wanted man all over the country, his pictures were all over the places, on newspapers, on television and magazines.

“Personally, I don’t know what to do, but I think joining the corporation will do a lot.” Becky chirped in. If there was one thing Kelvin hated about Becky, it was her jumpy- attitude to issues of personal security.

“I am not talking to you but him.” Kelvin said obviously irritated. Jay who was wearing a hooded cardigan and a sunglass in a bid to disguise his face.

“I can’t join the corp.” Jay said. Jay was once a member of the Khal corp but his exposure to certain amount of things made him grow wings and he pulled out of the corporation. Maleek would have ordered his death if it were to be someone else within the corporation, but the fact that it was Jay, another highly placed member just on the same level with Danger- kelv. But since he was a protegee to Kelvin he was always there to work for him(Kelvin)

After his exit from Khal corp, he formed a three man team who worked for a highly placed politician in the country where he made his money and lived in affluence.

“I am not in support of Jay coming back, it will be disastrous for him.” Kelvin said filling his glass with his drink. Becky raised a eyebrow and wanted to talk, but a look from Kelvin said it all. She kept her mouth shut and watched as the two expert killers discuss even though she was many years older than them, age is nothing but numbers, power and money counts.

“What do you think we should do now?” Becky finally asked.

“Its up to you.” Kelvin said confidently.

“Me?” Kelvin nodded affirmatively.

“Get close to either of Ngozi, Sylvester or Mike. Get them on your side, I’ll try and manipulate Clement, all we needed is for them to drop this case.” Kelvin explained. Jay knew getting close to the afforementioned policemen doesn’t change a thing or assure him of freedom. As long as he was still alive, he will always be on the wanted list. The best thing is to get the afforementioned police officers out of the way or demoralise them, but Kelvin won’t buy such idea because he’ll be a victim of such resolve.

Kelvin who had a different plan for Jay was looking at his reaction. From where he sat backing the other diners in the restaurant, he could see eyes staring at Jay from behind him and almost everybody whispering at the same time. This was what he wanted, he want Jay out of the way, even though his greatest downfall would have been the arrest of Jay and with Clement still in the force, he knew it won’t take time before Jay was nabbed. This was the reason why he didn’t want Jay in the corp, he knew he’d become powerful like he was before he left eight months ago. He wanted him dead, because he knew Jay was the only living individual who knew so much about him including his personal life, one way or the other, if Jay was caught, he was dead too.

“Guy, they are beginning to stare at you. Lets get out of here. You go first.” Kelvin said. Jay stood up and made for the door carefully.

“That’s it, you can go to Dubai like you have always wanted.” Kelvin said when Jay was almost at the door as he slipped an envelope of what was supposed to be a travelling passport and a cheque.

“Its nice doing business with you.” She said shaking hands with him. Kelvin led the way as they made to walk out of the eatery, Jay fell to the ground clutching his chest as he battled to hold unto his precious life. Kelvin pretended he didn’t know him, he slipped into his own car thinking Becky had driven off as planned but unknown to him, Becky was a die hard loyalist of Jay and she stood with him. The moment the policemen came, she drove off, but not after slipping a piece of paper inside his blood soaked pocket.


Clement was seated in his office chatting with Ngozi who has the day off becasue Dolapo had no exam scheduled for that day.

“Ngozi, did you say Kelvin visited you on saturday?” Clement asked. Ngozi nodded her head as she continued playing game on her phone.

“Don’t you think it connects? Clement asked. Ngozi’s countenance changed as she paused the game she was playing and dropped her phone.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I mean, someone making a call inside your ward, with the name Danger-kelv which may simply mean Kelvin. And my brother Kelvin in there with you coincidentally. You know he may be the Danger-kelv we are looking for.” Clement explained.

“Are you for real? Clement! You mean you think your brother is a terrorist?” She asked.

“From my own perspective, I think he is.” Clement replied opening the drawer attached to his table. He removed a blank sheet of paper and began scribbling something down on it.

“I think this job is getting into your head. Go ahead and get him arrested, I believe its just a coincidence. Kelvin told me when he was leaving, I saw him walk out through the door. And the supposed Danger whatever exited through the window.”

“But you were asleep then.”

“I fell asleep when Kelvin left.” she replied.

“Look at it from this perspective, what about if he returns to your ward when you think he had left and broke the window to aid his escape.”

“And why would he do that?” Ngozi asked. Clement kept quiet, there is no point argueing with her, he knew she’ll not just reason with him.

“Tell me you are defending him because you know he can’t be a terrorist or because you feel something for him.” Ngozi wanted to talk but no words came out.

“Tobiloba called me and he has explained everything to me. I think you are taking his gentility for granted. Marriage doesn’t happen like that.” Clement added.

“Can we talk about something else please?” Just then Clement’s phone rang and he picked it.

“He is awake?” Clement asked.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.” He replied as he grabbed his car keys and without another word walked out of the office. Ngozi knew she had made him angry and friends like Clement are hard to find. She hurried after him, but on getting to the parking lot outside, his car was still there.

“Sly, am off to the hospital. The Jay of a guy is awake. I think this is our only chance.” Clement said to Sylvester. Sylvester closed his laptop and stood up.

“Maybe I should come with you.” He said.

“No. Get more informations out of Habeeb. He should be able to lead us into Khal corp.” Clement said.

Sylvester nodded his head affirmatively and Clement walked out. He saw Ngozi leaning against his car, he ignored her and unlocked the car door and hopped behind the wheel. Ngozi slipped into the passenger seat. Without another word, he drove off towards St Battaihas private hospital where Jay was admitted.

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Chief Obi Patrick has been out of Lagos state for three days now. He has been meeting with party chieftains all over the Nothern part of the country. And on the last day of his five days travel, he arrived at the presidential villa in Abuja where he was to have a behind closed door meeting with the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

“Chief, what’s wrong with Maleek?” The president asked.

“How do you mean?” Chief Patrick asked.

“He keeps procastinating the contract before him. After his failed attempt at killing the vice president, he has been silent and no one is talking. What could be wrong?” The President asked.

“Your Excellency sir, I think the fault is from your office. The minister for defence is a very tactical individual who knew so much about terrorism as a weapon of insurgence, being a retired millitary man. I think he should be axed, then the security agencies becomes powerless like they were three months ago.” Chief Patrick explained.

“So what do you suggest I do?”

“Reshuffle your cabinet. Bring someone else as the Defence minister, someone who will dance to our tunes.” Chief Patrick replied.

“I’ll do just that.” The two politicians dicussed more about their selfish interest at the expence of the citizens of the country. Chief Patrick was a man of power who has been there and always want to be there, while the president was a very young man, at forty-nine. He was power hungry and want to establish his name in the books where the like of Chief Patrick has their names written.

Deoye’s arm was healing gradually as the days rolled by, thanks to Doctor Rapheal’s indefatigable efforts at restoring his arm to normal and relieving him of the pain.

Doctor Rapheal spends at least an hour with Deoye administering drugs to him even though they couldn’t speed up the recovery rate since he wasn’t on admission. Doctor Rapheal claimed he needed to undergo a certain surgery to restore his left hand but he has to go to a hospital and going to a hospital exposes him and being a wanted criminal, he couldn’t gamble that.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Don asked his cousin as he puffed out smoke from the cigar he was dragging.

“Much better.” Deoye replied trying to lift his hand on his own.

“Does that mean you are joining us in the gym later in the day?” One of Don’s boys asked.

“Gym? Not at all. I dey mad?” They all bursted into laughter.

A lot of things was going through his mind, one news had reached him that Scorpion has been arrested according to Desmond’d gossip blog. He was also following the examination time table and knowing what time Dolapo has her exams, he was well aware that she now has a group of policemen driving her to where ever she wants to go. But as far as he is concerned, there is no reason why he should be detered or afraid of the police. But on a second thought, was it not because of this same policemen that he ran aways from his hostel?

“Is Raph coming today?” One of Don’s boys asked directing the question to the boss.

“No he is not. He has a delivery to handle and according to him, it involves the theater. But he’ll be here on his way home to give Deoye the pain killing injection and energizer to enable him finish up his asignment tomorrow without pain.” Don replied.

His last sentence hit Deoye like a blow in the gut. He wasn’t expecting his last assignment to come this close, considering the fact that the last outing he had almost ended in a disaster, he was shot in the arm. And when he was beginning to regain his lost strength, his controller came up with the news that he’ll be wrapping up his assignment the following.

“Its a daylight thing.” Don said further surprising everyone in the room. No one dare challenge him, they have no business with whatever it is that was going on. It was Deoye’s business and he should face it squarely. All they needed to do was go with him incase things get out of hand. A sharp knock sounded on the door.

“Are we expecting a visitor?” Don asked looking at the surprised faces of everyone in the room. They all shook their heads in the negative.

“Get your guns.” Don whispered.

“Come in.” Don said and immediately, the door swung open and Victoria walked into the living room. They all did the sign of cross as they tucked in their guns.

“Hello guys.” Voctoria greeted as she strolled into the living room smiling.

“Hey!”Don replied. Victoria stopped smiling immediately she noticed their drawn faces.

“Am I disturbing anything?” She asked sitting beside Don. The guys all one after the other stood up and fled out of the living room while Deoye limped after them.

“What brings you here?” Don asked when he was sure that the guys were all well out of earshot.

“I want to stop this job.” She replied.

“Which job?” Don asked.

“Do I have any other job? I want to stop what I am doing, I need to get a new life before it is too late.” Don bursted out laughing and rubbing his beard.

“And why will you want to stop?”

“Remember the failed operation we had inside Anthony estate where we were paid to assasinate a certain Mr Tony but we got a wrong address and ended up in a policeman’s house. That policeman is my elder brother, but because I was on mask, he couldn’t recognise me and coupled with the fact that its over ten years since we met last. Just last week, I say my second brother Kelvin in Sandra’s house. They are both dating. So how does it sound, I am working for Sandra as an assasin and she is dating my brother. What picture does that potray?” She explained.

“I understand you perfectly and you know I put your feelings first in everything. But the problem now is Sandra’s assignment. We’ve spent the money, what do we do?” Don asked. Afterall, Don was understanding.

“I’ll finish the assignment. I am going after Janet tonight and everything is gonna end.” She replied. She later went to the kitchen and prepared a sumptous meal for everyone, the guys all ate hungrily, its been a while since they ate a homemade food. She does this once in a while even though she wasn’t dating Don or any of the guys. But as the only surviving female member of the gang, she is their wife.


“So tell me all I need to know about Khal corp.” Clement said to Jay who was sitting on his bed with a handcuff restricting his movement. He looked from Clement who was the questionaire to Ngozi who was either recording or writing down all that he has said.

“The is nothing to tell you. I know nothing about khal corp or whatever and I will never know anything about it.” Jay replied rudely.

“Do you know Danger-kelv?” Clement asked.

“What is Danger-kelv?” He replied after which he bursted into laughter probably mocking Clement. This singular act infuriated Clement and he punched him twice in the face.

“Clement, take it easy. He could pass out again, you know he is still weak.” Ngozi said pleadingly. Clement still wonders what Ngozi is doing in the force, she has a very fragile heart and could burst into tears when she needed to be strong and fearless. She could let a criminal escape because she hate to see people suffer which was why she doesn’t handle questioning or getting informations out of criminals

. “And so?” Clement asked.

“He could pass out again and we needed informations from him as fast as possible. Go slowly with him.” She added. Clement turned to face him in annoyance.

“Tell me what you know about Khal corp, tell me about Danger- kelv and tell me how we can get him.” Clement said lifting Jays head to be level with his as he bent down. Jay spat the blood in his mouth to his face.

“B—–d!” He said. Clement staggered backward like an acid has just been poured on him. He rushed towards him with one thing in mind, punch him till he passes out. But a force was holding him back, he knew who it was, but he was ready to do what he has in mind. Just then the door opened and Doctor Rapheal walked in.

“Oh! You are here. Congratulations.” He said stretching forth his hand. Clement ingnored him as he wiped his face with a hankie and sat down on the only available chair.

“The nurses actually told me the police are here. My mind told me it has to be you, so I decided to come and congratulate you. Have you gone to see her?” Doctor Rapheal asked. What is this one talking about? Gone to see who? Were the questions running through his mind.

“What are you talking about Doctor?” He asked.

“Tell me you don’t know Rachel has put to bed.” He wanted to punch the doctor for using such an expensive punchline on him but he has to confirm afterall, she ought to be due the following week.

“Which Rachel are you talking about?” He asked.

“Your wife. She arrived this morning and we successfully completed the Ceaserian.” Rapheal replied. Clement was forced to look at Ngozi who also wore a surprised expression on her face.

“Where is she?” Clement asked.

“Ward eleven second floor.” Clement hurried towards the door and yanked it opened angrily, he raced out of the room with Ngozi on his heels.


Janet just finished packing her travelling boxes and she sat down in the living room anxiously waiting for 7pm when she was expected to drive to the airport, her flight was scheduled to take off by 8pm. Then her phone rang for the upteenth time, it was Frank.

“Hello Jane, you promised to call me back but you didn’t.”

“Sorry dear, I have been busy all day. Are you still coming?” She asked.

“yeah. So what time should I come?” He asked. He must not know she was leaving the country, she must not even give him signs that she was travelling.

“Come around four o’clock.” She replied. He professed his love for her three days ago and promised to visit her new apartment, she granted his request to visit her knowing fully well that she was travelling out of the country. All she needed to do was send the address to him around 4pm when she knew it will be difficult to come with the police, even if they had plans of coming later in the night or some other day, they’ll meet her door locked.

“I’ll send the address when am done here.” She said. She could hear him gave a loud scream of happiness.

To be continued