All In A Circle Episode 49


Dolapo was seated in the room that adjoins with the ICU ward 3b on the third floor of the hospital. The room has a total of nine chairs that are directly facing the ICU, the only demarcation between the two rooms was the glass wall and the door. Inside the ICU was Tolani who was in coma and two other patients who have been on live saving machines. The relatives of the two other patients were seated with her in the waiting room while Tolani’s mother was seated behind her. “Dolapo.” Someone called her. She turned to see Darasimi squatted beside her seat. She turned away from her and looked absent mindedly at Tolani. She wished she was fine but just sleeping peacefully like a baby with no worries. But the Tolani she was looking at has the greatest worries anyone could have.

One she will miss her final exam and in turn miss the chance to graduate. And most importantly, she was battling with her life. She was on the verge of loosing it, yet she was stong willed and wasn’t giving death the advantage on her.

“Dolapo, I am talking to you.” Darasimi said tapping her lightly. She wanted to scream that moment but she was afraid she might be disturbing the three patients in the next room. Even though she was sure the glass wall and doors were sound proofed. Such that no single sound penetrated but we are in Nigeria and those things are very scarce.

“Dolapo, talk to me nau, don’t make me look like a fool.” Darasimi continued.

“Can’t you just get it? I am not talking to you. Now get out of my sight.” She said half screaming and half trying to keep her voice low. Darasimi wanted to scream or slap her but she needed at least someone to trust her. And the perfect person was Dolapo.

“I swear to God, I know nothing about Tolani…” Her voice trailed off.

“Did I accuse you of knowing about it? Your conscience is pricking you right? Now you are playing a fast one before you are summoned by the police.” Dolapo asked not minding the pair of eyes peering at her from behind.

“Dolapo, any problem?” Tolani’s mother asked.

“No problem mum.” she replied. Darasimi could hear her heart shatter into pieces just like a breakable plate that fell on a tiled floor.

“Dolapo, are you saying I know about Tola’s fate? I am disappointed in you.” Darasimi said trying to sound strong but her voice gave her away.

“Be disappointed in me for all you can. You threw away your dignity and liased with a bloody cultist who paid you fifteen thousand naira to lure all your friends out to be killed. Am waiting for that day when you’ll do the same to me, I bet that will mark your end.” Dolapo said angrily.

“But I thought we’ve settled this..” Through the glass, they could see one of the the other two patients who shared the ward with Tolani fight for his life. He was gasping and shaking violently, his chest was rising and falling, his ribcage visible as the cloth covering him has slid off.

Dolapo wanted to scream, she wanted to faint, she wanted to close her eyes, she needed to hold unto something. She held something soft and clutched to it crying.

Immediately, two doctors and three nurses arrived at the scene. How they got to know something was going wrong was a surprise to her. Maybe there is a camera somewhere, she concluded.

The doctors tried to revive him, but things seemed to have gone a little bit out of hand. One of the doctors was screaming instructions to the nurses and the other doctor, he was the most senior and he wanted to save the patient’s life. The guy breathe his last and dropped dead on the bed. One last check on his heartbeat, the senior doctor shook his head sorrowfully as his countenance changed. He instructed the nurses and walked over to Tolani and the other living girl. He shook his head and walked out, tears in his eyes.

Dolapo was surprised at the Doctor’s reaction, why is he crying? But doctors are said to posses a lion’s heart. She wanted to see more of the guy, but the nurses blocked her view by putting a curtain on the glass wall.

“Is this how Tolani would die too?” She asked herself. Because she could see the senior doctor shaking his head at the other two patients before going out. Maybe either of them was the next to die. Then her eyes went to what she was clutching unto, Darasimi’s hand. Like she was stung by a snake or scorpion, she dropped her hand and ran out of the waiting room.

“Tolani must not die.” She screamed as she opened the door and started descending the stairs. Was she loosing her mind? She wanted to ask someone, maybe Doctor Kolade would be willing to run a test on her state of mind, if there is a test for that.

*** *

Clement just took a break from talking to Viktor who just kept demanding for amnesty before he helps the police in their investigation.

“I think it is high time I informed the superior officers.” He thought as he walked towards the SP’s office. With a gentle knock on the door but got no replies. He placed his ear on the door and heard soft moans of Intimate ectacy. He thought the SP was in a kind of distress or pain. But the last time the SP spoke to him, his voice was a deep baritoned one, but the voice he was hearing was a feminine voice. He just hoped it wasn’t what he was thinking. Can a who police superintendent be having sex in his office with a cheap girl, why not go to a hotel and do whatever they wanted to do.

The anger in him swelled to the limit and it bursted. He pushed the door open angrily and he could see the Superintendent of police standing before his table and a female police officer seated with her legs opened. Giving him the room, the space and direct assess to her private.

“What the hell is going on here?” Clement asked. It still beat his imagination why a police boss will throw his dignity to dogs and resort to bedding female officers, what do they stand to gain?

“What are you doing here?” Clement asked the lady who was still backing him. She dreaded looking at him in the face, for the fear of what his reaction would be like.

“Are you deaf? Get out of this office now or I pounce on you.” Clement screamed.

“This is my office and I want you out of it.” The superintendent said angrily.

“Thank God you know it is an office. Tell me, where was it written that a police officer has control over an office assigned to him? Is this a brothel?” The lady wanted to sieze the opportunity that Clement was talking and may not notice her sneal out. She tip toed towards the door, head bent. Just as she wanted to bolt, Clement pulled her back.

“Where do you think you are going?” He asked. The girl was forced to look at him. “You?” Clement asked surprisingly and at the same time disappointed. He released her arm and turned to face the Superintendent.

“Clement, seriously I don’t like the way you do at times. Tell me you have no girlfriend out of this numerous sexy girls we have here. Stop pretending to be a saint.” The SP said trying to make Clement laugh or spill it out that he also indulge in immoralities with the female officers around.

“Shut your mouth. What nonsence are you telling me?”

“How dare you tell me to shut up? I am your boss.”

“Position-wise, you are the boss, but in terms of morals I am the boss. Anyways, that’s not why I am here.” Clement replied sitting down.

“I can command you to get out of my office.”

“Yeah! You have the power to do that, but I bet you won’t try that, now with me. Abeg take a sit.” He said hitting him on the arm. The Superintendent sat down and was looking at Clement like he should just strangle him.

“What are you doing in the force?” Clement asked.

“When the country is in fire, you are always in this place called an office. Policemen are dying everyday, you are putting on weight. People like you should be at the war front. Where is your dignity? You thrown it to the dogs or a Hyena?” He wanted him to feel guilty about what he was caught doing and he just achieved it. Because he could see the sobber look on his face. “Now, to the reason why I am here. There is a man in custody, he was a former khal corp member, he wanted amnesty before any other thing. Do the needful.” Clement explained. The Superintendent gave him a look of hatred but who cares.

“So you mean you have this man in custody and you didn’t tell us about it? None of the superior officers knew about him or his presence.” The SP asked.

“Like you told anybody before you started bedding that girl. Consult the superior officer and foward his papers to Abuja. Get it submitted to the IG and the office of the president.” Clement said standing up. He walked towards the door.

“Clement.” The SP called. He turned back to face his boss. “Don’t say this to anyone. Please.” The SP said.

“I know better.” Clement assured and walked away.


Dolapo bumped into her friends, Tokunbo, Charity and Tokunbo’s cousin.

“where are you going?” Charity asked. Even though she has been having difficulty talking to Dolapo since the night she sent her away from their room.

“Welcome.” Dolapo said ignoring her question.

“How is Tola?” Tokunbo’s cousin asked.

“She is fine, still in the ICU.” she replied. The three of them sighed as their hopes seemed lost.

“Is she gonna make it?” Tokunbo’s cousin asked. Dolapo gave her one kind look that could make a snail withdraw into its shell.

“The doctors said it is 50-50. But first she has to be treated out of coma.” Dolapo explained. From the pavement into the top floor, they could hear struggles outside the gate.

“What’s going on?” Dolapo asked. Her friends all looked on with confusion written on their faces. The struggles finally died and about twenty students walked towards them. Dolapo could recognise some of them as Tolani’s course mates.

“Good morning.” A guy stepped forward. Dolapo bent low as a sign of greeting.

“We want to see Tola.” He said.

“Please who are you?” Charity in her ever rude manner asked.

“We are all her course mates. I am the rep.” The guy replied. Charity looked at Dolapo to reply them.

“Am sorry, you can’t see her. She is in a critical condition, but….” Her voice trailed off. Tokunbo hugged her and whispered

“You have to be strong, she’ll make it.”

“I can help you get her mum. You can drop your messages.” She continued.

“But, I think I can follow you in there to see her.” The course rep said. Dolapo wanted to refuse him but the pleading eyes of the other members of the class and Tokunbo’s expression changed her mind.

“Come with me.” She said and led him into the first reception where they climbed the stairs to the third floor and took the first turning by the left towards the ICU. Dolapo quickly took her eyes off Darasimi who was still squatting but this time in front of her chair and sobbing.

A group of people, about three were crying at the extreme of the waiting room. They are the relatives of the guy who died a few minutes ago.

“Mum, he came to check on Tola, he is her course mate. The rest are downstairs.” She explained pointing to the guy who by now was standing very close to the glass wall and staring at Tola as tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Thank you very much my son.” Tola’s mother said, but he was far away. He came round after a minute and announced his departure. Dolapo volunteered to see him off. And silently, they descended the stairs.

“Please our regards to her. We’ll come back.” A girl in her department said.

“This is a token from all of us.” She gave her a get well card and a bunch of flowers.

“Thank you very much.” Dolapo said.

They all left in the manner in which they had come, struggling to get past the gate and making jest of the security men. How she wished she could be this happy all day. With none of her loved ones dying or she afraid of death.

“Some people came to pack you things.” Tokunbo announced.

“Who are they?” She asked.

“A man who called himself Akpan and some policemen.” Tokunbo continued.

“I knew about it.” She said trying to smile but instead, tears rolled down.

“But how do you intend to write your exams?” Charity asked.

“Exams? I am less concerned. All I want to see is Tola getting back to her feet.”

“It will be double celebration by God’s grace. Tola will be fine and we’ll all pass our exams.” Tokunbo assured. Dolapo nodded her head slowly. How she wished God grants every of our wishes and prayers.

“I want to see her.” Tokunbo’s cousin said and Dolapo led them all up the stairs to the third floor.


Clement had more than enough on his plate and he has a limited time to empty the content of the plate. He would have thrown in off at once, but for the sake of his job, its sensitivity and the issues at hand, he had to go steadily. After a third try, Sylvester picked his call.

“Sly, aren’t you coming to work today?” Clement asked checking the time, it said 11:56am.

“I am currently in Benin. I received a tip on a guy and I felt tracing him all down will be instrumental to our investigation.” Sylvester explained.

Clement was begining to like Sylvester all over again. He believed that being relieved of his official head duties has really being helpful. Now that he works indirectly on someone else’s lead, he had the time to work extensively on cases unlike when he was the boss and the pressure on him was enormous.

“Who is the guy?” Clement asked.

“I was lucky to intercept a call from inside the khal corp and the guy. He is called Jay and the caller from Khal corp is Danger something something.” Sylvester replied. If there was something he loved about Sylvester, it was his ability with computers. He could sit down for five hours combining codes upon codes, dialling codes, network provider then come up with the live phone chat, provided he has had a working connection with the corp.

Unknown to the Khal corp, they had mistakenly dropped their number when they came looking for his wife and he had acted on instinct. Afterall his instinct and predictions were right. The name Danger rang a bell in Clement’s head but he knew better not to jump into conclusion.

“Are you alone on it?” Clement asked.

“I have my FBI team with me, as well as some policemen from Benin. But the problem now is getting a direct system from which I can get the location of Jay or that of his phone.” Sylvester explained.

“You know what? Send the combinate to me, I’ll get someone to work on it.” Clement said hanging up. He checked the file before him, Danger-kelv was bodly written on it. Now, he has promised Sylvester that he’ll help him look for a grand surveillance provider in Benin or any neighbouring city. He was not good with computers, his next available option was Ngozi, and time was not on his side. He decided to go to the ICT control room and give the assignment to some of the experts there. But first, he needed to know more about Danger-kelv.

He picked up his phone and saw about twenty missed calls. Who could be calling him at this time of the day. He was far from guessing right. Twelve calls from his wife and eight from her sister, Chidinma. He decided to call them later, but first he has to speak with Habeeb. While he was awaiting Habeeb’s arrival he took his time to scribble some things down. Then a knock sounded on the door.

“Come in.” He said even though he knew it wasn’t Habeeb. Because he won’t be resuming duty until twelve noon. The door was pushed open and a young female officer walked in.

“Excuse me sir.” She said shyly. He ignored her and continued writing. “Excuse me sir.” She repeated, this time tapping the table lightly. He flared up.

“How do you expect me to excuse you? Stand up and hug you or what? Excuse me sir. Its not until when I replied will you state your mission here.”

“Am sorry sir.” She went down on her knees as she started talking.

“You don’t need that.”

“Sir, it was a mistake. The devil’s handwork.” She said. He wanted to laugh, but thought against it. Devil’s handwork indeed.

“If you’ll permit me. I have an assignment to carry out now.” He said picking all the necessary files and headed for the door. He stopped in his tracks when he got to the door. “In case of next time, learn to say no. Sleeping with your boss doesn’t guarantee you of getting promotion.” He said and walked out.

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Habeeb walked into the hidden cell finding his way with the help of his flashlight. He unlocked the iron bars and click on the switch, the light flickered on. He stopped in his tracks when he saw the criminal seated on the chair.

“Habeeb!” Viktor said raising his swollen face up.

“Viktor! What are you doing here?” Habeeb asked in low tone, almost a whisper. Viktor wanted to reply him but decided against it. “I thought you already left the corp. So, how come you are arrested as a corp member?” Viktor took his time to explain all that Habeeb needed to know. How they went to release a harmful gas in one of the largest shopping complex in West Africa. How his pictures were taken before they were granted entrance, how orders came from the corp that he be killed. How Danger-kelv shot him, thinking he was dead, but he managed to escape. He was on a revenge mission against Danger- kelv when he was arrested by the soldiers and handed to the police for further investigation.

Habeeb was caught in a web, has the option of illegally releasing Viktor and risking his life or alerting the corporation and they’ll know how to get him out of the cell. The later seemed to be the best of ideas and he was ready to do it.

“So are you here to question me or help me?” Viktor asked.

“Remember you are no longer a member of the corp.” Habeeb replied.

“But you still are. Be prepared for your arrest then.” Viktor threatened. Habeeb’s jaw twitched, he knew it will definitely come to this. Even though he had concluded that he will alert the corporation and they’ll in turn device a means of esacape. But they are both aware of the fact that Viktor will be killed once taken out of the cell.

“I want you out of here or I won’t hesitate to give out your name.” Habeeb walked toward the door, clicked the switch and the light went off.


Clement was standing behind a young police woman who worked in the ICT hall.

“Amaka, have you gotten the right combinate?” He asked the lady.

“Not yet sir.” The lady, Amaka replied. He walked away from the lady’s station and walked towards a guy who wore a spectacle.

“Edgar, have you gotten a base- line connection?” He asked.

“In ten seconds please. Amakah, what combinate are you using?” Edgar, who was widely regarded as the wizard of the computer world inside the station.

“Alpha-charlie-zero.” Amakah replied. Edgar used the combinate on his computer and smiled broadly.

“Listen everybody.” He said. Everyone working on the assignment paused and faced him expectantly. “Combine, Charlie-Alpha-zero three times. Atk-36ph- gf44-333mmph that’s the surveillance base. Two location would be displayed. You could either get one or the two.” He said. The other listening to him did as he instructed on their respective system.

“Amakah, you should get two locations.” He said minimizing his computer page and standing up. He walked towards Amakah’s computer.

“Here it is.” He said as Clement came around and bent down to see what the computer was displaying.

“St Battaihas hospital around Akoka and Gaol five star hotel, Benin city.” Amakah called out. Clement jotten the two locations. And removed his phone to dial a number.

“Sly, the Jay of a guy is currently in Gaol hotel in Benin city.” Clement explained.

“Room 65.” Edgar added. Clement hunged up, gave some instructions to Edgar and Amaka before he exited the hall. He summoned a team of five junior officer and drove off towards the hospital. Maybe they are after Ngozi. He concluded.

****** *

Sylvester and his team approached the Gaol hotel, Benin city. They walked into the reception and approached the receptionist.

“Good morning.” Sylvester greeted.

“Morning sir. How may I help you?” The lady recpetionist asked.

“I am Agent Sylvester from the FBI.” Sylvester replied. On mentioning his name a guy who was also dressed in the same uniform with the lady receptionist came around to face Sylvester.

“Yes? State your mission here.” He said. Sylvester smiled, Nigerians are so proud and full of themselves.

“There is a man here, he is lodged in one of your rooms. He has a connection with the Khal corp and we are here to question him.” Sylvester explained.

“What’s his name?” The guy asked.

“I don’t know his name, but I think he is lodged in room 65 or so.” Sylvester replied. The lady receptionist clicked her computer and scanned the room and their occupants.

“Room 65 is occupied by a woman from Dubai.” The lady replied. One of the FBI agents who came with Sylvester approached the counter.

“Sir, I think the guy is making another call.” He said dropping a device which looked like a phone but performs a function which is thousand time bigger than what a phone could do. The following conversation takes place.

Jay: Hey Kelv.

Danger-Kelv: You called back?

Jay: yeah! There is a problem.

Danger-kelv: what problem? What’s going on?

Jay: our last conversation was intercepted by our enemies. Get away from wherever you are this minute, they are coming for you.

Danger-kelv: Come to think of it, the call was intercepted from Benin and traced from Lagos, meaning we are both at risk… The interception got disconnected and it was replaced with humming sound.

“Gosh! We need to find where this call was made.” Sylvester said to his boys. The people waiting to be attended to in the reception stood up in a bid to run away.

“Nobody moves.” Sylvester said to them. With the help of his phone he was able to pass some information accross to Clement.

“Get this building on a lockdown. No exit and no one enters.” He instructed as he matched off towards the elevator while some of his boys took the staircase.


Chidinma walked into the living room from the kitchen where she was cooking. She sighed when she saw her sister in the same state she had left her.

“Rachel, why are you acting all up?” She asked.

“Don’t you understand what I am saying? Clement cheated, he brought a lady home, slept with her, gave her my clothes.” Rachel cried.

“Agreed! Uncle Clement cheated, but we need to hear him out. I have a feeling something else is happening. Where is Akpan? He is nowhere to be found, what of your own car?” Chidinma asked. Rachel continued sobbing as Chidinma tried to console her.

“Remember the baby in there. Its not good for her, be cheerful even in times of difficulty so she can be healthy and happy after birth.” Chidinma said walking out of the living room.

“But Clement must pay for this. That useless girl will regret the day she was born.” She muttered as she fell into a deep sleep on the couch. Chidnma later dished the food and ate her post breakfast in the dining while Rachel slept on.


Sylvester pushed the door into room 65 opened and found a young woman probably in her early forties sprawled to the ground, blood ozzing from her nose. A mobile phone was blinking red beside her. At once he knew, Jay broke into this room and knocked out the poor helpless lady lodged in it, used her phone without thinking. But his question now is, did he know his call was being intercepted from the start?

The first call he made to Danger-kelv showed Gaol hotel, room 65. Meaning, he was in this room then. There are more mysteries to be unraveled. Sylvester tried giving the lady a mouth to mouth, but it didn’t come to fruition. He walked towards the front door and removed his phone to call Clement. Suddenly, his vision became blurr and he fell on his knees.

“What next?” The lady asked cleaining her nose with tissue paper.

“He will lead us out.” Jay said dragging an almost passing out Sylvester to his feet and pointing his gun on his head. The three of them walked into the elevator which came to a halt on the ground floor. Immediately, about ten different weapons were pointed at them.

“Drop your weapons or I kill him.” Jay threatened. The lady with a gentle and innocent eyes pointed her gun at the receptionist.

“Exits should be unlocked now.” She said. The receptionist made a call to the security men outside and instructed them as told. Jay dragged Sylvester with them until they got outside the hotel premises and Immediately he hopped into their car with the lady behind the wheel, he released his grip on Sylvester and allowed him to fall.

To be continued