All In A Circle Epilogue


Since Sylvester has been arrested and detained a week ago, there had been calls from the Canadian government calling for his deportation so he can face trial in his home country or better still put as his adopted country. He was a Nigerian born of Nigerian parents, but was born and brought up in Canada which automatically qualifies him as a card carrying member and the citizen of the country. The Canadian authority where Sylvester worked as a FBI before a treaty was signed between the two nations that allowed experts between FBI-Nigeria and FBI-Canada to move freely between the two countries to share ideas. And naturally, Sylvester decided to visit Nigeria during his holidays and a day before his scheduled return, the Nigerian authority called on the Canadian security council to extend his holidays to enable him work with the Nigeria police in their fight against terrorism. The Nigeria’s defence minister had already succumbed to the call and he gave the orders that Sylvester be released, but the powers that be, the highly rated officers in the force like detective Ngozi now turned Inspector Ngozi whom after her triumph at bringing down Danger-kelv cited some rules in the constitution which qualifies Sylvester as a citizen of Nigeria and therefore, she refused to grant the request of the government. This prompted the Canadian authority to charge Nigeria to the international court of Justice and as a result of this issue, all diplomatic relationship between the two countries were broken, Nigerians living in Canada were deported and vice versa, after which any Nigerian airline are not allowed to touchdown in any Canadian airport and vice versa. This infuriated the minister who called for the immediate dismissal of Ngozi from the force, but the quick intervention from the President ordered that Ngozi be reinstated, but the young lady hounourably tendered her resignation letter and the ICJ confirmed that the same right that Canada has over Sylvester is equal to that of Nigeria. And since he committed the offence in Nigeria as a Nigerian, he deserved to be tried on Nigerian soil, but the Nigerian government may decide to let him go to Canada and serve his jail term, that’s between the two countries. And Sylvester would be tried before a High court in Lagos the following day. Even though, he was allowed to enjoy some privilledges which he ought not to, the first was that, he was locked the same way he was arrested, nothing was collected from him except his belt, he was allowed to keep everything else except his mobile phone. He was placed in a cell that some hardened criminals will regard as home away from home. The white box given to him by Becky was still in his pocket and now, he was going to rip it open and nothing will happen, afterall, no one is interested in what it represents. He waited for a while and when a young coporal came around to serve him his food, Sylvester requested for a knife which after hesitation was given to him. The officer stood at a distance watching him place the knife somewhere in the middle of the box and with the right amound of pressure exerted, it ripped open and as if it has been compressed, a whitish substance flew out like dust and inhaling the substance, was enough reason for him to start coughing after which in two minutes he was bleeding from the nose and before medical help could arrive, he was dead already, same with the officer who gave him the knife. The aftermath of that event was unknown except that the Canadian authorities sent a private aircraft to Nigeria which was used to transport Sylvester’s corpse, with two delegates from the ministry of defence joined with the Nigerian ambassador to Canada graced his burial. **** – Ngozi pushed Clement’s wheelchair into the departures lounge at the Murtala international airport, Ikeja, Lagos a few days after everybody who were part of the struggle against terrorism were decorated and had titles conferred on them, by both local and international instituation. The nobel peace prize was given to Inspector Clement as he was also given a special send off party after his voluntary retirement from the force and Ngozi, and Sergeant Mike were both given the nobel peace prize too, but the second order after they had both left the force based on medical and personal issues. Its over a month now that Mike has been flown to philadelphia to undergo a surgery in his heart the bill footed by the Nigerian government, while Clement was also on his way to the United states of America alongside his mother to join up with Dolapo and his daughter, Amanda. Mrs Alice Obi Patrick was a few steps ahead of them, because, the thought of travelling to America was causing goose pimple on her face, he other son Kelvin was sentenced to fifteen years inprisonment in the United states after the world domineering country helped Nigeria discharge its Judicial duty. She just hoped she won’t set her eyes on Kelvin for the rest of her life because such a son was not even qualified to be a prodigal son, by the time he was released, he would have been indoctrinated into the US army. While Mrs Alice was sitting down in the air conditioned hall where other travellers were, Clement was sitting on his wheel chair which Ngozi bending down beside him. “I’ll sure miss you.” She said as tears ran down her cheeks. “Same here.” He replied trying to conceal his sadness with a smile which he was doing a bad job at. And with the event of the past month where Ngozi professed her love for Clement and her desire to settle down with him, Clement clearly made her understand that, even if they got married, they won’t be able to have any more kids which Ngozi claimed that since they had Amanda, she is satisfied, even if she is not the bilogical mother. “And I will always remember you as the best friend and the only person who took me through a lot and taught me so many things.” She stammered. “I love you.” She said and moved her face towards his. “I love you too.” They locked lips and several other travellers were clapping and taking pictures. Just then their flight was announced. “Victoria will be out in five months, please do me a favour of picking her up from the prison and making her feel settled down. I will make someone process her travelling papers so she can move over to the US.” He explained. “And please, Ngo, remain strong. You have a very bright future, don’t be distracted, the right man will come.” This time, he couldn’t help it as he bursted into tears. Mrs Alice seeing that they are causing a scene quickly intervened. “My dear, thank you very much, I will forever be grateful for all you did for us. And please, do everything he asked you to. Try and pick Victoria up when she gets out. Its nice meeting you.” She said hugging a weeping Ngozi. She gave Clement one last kiss on the lips for the last time before she turned back to leave. After covering a little distance, she turned back. “My regards to Dolapo and little Amanda.” Ten minutes later, the American bound Arik airline took off from the shores of Nigeria and Clement had every reason to look forward to seeing his daughter and his return to the country where he was trained extensively to become a policeman which landed him in his current health state. There is no point crying over spilt milk, afterall HE LOVED HIS JOB. ~THE END