Agyemang Episode 9


This was definitely not looking good in anyway. Joe, Joan, Esther and my mother under my roof. This is definitely going to be the worse day of my life.
I don’t know how Joe and Joan got together but at that very moment, I wasn’t ready to find out. I needed to be ready for what was about happening. My mother joined the party as soon as I let Joan and Joe in.
“Joan, what are you doing here? You didn’t tell me you were coming to the city, we would have come together if I had known” She asked. 
“Sorry mum, I was invited by this gentleman here”, she answered making reference to Joe.  Well, Joe was around when I first hooked up with Joan, little did I know that he had already taken her contact without my knowledge. 
The room was filled with tension and as at then, the only plan I could come up with was for me to hit them with blames, I rather sat  there watching them scare the hell out of me. 
“Mum, its good you are here. Maybe this is the time I need to clear up everything with you all but before then, Mum, there is something I need to tell you and I need you all to listen to me very carefully. I am a potential king and trust me I take no delight in that but you must also understand that I am a man capable of taking and making my own decisions. Mum, I left home because of our customs. It’s not my thing and not even Christ like” I said. 
I noticed the look on her face. She was getting furious as I began pouring my heart out to them. I knew her silence wasn’t going to end well but she also needed to respect my feelings so I completely ignored. 
“…and moreover I don’t want to be a king. I want to be me and live a life of my own, just like anyone else that’s why I came here and though I don’t want to admit it, I had fallen in love with someone I can’t be in love with. Joe, I don’t know how you will understand this but I am in love with your girlfriend.” I couldn’t believe myself saying this. 
I was actually in love with Esther. I was  in love for the first time without even knowing. Joe just looked at me, I could see how hurt he was but his words never came out. When he couldn’t bare it any longer, he just left the room without a word.  I could sense tension rising gradually as my mother couldn’t just accept what I was saying. 
“You have really disappointed me Agyemang! Because of this brat, you have denied your throne and even looked down on your supposed wife. Is this what you came here for? Is this why you left home?” My mother asked all these questions without waiting for answers. She really looked disappointed to the extent that it even made me feel guilty.
I knew she was over reacting but there was nothing wrong with what I did. Is it wrong for me to be in love with someone?
I guess this was why I shouldn’t have gotten myself intimately involved with Joan in the first place. How was I supposed to know her plans. 
“Mum, can you just reason with me?” I asked.  
“Don’t ever call me your mother again. You refuse to be my son that very moment you left home. I don’t even know what I am doing here. Joan, let’s get out of here”. She said and left the house. I tried stopping her but my mother was that type of person that once she puts her mind to something, it will only take a miracle to change her mind. 
“Don’t even dare to stop me, and tell that woman of yours that I will be back for my property,” she said making reference to Joan’s mother. 
Surprisingly, Joan looked very sober. I could also tell she was sad but for her to keep quiet over all these meant a lot. 
Before she could join my mother outside, I grabbed hold of her and decided to manipulate her. Esther on the other just stood completely speechless and watched on as my family drama unfolded. 
“Joan, if you really love me and understand what love really is, why won’t you just talk to my mother and let her understand that there can be nothing happening between us.” I said this but  little did I know, that I was actually worsening my case. 
She watched me and shook her head. Even with her looks, you could tell what she was actually thinking of. “what do you want me to say Agyemang, this is just the beginning, you will know how it feels like when you lose everything you ever loved and cherished. And let me warn you, when  that moment comes and you come in looking for me, You won’t find me,” She said and left as well. 
Her words sounded strange and even with what she said, I had a feeling that all what was happening was becausing of her mysterious and superstitious curse. As If I really care, all I wanted was to be with Esther and my unborn child. 
Something that kept bothering me was how I fell in love with Esther. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, neither was I having any reason. Now I was left alone with her. I wanted to make everything right but everything was just about to change. 
“How come you never told me you love me Agyemang?” She asked.  I took her hand and even with my grip I could feel how soft her hand was. I began reading meaning into everything she did and even with the question she asked. Was it that she is also in love with me? I thought. 
“I didn’t know how love felt like until I realized the need to be with you” I said. Esther didn’t understand what I meant by that, she ended up getting upset. 
“Oh I see, so all you need was to get someone pregnant so it will give a reason enough for you to fall in love with the person. For a moment, I thought you were the one, but now I have even regretted for being in love with you” She said and decided to leave. 
This was not how I wanted it, it sounded pleasing to my ears to hear her say she was in love with me but I didn’t like the fact that she thought I loved her because of the baby. She was trying to leave, I got hold of her preventing her from going. I wanted to use her weakness against her thus give her a kiss. She like being kissed aggressively.  I don’t know what came over me, I tried forcing my way through but she kept resisting me. I lost control that she fell heavily down in the process. 
“Oh my God, What have I done? Those were the only words I could say and the next thing I realized was that she bleeding profusely from her vaginal region to her thighs. 
To be continued.