Agyemang Episode 4


I didn’t know where she came from or how she got there. “What the hell is going on here” Jacky’s mother shouted as she stood at the door staring at us. 
What have I gotten myself into, she had caught me right in the act. Jacky all of a sudden began crying and quickly ran to her mother as if I was actually trying to rape her. 
“Mum, he came onto me” she said in tears. 
“What, Agyemang how could you” Her mother said. 
I didn’t know what to say, it was my word against her’s and from where I stood one would  know that things were not in my favor. The only thing I could think of was to escape, after all, they were both not aware of where I was residing . I quickly rushed out from the living room, used the back door and left the premises. 
I never knew what happened when I left. I never turned back but I could hear from behind that her mother was aggressively calling me but I just couldn’t risk it. No matter how I would have explained myself, she would have  definitely sided with her daughter. 
I took a cab and headed straight home making sure no one was after me. My phone began ringing; the calls were all coming from Jacky’s mother. I quickly switched  off my phone afterwards. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was scared and kept looking through the window to see if they were actually  able to locate my apartment.  I went in and took a shower quickly and just when I came out from the bathroom. I heard  someone banging my door. 
Who could that be? I was so sure that it was Jacky’s mother until I heard a male voice calling out my name. It was Joe; I wondered what he was actually doing at my end at that late hour. When I needed him to talk to earlier on, he was telling me  he was busy and now he was here. What could possibly be his motive of coming to this place in the first place?
He kept banging the door, as if someone was after him. I  had no option than to go and open the door for him. He was covered in sweat and it appeared that he had been crying all along.
“Hey, it’s everything alright? You have been drinking again, am sure? I said it. 
When it comes to Joe, you can expect anything. As soon as I set my eyes on him, I thought he was drunk. Even when I called him earlier on his voice was totally shaking. There was no doubt that he has been drinking. 
“Agyemang, how could you? How could you just ignore a friend when she needed you most” Joe said. 
I was so confused. What was he talking about? Joe was really acting strange. 
“What is going on Joe, and who are you even talking about? I asked him. 
“Don’t pretend, When was the last time you heard from Emy? Are you not aware she has been admitted at hospital? Joe revealed. 
I was so surprised on  hearing the news. “Oh what do you mean, Emy was here 3 days ago and I personally saw her off. Ever since ,I have been trying her line but to no avail. This must be one of your jokes right? I asked. 
Joe looked at me and the only thing he could do was to shake his head. “So you really don’t know. I blame you, it’s all your fault” he said.
At this point I was totally getting furious with the attitude of Joe. I had already had a long day and the last thing I needed was definitely not what Joe was doing. 
“Look, I really don’t have time for this, if there is nothing you want to say, just leave” I said. I didn’t mean it anyway but I knew Joe very well and I knew by saying that, I could actually get everything I wanted to hear out of him. 
“Yes I will go, but I still blame you for everything.” He said. 
“What are you even talking about at all? Is everything ok with you? Tell me, what’s wrong with Emy? I desperately asked. 
“Are you really going to pretend that you didn’t hear of Emy’s accident on her way home from your place and has been admitted all this while?” He said. 
I was just stunned by what he said. That was too much for me to handle in just a day. “What? How, when…where….? I asked as I couldn’t just accept the news from Joe. 
“Take me to the hospital right away, I want to see her, no wonder her phone has been off all this while” I said.  I began blaming myself already. If it wasn’t for me, all this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Emy wouldn’t have visited me if it wasn’t for that girl Joan. 
Speaking of Joan, I began to wonder if everything had to do with her. I didn’t see myself believing in those superstitions and her so called curses. It wasn’t really my fault anyway and she couldn’t blame me for that. 
“Take me to the hospital right away” I demanded as I quickly started dressing up.
“Hmm, Agyemang, there is no need, it’s too late” Joe said. 
“What do you mean it’s too late? I want to see her right away. If you don’t want to come along, just tell me which hospital she is” I asked. 
Joe just shook his head  and tears came down from his eyes. I knew there was something wrong right at that moment. 
I couldn’t control myself; I held Joe by his shirt. “Tell me what is going on, give me the name of the hospital” I furiously asked. 
“ I’m sorry Agyemang, the accident was too fatal… Emy gave up the ghost ” Joe said. 
To be continued Tomorrow.