Agyemang Episode 2


I just got stunned by her words and stood there speechless. I thought I had run away from my past but everything seemed to be coming back to me. No matter how far I go or where I go, they always have a way of tormenting my life with their fetish and superstitious believes. 
I left my village over a year ago without anyone knowing. My mother, the queen mother of “Dawiri” in the Brong Ahafo Region had been grooming me to inherit my late father who was the king. I am the rightful heir to the throne and the one and only Prince of Dawiri. Royal blood runs through me but I never dreamt of a life like that. 
Who wouldn’t want to be in my place, as prince and the future king, I had everything at my beck and call. I had servants and vast lands at my disposal but the customs led me out. My father had tribal marks all over his body and even in his death, the elders put beads around his waist. 
 Even with this, I was hated by my father’s brother, thus my uncle just because he wanted to be the king after my father’s death. Left to me alone, he would have been king because  I didn’t  care but my mother wouldn’t allow it.  Knowing how dangerous he could be when I was  around, I decided to flee from the village and start a new life. 
Joan on the other hand just surprised me, she didn’t look familiar in anyway, neither did she look like someone from Dawiri. I never saw this coming. I had to get rid off her as soon as possible. I didn’t want to be king. I just wanted to be on my own and live my own life. 
Whew!! I got saved by the bell. Just when Joan revealed herself, Pastor Joshua had a call and that was my narrow escape. I quickly grabbed her hand and left the church premises in a haste. I rushed home with her and locked the door behind me. 
“Tell me what happened there was a joke, who are you? I asked. 
“My prince, I’m from the house of Odu, a clan near Dawiri. My father, Nana Koo, was your late father’s best friend.” She said. 
I knew Nana Koo, he was one annoying old man who always joined my family every full moon for supper as custom demanded. I never liked his company because he was too old and a talkative. Notwithstanding his old age, he always ate like a young glutton. He finished every meal that was given to him and even had room for more if he had the opportunity. The worse part was, with few teeth in his mouth, he made funny noises  when eating.  It was so disgusting. 
I knew him very well and I knew he had a daughter abroad whom I had never set my eyes on. My mother was always like; “someday Nana Koo will be your father-ln-law”. 
“I just came from abroad last month and according to my father, It was my duty to bring my groom home.” She continued. 
How did she find me in the first place and besides, I don’t love her and I can’t marry her. I am not even ready to marry anyone. I got scared when she revealed herself. She knew me for real and I was surprise that she actually accepted the customs of our land.  I had a plan but in the meanwhile, I decided to play along. 
“hmm, I see, anyway how is my mother doing? I asked. 
“My Prince, she is very fine, now that you know who I am and my mission, can we go back to your throne” She said. 
I may be playing along but hey, that seemed like a rush. I had already texted Emy to show up and free me from this mess. She was already on her way.  I had to come clean and make sure Joan got the idea of me being her husband out of her head. 
“Erm Joan, I believe in traditions but I have my own life to live, I can’t go back. I have a life to live here and I’m happy with  it” I said. 
“You don’t understand do you? You can still live your life the way you want to, all you have to do, is to go back with me to the village, we get married and then your coronation, then you can come back here and live your life” She said. 
“That is what you don’t understand; I don’t want to be king neither do I want to marry you. I don’t love you. I have someone in mind already and as a matter of fact, she is already on her way here.” I said. 
I had to frame something up just to get a good reason to get her off my back. From her facial expression I noticed she was hurt by what I said. 
“You don’t mean it, what about last night, I was in your bed, you took my virginity. You are the first man I have been with, does that not mean anything to you? She said. 
Eish, so she was a virgin, how was I suppose to know that? Besides, I only bought her a drink, we flirted and then we ended up in bed, which virgin will do that.  She must be joking. Joan was acting so serious about this whole thing. 
“Look, last night I thought we were all having fun, we are both adults with mutual consent. It wasn’t like I raped you or something.” I said. 
Then a knock came from the door, I quickly rushed to open it. Just the one I was expecting, Emy had arrived.
“I suppose she is the one you are talking about” Joan asked. 
“You are right, that’s the one I love. Joan, I am sorry, you need to go back to the village without me” I said.  She looked at me as I stood with Emy. 
“Fine, I will leave” She said and went straight to the kitchen. She came back with an egg, took of her dress and her bra leaving her half naked. 
Emy and I stood there wondering what she was up to. She then held the egg close to her mouth and said
“Agyemang, my betrothed husband and of god Dawiri, I call onto you to do your will. Agyemang, you shall never know peace until you see the essence of a woman’s virginity” She cursed me. Just when I wanted to stop her, she smashed the egg on the floor. She quickly wore her dress and rushed out. 
To be Continued Tomorrow.  
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