Agony Of Love ∼Episode 16


Even though Lydia suggested we going to see the school nurse, i couldn’t, she would never believe me but think i was making it all up. And everyone knew how close i was to Miss Bansah’s family. I decided to tell Miss Bansah myself about the rape issue. I didn’t want to go home with her but went to her office and narrated the whole incident to her. She looked at me for almost an hour without saying a word.
” this is a serious accusation you are charging against my husband.” She said.
“How can your father rape you. What kind of disgrace are you bringing to my family. After all the good things i did for you. You turn around and come to tell me that my husband has raped you. What at all do you have that i his wife doesn’t have.
I was silent and couldn’t say anything . At that moment, i wished I had never come to tell her.
” who else have you told about this” she shouted.
” no one except you” l lied.
” get up”! She shouted and i got up, she asked me to follow her. She took me straight to the headmaster’s office and asked me to tell him exactly what i had told her. I was shivering seriously. Our headmaster was a very strict man and even some teachers were afraid of him.
” miss Bansah says you have something to tell me, say it he said. If i had listened to Lydia’s advice, i wouldn’t have to be here. Tears welled up in my eyes even as i stood there. If i didn’t say the truth, Miss Bansah would think that i made it up and if i said it too what was going to happen. I finally narrated the whole incident in tears to the headmaster, who was shocked at it. He sat me down and asked me again if what i was saying was really true and i replied yes
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” this is a police case, we need to file a report” he said.
” but what shows that this brat here is not lying. We need solid evidence, we need to hear from my husband too. She pleaded
” i cannot take the law into my own hands, the police would do that. He said
” how about we settle the issue here and not involve the police” Miss Bansah said
” if your husband is innocent, he would be proved right and if this girl is lying, she would be expelled so keep calm.
The headmaster left his desk and made a phone call and within thirty minutes the police arrived in their van. I was once again asked to narrate my story while the police officer wrote it down vividly. I was then asked to follow them in their van to go to the hospital for a medical check up. When people saw me entering the van, they thought that i had committed a crime. I went to the hospital with the Headmaster and Miss Bansah. The result came back positive proving that i had been raped. The doctor asked that i am put on admission due to the injuries i had suffered. Miss Bansah couldn’t control herself she was wailing with her hands over her head while the headmaster calmed her down.
An arrest warrant was issued and Mr. Bentil was arrested. When i got back to school, news of what had happened spread through school. No one wanted to associate with me. Everyone thought i was making it up. The headmaster commended me for my bravery in reporting the matter. My relationship with Daniel ended on the rocks. He didn’t want anything to do with me. He said that i was a whore and i had seduced Mr. Bentil to sleep with me. He was his best friend.
Miss Bansah apologized to me later. She had never believed that her husband raped me until all her maids appeared on the say of his hearing in court.
To be continued….