Agony of Chioma Final Episode 81




chioma arrived itolu the next day, she left Derek with amaka so he wouldn’t be a distraction to her. She entered her uncle’s compound with an angry face and saw her uncle’s wife sitting outside the house..

“good morning aunty”

“chioma good morning, how are you??”

“am fine, is uncle at home??”

“noo he went to see someone but he will soon be back.. Hope you have heard the good news”

“what good news??”

“a much responsible man is asking for your hand in marriage”

“and what does that means, that Jake wasn’t responsible?? Pls I don’t want your contribution in this situation, you are just newly married into this family so mind your objectives as a wife” chioma said angrily

“do you realize that am like a mother to you and amaka and you have no right to talk to me in that manner” she scolded while chioma looked away. Soon her uncle entered the compound.

“ahha chioma you are already here, how are you??”

“am fine uncle” she responded with a straight face

“oluchi how are you, why is your face like this?” Mr olugo asked his wife

“nothing, am fine”

“hmm if you say so chioma come and sit down we have many things to talk about. I heard your marriage with that doctor didn’t work out”

“yes and am going back to Jake. He is the real man for me and nothing can stop us from being together”

“(surprised) chioma are you insane or what?? Ever since my brother and his wife died and I have been taking care of you I haven’t lay my hands on you, don’t force me to do that. Your parents will be disappointed at you where ever they are. Jake’s chapter is closed and I don’t want to hear anything about that cursed family. Kelvin is the real man that will take care of you, don’t worry you will see him this evening”

“uncle am not interested in marrying Kelvin, my pastor told me that Jake is the person am destined for and our marriage will work out this time around since some stumbling blocks has been removed”

“am highly disappointed in you but I want to tell you something, I don’t care whatever your pastor said but my decision is final you are getting married to Kelvin mind you all arrangement has been made now get inside” her uncle commanded while she slowly went inside. The problem chioma had was the fear of her uncle, he is well respected in the community for his integrity and strictness.

That evening by 6pm three mighty vehicle drove into Mr olugo’s compound, an officer bounced out of the first vehicle and went to open the door of the second vehicle which was a G-wagon while a foreign creature majestically came out of the vehicle. The third vehicle contain some group of chiefs who also came out one after the other…

“good evening Mr olugo” Kelvin greeted politely with a smile showing his dimples clearly

“evening Kelvin, you are welcome to my home pls come inside”

“that won’t be necessary sir, I just came to see my wife and probably take her out for discussion. Meanwhile my dad said I should inform you that he had an urgent meeting to attend to in Ghana and would be coming back tomorrow”

“OK no problem with that… Chioma!!! Chioma!!!” her uncle called while she snubbed coming out of the house slowly looking so unkempt

“yes you called me”

“won’t you greet your visitors beside why are you dressed in this manner” her uncle questioned

“hi chioma” Kelvin said waving at her

“hi” she replied with a fake smile

“you see chioma your husband is going to take you out for discussion, I would like you to go inside change to something good and follow him immediately” her uncle commanded while she shrugged and obeyed. She got dress and was ready to go with the aim of turning kelvins mind against her.

She and Kelvin entered the same vehicle, sitting beside each other. She was mean throughout the journey while Kelvin studied her with little fear in him. They arrived at a very big mansion which belongs to Kelvin, chioma was guarded to a chamber and supplied with all sort of refreshment and much comfort.

Kelvin showed up fifteen minutes later with a classy Italian suit coupled with Italian shoes Gucci precisely. Kelvin was really handsome, he was kinda fair in complexion and of average height coupled with his charming dimples and his hair cut filled with waves. He had an earring on his right ear

“hope you are feeling good??” he asked in a fearful tune

“am not feeling good at all.. I don’t want to marry you, for God sake am married with a son. Many single girls are out there, go and get one to marry and leave me alone”

“hahahahahahahahaha” he laughed out loud surprising chioma

“why is he laughing” she taught inwardly

“I like your facial expressions while you were talking. You look so beautiful and I like you. I know so many girls are out there for me but I want you, cmon I gat all the money in the world I will so so take care of you”

“I don’t care, I don’t want to marry you… I hate you”

“I love you… Cmon let’s talk, I would want us to have our wedding at New York, honey moon at Dubai and finally settle down at UK what do you think??”

“pls Mr Kelvin I want to go home see you some other time” she said heading to the exit of the chamber

“you are behaving uneasy, I have no problem with that all I know is you are my wife. Tomorrow am coming to take you out for shopping” he said escorting her outside the chamber.

Chioma was taken back home by Kelvin’s driver and two of his guards. Immediately she got home she went to preparing to leave the next day for her job but her plans were terminated by her uncle who told her that Kelvin does not want his wife to work for anybody.

Mr olugo made sure he monitored chioma’s movement to prevent her from running away. Kelvin and his guards later showed up later in the day to pick her for the shopping. Kelvin did all his best to impress her by spending more that a million for her shopping but it got her more annoyed.

Days passed, chioma had given up on her new job. She was really angry and felt like killing her uncle, to her he was gradually destroying her future. No one was in support of her as everyone was persuading her to marry Kelvin.

Finally she had no option than to agree to marry Kelvin and of course she had no iota of love for him. Kelvin did the necessary things he needed to do concerning her bride price and a very big traditional marriage while she was asked to move in with him

“uhmm our wedding will be coming up in two weeks time at Abuja hope the location is OK by you” he asked adjusting his night robe while chioma snubbed him and continued operating on her iPad

“(sigh) pls keep the device let’s have time together” he said climbing on the bed and grabbing chioma

“hey Kelvin leave me oooo leave me” she shouted trying to struggle out of the bed

“cmon you are my wife” he said holding her firm and removing the iPad from the bed. Chioma gave him a head booth to the mouth bursting his lips

“arrhhgg” he groaned in pain releasing her while she ran out of the room.

Chioma went to the sitting room downstairs with great fear in her, suddenly her phone started ringing with an unknown number calling.

“hello who is speaking” she asked with a fidgeting voice

“it’s me Jake… Are you alright??”

“Jake am not alright at all, am in serious bondage in the name of marriage”

“calm down, what exactly is the problem??”

“he wanted to have his way with me but I refused and injured him now I don’t know what’s likely to happen to me… Jake I want to be with you, I don’t like kelvin”

“chioma it’s OK, just try to be alert I will be coming to ENUGU in few days time”

“OK… No problem” she said and ended the call immediately while Kelvin was seen coming down from the stairs ..

“am sorry, I don’t mean to hit you” she said going on her kneels on seeing the hard expressions on his face…

“you had the guts to hit me, I married you as a wife and you are stopping me from having sexx with you….” he said bringing out a pistol gun from the robe he was wearing

“(scream in fear) pls don’t shoot me, I will do anything you are of me plz” she pleaded

“now move upstairs” he commanded showing her the way with the gun. He continued following her till they got to his room…

“unclad and lie on the bed, you are my wife and am not doing anything wrong” he commanded and chioma obeyed immediately. He unclad moving close to her on the bed while she closed her eyes tightly with hot tears pouring out

Kelvin got to a point and slammed his gun to the wall…

“I hate this, I wasn’t Brought up in this manner but you are forcing me to do this. For God sake am your husband what do you want again?? Ok fine maybe because we haven’t done the white wedding but I promise you the wedding is sure, chioma what do you need again money, mansions, cars, what exactly is your problem”

“I love jake, pls let me go… I don’t want to marry you” she said with tears while Kelvin left her in frustration


Chioma was seen by the pool side in the compound crying herself out when Kelvin sighted her and went to meet her…

“hey my dear stop crying. Ok am sorry for what happened last night I mean I won’t disturb you again” he said removing her hood and patting her at the back.. Some minutes later her phone peeped and she saw a bank alert of 10million Naira, she looked at Kelvin surprisely

“Yea… That’s a compensation for what I did last night am sorry” Kelvin said expecting a reply from her but she turned her face away. He brought out his phone and typed some things and chioma received another alert of 10million naira in her second account..

“how do you feel now??”

“(smiles) kelvin it’s OK don’t send me money again, I haven’t exhausted the last 5million you sent me… No problem I have heard you”

“thanks dear can you give me a kiss??” Kelvin asked politely while she hesitated before kissing him gently.

Few days later Jake called chioma that he was in town and she should try to find a way to meet him at nsukka in tello his cousins house. She tried all her best to go alone but Kelvin insisted that she must go with a guard. Jake was so happy to see her and they both had good time together, she wished she could stay with him forever

Before she left, she made a plan with Jake to kiss her outside in front of the guard and also come to visit her the next day. Their plan went according as the guard was filled with anger seeing another man kissing his boss wife…

“sir I have something to tell you??”

“obinna what is it???”

“madam your wife actually went to visit a man today and spent six hours. As if that wasn’t enough the both of them were kissing in my presence” obinna narrated

“you don’t mean what you just said???”

“Hmmm sir am very sure and I mean it”

“how sure are you that isn’t the man called Jake she has been dying for”

“I don’t know about that but with the way they did things together they had known for ages. Boss I think you should eliminate that man I have his address and his picture, this is the kind of man that can snatch away people’s wife”

“that’s enough obinna I will look into the matter by tomorrow” Kelvin said and left…

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“hey chioma who was the man you were kissing earlier today?? ” Kelvin asked angrily

“oh Jake!!! That’s my husband, is anything wrong with that??” she asked while Kelvin gave her a dirty slap

“what nonsense husband?? You can kiss that irresponsible man but hardly kiss me and I know you gave him sexx… What wrong with you”

Chioma stood up angrily and sighted a bottle of champagne close by, she quickly grabbed it and scattered it on kelvins head…

“I hate you and I don’t want to marry you. I love Jake, he is my husband and the father to my son” she shouted on Kelvin who was fighting for his life as his face was partially torn and bleeding heavily”

“(sobbing) ahh” he said trying to stand up but his face and eyes were already covered with blood

“help!!! Help!!!!” chioma shouted running out of the room

That night Kelvin was taken to the hospital and first thing the next morning chioma’s belongings were packed while she was taken back to her uncle’s house. Her uncle was really mad and angry at her that he sent her away from the house, even amaka asked her not to come to her house and also promised to bring Derek to her wherever she was.

She had no other option so she went to meet Jake at his cousin house and explained everything to him while his cousin accepted them. Finally when it was time for Jake to go back to Lagos he took chioma along and also requested for his child.. Derek was brought to Lagos and was now staying with his parents.

Everyone abandoned chioma including her own blood sister but that wasn’t a problem for her as she moved on with her life. She used all the money she got from Kelvin to help Jake get back his license for practising medicine but his hospital was closed up.. They kept managing life through little jobs chioma was doing as nurse and Jake was also getting little income from a health centre where he was working, they had also given birth to another child a female and was named after her mother Dora.

Cindy got married to a young well and doing man three years later and she is already a mother of two boys(twins) and she is happily married.


“ding dong” the door bell sounded

“mum!! Someone is at the door” Derek said concentrating on his video games

Chioma came out of the kitchen and headed to the door

“good afternoon” she greeted the man she saw at the doorstep

“afternoon madam pls am here to see Mr Jake madu, I was asked to deliver this to him”

“OK he is not around now but am his wife I will keep it for him”

“OK, you have to sign here” the man said giving her a booklet while she signed it and collected the envelope

“thank you”

“have a nice day” the man said and left

“mum who was that????”

“sweetheart it’s a man from a delivery company”

“OK mum… When is dad coming back??”

“soon and you know he won’t be happy seeing you playing games instead of reading your books”

“but am done with my assignments”

“OK go and read your books, I will ask questions and if you fail no more ice creams”

“ok” he said and left the sitting room…..

“what’s this, should I open it???….let me even see what’s inside” she said opening the envelopes and broughtout a letter which read

“Congratulations Mr Jake Neto Madu, you have been offered a job as a medical doctor at UC Davis hospital California. All expenses has been taken care of including your family, you are expected to start processing your documents and report to the hospital in two weeks time…”

“oh my God, you are so good…. Am so happy thank you lord jesus so finally am going to California…. Jesus I love you” she sang in happiness

“mum!! Why are you singing and dancing?? Dora is already awake”

“we are leaving the country soon to California, God has answered our prayers”

“so we will now live in California???”

“yes sweetie….clap for Jesus”

Jake came back home later in the day with a broad smile….

“welcome my love”

“thanks dear”… “Guess what???” they asked in unison

“Hahaha you have a surprise too” Jake asked

“yes oooo we are going to California”

“exactly what I wanted to tell you” Jake said in excitement

” a letter was delivered here thank God, am so happy” chioma said hugging Jake

“same here dear….how is my prince and my little angel”

“all fine, they are already asleep” she said while Jake carried her and gave her couples of romantic kiss

“I love you”

“love you too”

“I love you”

“love you more”

“haha… Funny you”

Jake and chioma lived happily together with their two kids in California and enjoyed their marriage like never before, to them they were the best couple on earth……..


Story By Konani

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