Agony of Chioma Episode 56



Jake entered the the building of the laboratory where he saw a receptionist operating a monitor.

“Good afternoon”

“how may I help you sir”

“I would like to run some test”

“ok what test would you like to run”

I reluctantly brought out the paper where chioma wrote the test and gave it to the lady. After she scanned it she looked at me, looked at me again before clearing her throat

“are you going into a force or a mission??” she asked

“that’s non of your business just carry out the test”

“for the X-ray one such as ECG, gastrointestinal tract, renal biopsy we don’t do that here. You need to go to where X-ray is done”

“ok just do the ones you can do”

“lets get to work” the lady said bringing out a syringe

About ten minutes later she was done with everything she needed.

“whats your name”

“jake madu”

“how old are you”

“am twenty”

“Sir your bill is 22,800”

“you have POS here”

“sure…your card”

Jake typed in his password on the POS machine. Few minutes later the lady gave him his receipt and ATM card back.

“OK, your test is numerous so everything will be out by tomorrow afternoon”

“ok no problem, I will be here tomorrow same time”

He left the diagnostic center and went in search for an X-ray diagnosis. After an hour he found one where the three scans were conducted and the result was to come out the next day. He was on his way to his vehicle when a call came into his phone.

“Paulo howfar na”

“Jake my guy where you dey na, am outside chioma’s compound now”

“you went to look for me there???”

“mad man, we came to visit her so I took excuse to come and see you”

“oh you and chim.. Should I come there”

“you wan die,?? Her uncle is around oooo”

“ you never hear, just wait there am in Enugu but am coming immediately”

“I will be waiting for you”

He ended the call, entered his vehicle and drove away.


Amaka, chioma and chim were having good time discussing IN the sitting room. Paulo who was outside the compound entered inside heading to the building while chioma’s uncle was dressed and about going out.

“uncle where are you going”

“I have a meeting with the road construction company”

“ok uncle go well”

“thank you, i will be back in the evening” he said and went out of the house

“good afternoon sir” Paulo greeted him while he was about to enter the house

“Paul how are you??”

“am fine sir”

“ok let me rush somewhere I will be back soon”

“ok sir”

Paulo entered inside the house and started clapping

“what’s wrong with this one” chioma said

“chioma you no be good person”

“how kwanu”

“so you and Jake are back together and nobody told me”

“is that true???” chim asked

“Hmmm we are not back together ooo it’s my uncle”

“hmm chioma keep lying ever since that day he came to see uncle you now have multiple joy” amaka her sister fired

“haba!! Sister???”

“busted haba!! Is regularly said by Jake Hmmm love is flowing” chim said

“but tell her to be careful with that guy oooo I don’t still trust him” amaka said

“that’s true but Jake is a changed person” Chim said

“wait wait how did it happen” Paulo asked

“we don’t know the juju he used for my uncle and he accepted him back” chioma said

“wow Jake finally succeeded in his mission.. That’s good of my boy” Paulo said sitting on a chair

“so chioma we came to your house and you couldn’t give us anything anyway we know say you are a stingy person” chim spoke out

“hey am not stingy, I want to cook rice so we could eat”

“wow, let’s get started na are we going to the market or you have everything here” chim asked

“hmm OK we will buy some things on the street” chioma replied

In no time she and chim went out to get few things they would use to prepare the food while amaka was in the kitchen preparing utensils for the cooking.

Paulo was the only one in the sitting room pressing his phone when a knock landed on the door..

“come in” paulo said only to see Jake coming inside

“senior man Jake the jerk”

“Sao Paulo Weldone sir”

“Abeg shake me joor you are an achiever”

“haha Abi. Where is everyone”

“your wife and my wife went to buy something, they want to cook” Paulo said while Jake sat on the one sitter chair close to him

“whose wife” amaka asked as she entered the sitting room

“good afternoon ma” Jake greeted chioma’s sister

“look at him forming loyal you too good afternoon sir”

“(smiles) am a loyal person”

“(coughing) it’s OK Abeg don’t use style to talk to me” amaka said picking up a magazine

Soon chim and chioma were back and surprised to see jake

“good afternoon” Jake greeted both girls

“ooooooo bia Jake what are you doing here, my uncle is not around ooo so anything I do to you now no one will help you out”

“I will help him out, Jake is my boy” Paulo said

“who is your boy?? Abi you are my son”


“wait Jake where are the test results, hmmm you are trying me ooo”

Jake moved to where she was sitting and tried to whisper something into her ear. She acted cool and listened while Jake told her that the test results will be out tomorrow

“good boy, now you are talking let your tomorrow be tomorrow”

“what’s this test of a things” her sister asked

“abi which one is test result again” chim asked

“it’s none of you guys business we are talking what concerns us”

“Hmmm ok ooo …lets leave the husband and wife to talk their issue Abeg” chim said while they all laughed

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Chim and chioma prepared the food with the assistance of Jake and Paulo as their server boys. About an hour later the food was ready while they all ate happily after the meal, they talked and played different games. It was clear to Jake and everybody that the family has accepted him back.

Later in the evening Jake volunteered to take everyone out.

“so guys why don’t we just chill out somewhere what do you think” Jake said

“hmm chioma what do you think” chim asked

“why are you guys looking at me??”

“eh na based on wife things na” Paulo said

“You are not serious, well we are filled up na, taking us out is pointless why don’t we just go for shopping” she said rolling her eyes

“Hia shopping kwa.. Chioma you want to wreck him” amaka her sister asked

“fine no problem am capable let’s go to shoprite” Jake said

“wow!!! Oya money making machine” chim hailed

“that’s my boy, you know that Rolex wrist watch that’s the first thing am taking” Paulo said

“he is capable so let’s get going” chioma said

In less than fifteen minutes chioma and amaka were fully dressed and they were all ready to go. In Jake’s mind he was the happiest man on earth, he quickly checked his GTB banks details and he had about #632,000 thousand so he decided to use the ATM because they can’t spend up to that.


they all alighted as soon as they got to shoprite which was at enugu. They entered the main building, everyone picking their basket…

“let’s go there” Jake said following chioma

“why are you following me, you should be doing your own shopping”

“let’s do ours together, so don’t you like that” Jake said pointing at a dress since they were in the female dress section

“Hmmm turkey gown, it’s dope let’s check it out”

The five of them were busy walking around and selecting what they needed. Chioma and Jake basket were filled up and Jake was still persuading her to pick more things.

They were finally done with the shopping while they decided to take pictures. Jake paid for everything they bought which was about 250,000 before they journeyed back home. They arrived itolu by eight after a hectic hold up, chim and Paulo were in a hurry to go back to enugu if they had known they would stay this late Paulo would have come with his car..

“Jake, chioma you guys have really made our day thanks so much and we are really happy for your reunion” chim said

“oh thanks dear, thanks to Jake too he made our day” chioma said smiling

“OK Yea… We would be on our way now, it’s already late Jake my man thank you very much” Paulo said

“OK Paulo and chim I will give you a call, save journey back home”

“OK bye, bye” Paulo said stopping a bike that was passing by


“see you” chioma said as the bike drove off

“Jake Jake my in-law thanks very much for today, you really tried”

“thanks amaka it’s my pleasure”

“Pls am begging you, pls don’t hurt my sister again, treat her like a queen and you will get the best from her”

“thanks amaka…. I will treat her more than a queen”

“very good, I will be going inside so when you are done meet me inside” amaka said and went inside

[soft romantic music? ?]

“(clearing throat) chioma hope you are happy”

“am feeling nice, thanks for everything” she said smiling

“you have no problem sweetheart”

“Hmmm… So you should be going now, it’s already late”

“Yea that’s true… Erm chioma I want to whisper something into your ear”

“OK what’s that”

Jake moved close to her ear breathed hot air into her ear before licking her ear. Chioma didn’t move or stop him probably she enjoyed it, jake attempted it again this time around she vibrated like an electric impulse ran through, the shoprite bags she was holding fell down. She held Jakes face while Jake also held her face while they started kissing and smooching like as if they were pro.

Few minutes later they were just looking at each other and smiling

“chioma I love you”

” I love you too dear” she replied

“good night sweetheart, I will give you a call” Jake said peaking her

“bye… Sweet dreams” she said going inside the compound.

Jake watched her as she entered into the main building before he turned back and entered his car

“oh… I love this girl like die, I can die for her. Am now once again a happy dude.” he said igniting his engine before driving away………

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to be continued…….