Agony of Chioma Episode 55


Jake was in a flight mood, his adrenaline was already active but was confused if he should run for his life or stay and prove that he is man enough. He took some steps backwards before getting prepared for what awaits him.

Suddenly some minutes later chioma’s uncle came out of the house with a plate probably containing something. He was surprised to still see Jake standing like a fearless man. He sat on a chair and placed the plate of kolanut on a table beside him.

“(clearing throat) seems you are fearless, I thought you would run because that is how coward boys like you do” he said looking at Jake

Jake immediately went on his kneels “Sir am not a coward, am a man enough just that I wasn’t with my right senses In the past but now am here to amend my mistakes”

“Hmmm I see…” Mr olugo said keeping silent for some minutes before continuing “your father Chief madu is my worst enemy and nothing will concern his family and mine so it’s better you stand up and leave”

“Sir yes I know my father is a bad man and he has done numerous things to you and even in the community but am not my father, am totally different from him and I have decided to stay away from him since he doesn’t want my joy”

“tell me what did you even like about chioma??”

“Sir I can’t really tell but there is this strong bond between the both of us. She is meant for me”

“(laughing) strong bond I see… Jake right?? I have forgiven you, I don’t have anything against you but your father so stand up and leave”

“thank you very much sir am really happy but Sir Pls do me one more favour”

“which is???”

“approve the relationship between chioma and I and I promise never to fail you or her”

“Hmmm… Stand up, come and sit here I can see you are a bit sensible than your father” chioma’s uncle said while Jake went to sit close to him with slight fear

“do you care for some” chioma’s uncle asked breaking the kolanut

“no sir thank you”

“Okk… You want me to give you the go ahead to date my niece?”

“exactly sir”

“hmm what’s your intentions towards her do you want to date her and later dumb her for another person?”

“no no not at all, as soon as I graduate from school, I want to marry her and we will make our home together”

“interesting, nice intentions but how am I sure you are not deceiving me”

“Sir I cannot deceive you, am saying exactly what I have in mind”

“Hmmm ok let me trust you but Pls I don’t want you to make chioma sorrowful or break her heart because if you do that… I don’t need to tell you what I will do to you”

“such thing can never happen sir”

“good I give you the approval, let’s wait for her to come back from the market”

“(smiling) thank you very much sir, am really grateful” Jake said in happiness

They kept on discussing about other things till chioma finally came back from the market. As soon as Jake saw her he rushed to help her with her market bag.

Chioma was d–n surprised to see Jake and her uncle discussing. “is this a dream” she asked inwardly while Jake approached her. She stared at him from head to toe before letting him carry the bag from her with a frowned face.

“uncle good afternoon”

“welcome chioma, hope you didn’t stress yourself much in the market”

“no oo… Uncle what’s he doing here??” she asked in a surprised manner..

“show him where to keep the bag first”

Chioma took Jake to the kitchen where he kept the bag.

“so you still had the mind to come here…..wait wait what magic did you do” chioma asked

“(smiles) let’s go outside” he muttered.

They got outside and her uncle told the both of them to sit down.

“chioma I know you are surprised, jake has asked for forgiveness and I forgave him. He asked me to approve your relationship again.. But I have a question for you…. Do you still love him ????”

“(frowning face and at the same time surprised if this was truly her uncle) I can’t answer that question for now, Jake come and go”

“well young man women will always be women. You know what to do to win her. I will leave you both now” her uncle said and entered inside….

The both of them were just staring at each other without talking. Joy over filled Jakes heart because he never knew things will turn out this way since he came to try his luck.

“your hair is beautiful” he broke the silence

“thank you” she replied after some minutes of silence

“seems you are still angry at me”

“Jake you know what just be going, the sun in the market was harsh and I really need to rest. We could see some other time”

“OK, I will be going now..” he said going out of the house “won’t you escort me??”

She reluctantly stood up and followed him. Jake held her hand while she forcefully disengaged. They got outside to where his car was parked

“how free are you tomorrow evening, I want us to go out and celebrate our coming together again with our friends” Jake said

“hey hey… Am not dating you, forget all those thing my uncle is saying maybe he is not in his right mind… Secondly don’t you ever touch me again or come to look for me, only God knows how many disease you have”

“cmon chioma disease?? I don’t have any, am not a leaper so why shouldn’t I touch you”

“you know what I can’t stand talking to you, who knows the disease you are already transmitting to me. Before you can talk to me I have to write down some test you need to run to be sure am not in danger”

“(rolling eyes) like seriously because I once had staph infection you are now using it against me fine” he said opened his vehicle brought out a book and pen.

“chioma take write any test you want me to run”

“(raising eyebrow) you don’t mean it…. That’s good because people like you are prone to different diseases” she said while Jake looked at her and looked away.

She opened the book and started writing
*all std and sti test
*hepatitis test
*HIV test
*blood group
*malaria falciparum test
*widal test
*tuberculosis test
*renal biopsy test
*blood sugar test
*electro cardio gram(ecg)
*gastrointestinal tract test

After writing all these she gave it back to Jake.

“holy Ghost fire” he shouted looking at chioma, he tried to control his anger

“yes as soon as you bring the result, you know am a nurse to be I will go through them and confirm all to be good before you could talk to me” chioma spoke out

“like seriously, chioma it’s me Jake your first love.. If I had all this wont I be dead by now”

“(raised eyebrow) who told that lie, you my first love… Hahaha I only liked you then because you were handsome, rich and clean”

“so now am not handsome, rich and clean??”

“go and run the test before you talk to me” she said and went inside the compound

“oh my God, so it’s me this girl want to use to do clinical practice Abi her nursing carrier…. Hmmm Nawa ooo” he said , entered his vehicle and drove off

That same day in the night Jake ate happily, he was more happy because her uncle was now in full support. Getting chioma who is proving iron Lady is very easy. He relaxed on his bed, called his sister after talking to her for a long time, Jake got to know that his mum was coming back the next day. He slept off not after calling Paulo who said he was coming to itolu In two days time.

The next day was a bit sunny, after his prayers and exercise he helped his grand ma do some washing which she took offences at, she said it was chinaza’s duty to do that. By 12pm Jake got dressed took his car key and was set to go out. He entered his vehicle and brought out the paper chioma gave him after going through them he laughed

“how would this lab and X-ray people see me after conducting all this test.. I just pray I dont fall victim to any of the test. Getting chioma is sure because she is mine” he muttered before driving out of his granny’s compound.


“it’s not as if I don’t love Jake again but that guy really made me cry and pass through pains. So he has to suffer to get me back, that test is part of the early stage of his suffering, he should expect more from me”

“but meanwhile I still love him, his touch fills me with joy, I can’t even wait to hug him, kiss him. No man Is like Jake for me… But he must pay to get me”

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to be continued…..