Agony of Chioma Episode 21



‘’jake wow is this you’’

‘’ade howfar abeg who be that guy wey just kiss Hannah??’’

‘’oh that’s kunle,he is a new student in our school’’

‘’and he has the guts to pally around with my girl…I will deal with him’’ jake said folding his fist

‘’haha jake do you think you can beat that guy??’’ ade asked laughing

‘’watch me then’’ said jake stepping forward

Kunle was tall and quite built, fair in complexion. He has been crushing on Hannah and Hannah on the other hand has been giving some sort of back light, today was the first day he kissed Hannah behind a car in the hotel but jake caught them. Jake walked with anger and boldness toward them

‘’hey what are you doing with my girl’’ jake said to kunle hitting his chest

‘’jake stop that, what are you even doing here’’ shouted Hannah

‘’hey Hannah who is this b—–d??’’ kunle asked

‘’what did you call me, b—–d?’ jake asked and lunched a blow to kunle’s face

‘’boom’’ kunle returned the blow with blood coming out of his nose .
Hannah tried separating them but was brought down by a kick.

Kunle lifted jake up and threw him to the wind screen of a camry car close by
‘’glass shattered’’

The security and some other people including his ex class mate all came out to see what was going on


‘’ahhhh kunle why did you do such a thing’’ some of his class mate shouted

‘’security pls get an ambulance’’ a white woman who was at the scene shouted

‘’the guy is terribly injuried’’ a security said

Blood was gushing out of kunles nose uncontrollably. The owner of the camry wasn’t too far as he rushed to the scene unfortunately for both boys he was a soldier man

‘’well played boys’’ the gap toothed soldier said dragging kunle by the trouser and started beating him with different styles . most people pleaded with him to stop beating kunle but instead he punished some of them. Finally a cab arrived to take jake to the hospital but the soldier man refused saying that he must go to the barracks with kunle and jake. Oga soldier went to his booth got some kind of clothes and used it to tie the open part of jakes body but his techniques kind of stopped jake bleeding partially. In no time the boys were inside the damaged camry while the soldier drove off, there was a bit confusion in fandrozz as some of lambert international school student made to call kunle and jakes parents..

Mrs madu was in her office viewing and updating latest hair style, new manicure and pedicure designs on instagram with her tablet when suddenly her iphone started ringing . looking at the caller it was hannah , she quickly slid the green button

‘’hannah how are you’’

‘’ma pls come to fandrozz hotel quickly jake has implicated himself’’

‘’what!!! This boy will not kill me , am coming immediately’’ she said and hanged up

Mrs madu quickly gave out some Instruction to the assistant manager before leaving the saloon in a hurry. She got into her avalon and drove out recklessly to fandrozz, she wasn’t that familiar with the hotel but she knows that such hotel exist in lekki. After about twenty minutes of driving and searching she finally found the hotel, she called hannah on phone who quickly showed up

‘’hannah where is jake???’’ she asked in fear

‘’calm down, he was engaged in a fight , and he was thrown to a wind screen which belonged to a soldier, he man showed up and took the both boys away’’

‘’ahhhh where did he take them to??? Why will jake engage in a fight, by the way what is he even doing here in a hotel ahh am finished’’ she lamented… on the process a security man came to meet her and informed her that he knows where the barracks they were taken to is

‘’are you sure about this young man’’

‘’ very sure ma dodan barracks ikoyi that’s where that soldier lives and sometimes he do arrest people here and take them there’’

‘’ok why don’t you follow us and show us the place’’

‘’ahhh madam you know say I dey work but you go give me something oo’’ the security guy said smiling

‘’that’s no problem na’’ said mrs madu as she counted ten thousaand and handed it over to the security guy

‘’correct mama infact I go show you in and out of the barracks make we go’’ he said smiling broadly

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About two hours later they arrived at dodan barracks ikoyi , but wasn’t allowed to enter even after calling the name of the person they wanted to see. Gradually it was getting serious , mrs madu had to call her husband after laying complains he told her that he would make some calls and jake will be released.

Kunle was seen somewhere in the barracks carrying blocks from one place to another, he was asked to be carrying a big heavy brick to a 70 meters destination and when he gets to that destination he will returned with a concrete block back to his former position. Kunle was doing this to and fro and sweating seriously as he was inspected by younger soldiers in the barracks.

Jake on the other side was asked to fetch water with a 50 liters gallon from a well in the out skirt of the barrack to a three storey building in the barrack despite his injury that was partially bleeding in his neck and arm, he had gone only twice. The worst part is that he was timed to go 5 times in twenty minutes but had gone twice in 18 minutes…… ‘’what a day for jake and kunle’’

Later on after some calls and pleading from chief madu , mrs madu hannah and the security guy was allowed to enter with the immediate release of the two boys. Mrs madu wanted to deal with kunle but pitied his condition, jake had lost so much blood and was passing out gradually , suddenly he fell and passed out

‘’help help lets take him to the hospital’’ jake was carried into the car and mrs madu drove off immediately with only hannah as her companion since the security guys mission has been completed

Jake was rushed into the hospital, straight to the emergency ward in the forth floor of the hospital
‘’peem’’ elevator opened and he was pushed into a room[private ward]

In less than five minutes a young looking doctor came for his attendance. He examined him for some minutes before concluding that he needs a blood transfusion

‘’doctor do something quick, carry on with the blood transfusion, I think am same match with him’’ mrs madu said

‘’doctor idris????’’ hannah called

‘’wow hannah how are you doing??’’

‘’doctor am very fine’’

‘’do you know him??’’ jakes mum asked

‘’yea, he was the doctor who took care of me two weeks ago when I was admitted here’’

‘’oh now I remember his face nice to meet you again’’ jake mum said

‘’you are welcome ma, he will be alright I promise’’ said doctor idris as he made to leave

The hospital bed started vibrating as soon as the doctor left while jake started shaking vigoriously as white fume started gushing out of his mouth

‘’blood of jesus doctor!! Doctor!!!! Doctor help help!!!!!’’
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