Agony of Chioma Episode 16


Jake was seen parading around chioma’s house, he was very sensitive and constantly checked his time. At a point he was tired and and sat on a block close to her compound, some minute later he saw someone coming out of the main house and luckly for him it was chioma . he quickly picked his phone and dailed kimkom number*******

‘’oya get ready she is coming out,’’ jake said as he rans some distance way from the house and acted as if he was coming to chioma’s house.

‘’broooom brooom’’ a bike was approaching as it quickly hit jake from the back and he fell down and shouted.

At that same moment chioma came out of her compound as everything happened within a twinkle of an eye

‘’jesus’’ c hioma shouted as the bike man who was on black attire throughout quickly revised and fled.

‘aaarrrrhhhggg’’ jake groaned in pain while rolling on the floor

‘’jake are you alright’’ she asked helping him sit up

‘’I need water, water’’

‘’no no you cant take water.. are you ok or do you need to visit the hospital’’

‘’oh no no am ok’’ I said panting

‘’hmmm ok lets go inside’’ she said partially while I tried standing up

‘’God will punish that bike man, he want to kill me and put my family to shame’’

‘’you wont die ooo God will keep you for me’’ she said surprising me


We went into the compound and she took me to the back side where a mango tree was located

‘’is anyone at home’’ I asked

‘’yea my sister is at home ‘’

We kept on chatting till I suddenly touched her stomach

‘’whats that for’’

‘’is my baby in there’’ I asked stylishly

‘’not at all, do you want my uncle to kill me?? I saw my flow today’’ she said calmly

‘’thank God’’ I said inwardly

We kept on discussing and playing, I promised her lot of things with my sugar coated tongue but tho I like her . we didn’t even know when we kissed and cuddled…….. finally I was set to leave but on my way out of the compound I met her uncle

‘’good evening sir’’ I greeted

‘’evening !! jake how are you??’’

‘’am fine sir’’

‘’that’s good to hear,k are you guys done with your todays reading’’

‘’actually yea’’

‘’that’s good’’

‘’thank you sir.. I will be leaving now’’

‘’no problems, take good care of yourself’’

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As soon as jake left my uncle quickly called me to a corner

‘’chioma I want you to be sincere with me, have that boy told you anything ‘’

‘’anything as how’’

‘’like I mean has he touched you in anyway’’

‘’haa uncle how can you say that, jake is my friend and he doesn’t behave like that’’

‘’hmm ok I know why am saying this remember what happened to your sister, pls be careful with boys and men’’

‘’I will uncle’’ I said and he walked away

Whats with my uncle self…. Not too long after our night meal my sister called me out to have a disscussion with me

‘’chioma am not a kid nor a fool tell me whats between the both of you’’

‘’both of us as how’’

‘’don’t act dumb here I mean jake, didn’t you once told me he wanted to date you;;’’

‘’oh sister nothing is between us, jake is just my friend’’

‘’this what I hate chioma tell me everything am your sister and your only companion’’

‘’(looking around carefully) sister amaka pls don’t tell uncle oooo’’

‘’I wont we are sisters and lets talk sisters issue’’

‘’ermmm jake is my boyfriend’’

‘’hmm chioma when did you start keeping boyfriends??’’

‘’(pity face)sister I love him and he loves me too’’

‘’hmmm love…well I think you should be old enough to know what you are going into’’

‘’I have my mind and brain’’

‘’its not as if am against it but be careful with boys remember what I passed through’’

‘’ehn that was because you refuse to give uzomma sex and he collected it by force by almost raping you to death’’

‘’what!!! Chioma you are stupid for saying such thing to me wait wait wait are you still a virgin??’’

‘’sister I cant answer that question oooo’’

‘’eh chioma don’t tell me……………’’


Finally we started our exams , it went smoothly but was quite though as almond school brought out their real scientific color. Two weeks later our exams were over and preparation for the end of the session party commenced but I wasn’t into it that much. Life became more fun with chioma , my bad guys emeka and kimkom as we went on different parole. I spoilt chioma with cash this few weeks and I was once happy again in my life but little did I know that danger and temptation awaits me in a jiffy


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To be continued……