Afflicted Episode 9


The Bishop is trembling badly now.
He raises his right hand and points an unsteady finger at the Reverend.
No, I will not let you destroy this church with your evil, Ebow! This church is based on sound biblical principles! You don’t preach the Gospel anymore! You only preach prosperity and a load of garbage, and use your demons to perform those miracles! And you’re doing it all for money and power! No, I won’t let you destroy anybody anymore! I’ll let everybody know about you!
The smile vanishes from Ebow’s face.
His eyes are now hard and nasty as he looks at his uncle.
You know, that is why you’re like this, a nonentity and an under-achiever! Did you see how your church was filled tonight with people with money because of my prresence? You’ll always be nothing, just a two-pesewa irrelevant pastor! Grow up, Uncle! The world is changing! There’s money to be made!
His face was twisted with sick greed that absolutely disgusted the older man.
People are not interested in your ‘repent or burn in hell’ crap! They want to marry, have money, and sin! So you give them what they want by forgiving their sinful natures and promising them big monies! The church is now huge business, bringing in millions of cedis!
He gave a bark of a laugh.
You can be rich and powerful, but no, you always prefer the same old shitty way of doing things! I’m taking over your church whether you like it or not! You can choose to be with me, or wallow in self-pity. Don’t force me to hurt you! What is it going to be?
Oh, no! I will not let you! I’m a Christian, and I’ll not lose my soul because of you! They’ll know about this!
Alright, Uncle, have it your way then!
He smiles, turns and leaves the room.
The Bishop looks at Akoto miserably.
Sorry, my friend. I’ll get someone to help you! I’ve been so blind, Akoto. Please forgive me.

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The Bishop also leaves the room, intent on telling the other pastors and Elders the true colours of Obuobi.
Quickly he emerges in the church room.
All the Elders, junior pastors and the Bishop’s wife are bunched together and chatting.
The Bishop sees Kesewaa and her parents preparing to leave.
They are chatting to Ebow Obuobi.
With determined steps the Bishop walks towards them.
Ebow Obuobi looks at the Bishop approaching, and then he gently takes his hand from his pocket.
There is a strange toffee with a white covering in his hand now.
It is the same toffee he had eaten before striking Maame Akua and crippling Akoto!
He unwraps the candy as he speaks a strange language under his breath in a chanting manner, and then he pops the toffee into his mouth.
Bishop Osuanyi has reached the little group now.
He raises his hand and he points at Ebow.
The Bishop tries to speak, and that is when Reverend Obuobi clamps down on the candy hard, breaking it.
Bishop Osuanyi grips his throat immediately as a great agony suffuses his body.
He cannot speak now as he fights for breath, his accusing eyes fixed with horror on the reverend.
He makes gurgling and choking sounds in his throat.
His wife sees him and begins to run towards him.
Reverend Obuobi bites on the candy harder, and it crumples to smaller pieces in his mouth.
Immediately the Bishop Osuanyi screams with dreadful pain; it feels as if every vein and muscle in his body has been severed!
Blood spurts from his mouth, nose and ears.
Kesewaa screams!
Mrs. Osuanyi screams!
Other people are also screaming when Bishop Osuanyi crashes to the floor.
Reverend Ebow Obuobi chews the candy harder!
Bishop Osuanyi begins to thrash terribly on the floor, muttering painfully!
Reverend Obuobi swallows the rest of the candy, and the Bishop goes limp!
People crowd around the Bishop.
An Elder who is a doctor kneels and checks for the pulse of the Bishop.
There is none.
Bishop Osuanyi Ayeh is dead!

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