Afflicted Episode 2


Everybody is looking from Pastor Obuobi to Akoto with a hint of unease on their faces.
(in a serious voice)
Young man, are you firm in the Lord?
Akoto puts his head to one side and regards the pastor with a cynical look on his face.
I’ve never strayed from the side of the Lord, Pastor.
(shaking his head)
Are you sure, my friend? Are you really sure? I see some things around you I don’t like.
(striving to remain calm)
You see things? Around me? What things? What are you trying to insinuate, Pastor?
Don’t be angry, okay? I see things in the spiritual realm, and I can help you. I see evil demons following you, young man, seeking to do you and anybody around you harm, because you owe the devil, and he has come to take his payment.
There is a shocked silence around them. The smile has vanished from Kesewaa’s face as she links her arm through Akoto’s.
Please, Pastor, you’re scaring me! What’re you talking about?
Pastor Obuobi looks at her and smiles sadly.
This young man has made a deal with the devil, my dear! He got his riches from evil demons in the occult realm, and they’re following him now. I need to pray for him and break the curse otherwise you will die if you marry him!
Akoto Nyameboame begins to laugh.
His laughter isn’t loud; it is soft and deep and filled with real mirth.
You’re a joke, Pastor, with all due respects. Just one of those fake pastors, aren’t you? I wanted to beat the crap out of you a few minutes ago, but you’re not really worth it, you funny little man.
He turns away angrily and begins to walk away. Kesewaa is scared and greatly troubled. She turns and walks after Akoto.
Akoto, love, please wait up! Wait for me, my love!

The others look at Pastor Obuobi with real concern on their faces.
Oh, Pastor. Did you see well? Akoto’s father was a pastor too, okay? He died just last year. Akoto is a very good Christian.
Reverend Obuobi puts a gentle hand on Mr. Nyantakyi’s shoulder.
You have ordinary eyes, Daddy, and so you see ordinary things. The good Lord we serve has chosen me as His two-edged sword, and I see things in the spiritual realm! Death is following that man, and his end is going to be very nasty! But, for Kesewaa’s sake, I’ll try to help that boy. I’ll clear all the demons from that man’s path! But, until I declare him clean and no more dangerous, you better warn your daughter to keep her distance from that dangerous boy!
Kesewaa hears what the pastor has said, and she stops suddenly and turns, her face flushed with anger.
She walks towards the pastor with her hands balled into fists at her sides.
Her father, seeing how angry she is, moves forward to meet her.

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My sweet pumpkin, take it easy, take it easy! He’s a man of God, you know! Let’s tread cautiously!
Man of God? Is that how a man of God speaks, Pastor? Just like that? Without a little decorum? I love that man, Pastor, and I’ll appreciate it if you don’t speak so ill about him! He’s a man of God too, you know! He has always been! He’s very wealthy, but he’s still a virgin! Can you believe that?
A virgin? Is that what he told you? And you believe him? I saw a lot of women souls following him, wanting to do you harm! He has slept with many women and used them for his money rituals! All the women he has slept with are either mad or paralyzed!
(hissing furiously)
You lie!
Watch your mouth, girl!
My good grief, Kesewaa! What has come over you? He’s a man of God!
A man of God who claims to see all these evil things? With what power are you telling me all these things, Pastor?
The same power that enables me to speak with God, that enables me to do healing, that makes God walk with me and gives me the anointing to do this!
And then Pastor Obuobi walks to Kesewaa’s mother and reaches out and takes her hand.
What are you doing, Pastor?
(face tight)
You people doubt what I said? Well, witness the power immersed in me and believe everything I tell you! Woman, stand up and walk!!
And Pastor Ebow Obuobi pulls Sika Nyantakyi’s hand, and the woman who has been crippled for two years comes out of the wheelchair with a scream, and then she begins to jump around!
Her crooked limbs are gone!
Her paralysed limbs are whole!
She is healed, instantly!
And she is jumping around and screaming with joy!
Mr. Nyantakyi screams and runs to his wife! It is incredible, and it is absolutely stunning and amazing!

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To be continued