Afflicted Episode 13


People are staring at the man as he crosses to the entrance of the hospital and approaches Amina.
She closes her eyes and shakes her head hard, thinking she is hallucinating.
She opens her eyes again and he is right there!
He is not smiling, and his face is grim and extremely wrathful, as if he is very angry.
Y-you! I-I s-s-saw y-you in… I saw yo-yo-you in m-my dr-dr-drea-dreams!
The stranger doesn’t even stop to look at her, but he speaks in a calm, deep, bass voice.
I know, lass.
He walks past her.
Amina turns with a strangled gasp and follows him.
He is not in a hurry, but his legs are long, and his strides sure, so she had to run to keep up.
She reaches his side and reaches out to touch him, and when her hand touches him it further confirms to her that she is not crazy, and that the stranger she has seen in her dream is indeed here.
He enters the reception and does not stop to ask direction.
He enters the elevator, and Amina follows him in.
She is not surprised when he punches the number for the fifth floor, where the FEMALE WARDS are.
Please, sir, who’re you? What’s your name? How come I saw you in my dreams after my fasting and prayers?
He looks at her, and the harsh lines of his face does not relax, and indeed he does look a trifle irritated by her questions.
You prayed to our mighty Lord Jehovah.
Yes, I did! And for three days I saw you in my dreams! And now you’re here! I’m a bit petrified, really, and freaking out a little, if you see what I mean.
No, I don’t see what you mean. And I certainly owe you no explanations, lady.
The lift doors slide open, and the stranger walks out.
He strides along the corridor, and presently arrives at WARD 5, where Maame Akua is still lying on a bed, attached to the life support machine.
He slides the glass door open and enters the ward with Amina close behind him.
There are two male doctors and a female nurse in the ward, and they both look up at the new entrants.
DOCTOR GYAMBIBI, the elderly man who has been attending to Maame Akua, looks at Amina and smiles.
Oh, hello again, Amina.
Hello, Doctor.
Is this Madam Akua’s son? Mr. Akoto Nyameboame?
(licking her lips)
N-no, please. He’s a f-friend.
In that case you two have to wait outside for a while. Visiting hours is still about an hour away.
Yes, Doctor. Please, sir, we have to wait outside for a while.
The stranger does not bother to listen to anyone.
He walks forward briskly and stands at the foot of the bed looking at the frail woman attached to the life support.
The younger doctor has a name tag on his coat lapel which says he is DOCTOR AKWASI KISSIEDU.
Look, sir, with all due respect you should go out. There is a procedure going on. You can come in when we’re done.
The stranger looks at the doctor without expression.
You say there’s no God, and you’re bitterly fighting with your wife because she chooses to worship God. She believes that only God can heal your daughter, who was born a week ago with a weak heart, and not expected to live past two weeks.
The doctors exchange startled glances, and the nurse gasps with shock.
Doctor Kissiedu puts the clipboard he is holding down with a curse and approaches the stranger angrily.
Now, look here, you bastard! How the hell did you know that?
He is reaching out to push the stranger in the chest, and the tall man’s stare drills into him.
Believe me, Akwasi Kuntukununku, you don’t want to touch me!
Doctor Kissiedu pauses with even more shock!
The man has just mentioned his childhood name, the name he has shirked many years ago, the name no one knows.
He gasps, and he drops his hand, and he takes a step back.
Listen, sir! What game do you think you’re playing with ME?
The stranger reaches out suddenly and touches Maame Akua’s right foot.
If I be a man of the Almighty Jehovah, then with the power vested in me by the Holy Spirit, arise from this bed, woman, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
And Maame Akua suddenly sits up in bed, coughing!
She looks around, her eyes once more normal, her limbs once more cured.
She stares at the stranger standing at the foot of her bed with stunned incredulity.
Yes, me.
I saw you in my dreams! I was lost, and you took my hand and led me to my house!
Then get up and go to your house, woman, and stop your muttering! I have other things to do before the day ends!
He turns and walks towards the door.

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