Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 7


The gate opened from the outside and right in front of Adzo and Nana, there came in Ruby.

Meanwhile, Fred was already on his way to Ruby’s house. He wanted to make amends for the wrong  he had done. For reasons best known to him, he wanted Ruby back. Upon getting into the house, Efe the maid pounced on him as soon as she saw him enter the compound.

“Hey we need to talk, I will be alone in the kitchen” Efe said and went straight to the kitchen. The manner in which she spoke to Fred was exceptional and out of the ordinary. Fred on the other hand didn’t a say word than use the back door which led to the kitchen. For a mere maid like Efe to talk to the supposed husband to be of Ruby in that way, meant that something might  have broken the master – servant relationship that existed between them.

Ruby’s mother didn’t see Fred entering the house because he used the back door to enter the kitchen. However, Aziz was the only person who was seated in the sitting room by then. Mr. Abdul and Ruby’s mother were nowhere to be found.  It seemed they had relocated to a different and more private place.

Efe was really looking worried when Fred got to the kitchen.

“What is it again Efe? Fred asked.

“Are you asking me, everything is wrong Fred. Everything is wrong” Efe said

“What do you mean by that, if something was wrong, why couldn’t you call me to tell me? Fred asked

“Keep your voice down, someone might hear us” Efe said.

“Would you just tell me why you brought me here” Fred anxiously asked her.

“I missed my period” Efe finally said.

Fred’s  face dropped instantly. He wasn’t expecting that from Efe.

“Efe, this can’t happen now, it was only a onetime thing” Fred said.

Apparently, Fred got sexually involved with Efe when Ruby and her family were away on a family vacation trip. Ruby suggested he stayed over at their house until she came back with her family. It was at that moment that  everything changed. Fred got lonely and Efe was his only choice. With just an order, he was able to satisfy his sexual desires and now Efe was pregnant for Fred, something he least expected.

Ruby on the other hand was shocked to see Adzo at Nana’s house. She was however over excited that she didn’t even bother to care about how Adzo got there. She just jumped and embraced her so tight. Nana just stood there surprised at what was going on.

“Do you two know each other? Nana asked.

Adzo and Ruby completely ignored him, they kept on enjoying the moment while it lasted.

“How did you end up here Adzo” Ruby asked.

“I met this Good Samaritan, as a matter of fact, he brought me here not long ago” Adzo answered her.

“But why did you leave in the first place, without even telling me anything Adzo” Ruby asked.

Nana felt out of place and was completely lost with what was happening.

“Erm girls, I’m still here, will you please tell me what is going on” Nana asked.

Nana and Ruby were mates back in the tertiary institution, he was actually in love with her but Ruby on the other didn’t give him a chance in her life because of the child Nana already had.

Ruby on other hand was still friends with Nana till now. She came to his place because she knew Nana was the only one she could actually talk to since Adzo was not around.

Meanwhile, Fred was still in the kitchen still trying to figure a way out with the mess he had created. He tried using his “bossy power” on Efe but things just went from bad to worse.

“Look, I don’t think I’m responsible for that.” Fred said.

“You really don’t know who you are dealing with. You better do what is expected of you or I will let the whole world know what is happening” Efe cautioned.

Unfortunately for them Ruby’s mother barged into the kitchen and overheard them.

“What is going on in here, the whole world will hear what? asked Ruby’s mother.

To Continued later today.