Adzo (The Untamed) season 1 Episode 9



Fred’s face dropped as soon as Efe mentioned her name. Instantly he knew that Efe was referring to Baaba, Fred’s ex girlfriend.

“Fred, who is that? Ruby asked

“Have no idea, that’s what I’m going to find out.” Fred answered.  That was not the first time he lied to Ruby, He knew how Ruby would take this issue which he was not actually prepared for that especially at this time where in few hours they will be getting married.

Fred was very concerned  about the marriage and was ready to go to the end of the world to see it come to past.

“Ok, let’s go” Ruby said.

“Let’s go? Honey I can do this on my own. “Fred said and left Ruby and Adzo to see Baaba.

Adzo saw the look on Ruby’s face, she knew Ruby was worried and feeling insecured.

“Mistress, is everything alright? Adzo asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine” Ruby answerd.

“Mistress, I know I can’t invade in your private matters but I’m concerned. I see it in your eyes. Mistress you are worried” Adzo said.

“Hmm, how long will you keep calling me by that” Ruby asked.

“I’m sorry Mis… sorry Aunt Ruby” She said.

That was a smart way Ruby used to avoid the topic.

It was getting late and the party was eventually coming to an end. Most of the invited guests were leaving and already the maids in the house had already began putting the place in order.

Ruby’s mother and Father were seated somewhere on the compound as they watched the maids doing their job.

Occasionally, some guests will come and say goodbye to them before leaving. Suddenly Ruby’s mother popped up with a question.

“So Dear, what are we going to do about the young girl Ruby brought? She asked.

“Ruby may have a good reason for bringing her here.” Ruby’s father answered.

“But dear, Ruby is getting married tomorrow and afterwards they will be going to their Honeymoon and eventually move to Accra with her husband. Is this girl going to follow them all around and even move to their matrimonial home? She asked.

As much as Ruby was doing a good thing by helping Adzo and giving her shelter, this was an issue she had not yet thought of.

Was she going to leave Adzo under the care of her parents or Adzo will be with them in their matrimonial home?

“You’re right, I believe we have to talk to her and know what she intend to do.” Ruby’s father said.

After a while, Ruby’s Father decided to take a walk around the compound since almost all the guest were gone.

Ruby’s mother on the other hand watched along as the maids put the place in order. Adzo who was very serviceable couldn’t just sit idle, she also joined the rest of the maids as they all cleaned the compound.

All this while, Fred was in Baaba’s car which was packed outside the compound.  They seem to have been engaging in a long conversation.

Baaba was introduced to Fred by his sister way back in high school. She was Fred’s first girlfriend. Although their relationship was not really a smooth one, they were however able to overcome certain challenges together as couple and this made more compactible.

Just like Ruby, Baaba’s family was wealthy as well. They were actually based in Canada and had a lot of properties in Ghana their homeland.

Baaba and Ruby had a lot in common, wealthy family and the only daughter of their parents.

Indeed Fred had a really good taste for Wealthy rich girls.  Before Fred actually met Ruby, just like any other relationship, out of anger he broke up with Baaba. Of cause, it was a temporal one and they both knew it.  This was a usual thing in their relationship. They break up and make up all the time but what held the relationship was the love they had for each other.

However, they couldn’t fix this particular one when Baaba had a scholarship to UK. They lost contact and that was when Fred met Ruby. Indeed he still had a soft spot for Baaba.

“Fred I hear you’re getting married tomorrow” Baaba asked.

“Yeah Babs and I don’t know why for all these years, you choose to show up now” Fred asked.

“Fred, you have no idea what I have been through. But it’s all in the past now, I’m here” Baaba said.

“No Babs, No. This isn’t it right. You have lost me and that is it. I’ve moved on now and getting married tomorrow. Besides we ended before you left.”

“But Fred that what made  our relationship unique. We don’t mean it when we break up. That’s how we solve problems Fred. Look, don’t play the hard type. I know you very well. I can feel it.  You are right here in my car, alone in this dark place. You won’t be here if you don’t want this.” Baaba said.

“That’s enough, I’m leaving, see you some other time.” Fred said and opened the door which ignited the inner light of the car.

Baaba grabbed hold of his hand which prevented him from leaving. Before Fred could say another word to Baaba, out of nowhere she planted a deep kiss on Fred’s lips. His lip was his soft spot.

Fred couldn’t resist it; he kissed back and instantly all the memories that they both shared together came back to Fred
He had really missed Baaba.

Suddenly, He pushed  Baaba away. This was supposed to be a night before his wedding. He quickly got out of the car only to find Ruby’s father standing behind Baaba’s car watching him.

To Be Continued Tonight.
To Be Continued.