Adzo” (The Untamed) season 1 Episode 8



It became too obvious that Ruby even noticed it.  Fred had never ever looked at Ruby in that way before.

Ruby ignored Fred and welcomed Adzo to join the family table where Ruby’s mother and some members of Fred’s family sat.

Fred was just stunned and all of a sudden, Fred became very cautious of his movement, his appearance, the way and manner in which he talks. In other words he was playing the “perfect gentle” man. It seems he was trying to impress someone.

Ruby’s Father who was the reserved type and a man with little words was not seated on the table with the rest of the family. He enjoyed the company of his fellow coperate workers than being on the same dinner table especially with his nagging  wife, thus Ruby’s mother.

Ruby who was much closer to his father than her mum really wanted her father to be at this table with them.

“Mum, where is Dad? Ruby asked. for more stories

“Over there, with his friends” Answered Ruby’s mother.

Meanwhile, Adzo , who was seated at the right side of Ruby felt very nervous. Almost everything about her was new. Ruby’s mother didn’t wait for the food to be served, she just went on with her interrogation.

“Ruby, you’ve still not introduce this new maid to us yet” Ruby’s mother said.

She obviously said that on purpose. With this statement, she indirectly meant that Adzo will only be good to the family only when she is a maid.

Ruby didn’t take this lightly. “Mum, I can’t believe you actually said this. Fair enough, you really want to know who Adzo is right” Ruby continued.

It was amazing how her emotions switched easily to anger when her mum made that statement.

“She is the reason I’m alive now, she saved my life and I owe her, is that how you treat your guest mum? Ruby said and angrily walked out on them from the table.

“Is there anything wrong with what I said?” Ruby mother asked the rest of the family who were seated at the table.

Things just got worse for Adzo now; she was caught up in all this which made her more nervous. Now there she was with her face down not knowing what to do.
She was surrounded by people who she doesn’t know and for her to be the bone of contention between Ruby and his Mother argument was something she never saw coming.

Fred stood up and went to talk to Ruby. She was really upset and Fred knew exactly what to do to ease her up. He took Ruby by the hand and together went behind the house where they could be alone and have some sought of privacy.

“Baby, I think you should calm down, I’m sure your mother meant something different with what she said.” Fred said trying to comfort her.

“Fred, Mum can be so annoying sometimes. I really can’t take it anymore.” said Ruby.

“Look, tomorrow is our wedding day, I don’t think this anger will be a good sign for it. For our wedding sake, ignore it please” Said Fred.

Ruby nodded and gave Fred a big tight hug which followed with a kiss.

Adzo wanted a reason to excuse herself from the rest of the family members. Fortunately for her, they all stood up to dance and left the table completely empty leaving only Adzo.

She stood up almost immediately and left the table. Suddenly, with all her curiosity, she found herself walking round the house. She walked slowly and carefully observed the new environment she had been brought to.

Memories of her mother came to light.  She still remembers her mother’s wild cry when she was bitten by the snake. She remembered the warmth of her mother’s hand when she held her and together walk to the farm.

Adzo indeed had missed her mother. The more she thought of her, the more her eyes became teary.  From distance she saw Fred and Ruby kissing. Even though her eyes was stuck on them, her mind was lost in thoughts.

Ruby and Fred on the other hand didn’t see her until when they decided to go back and join the party.

“Adzo, is everything alright, you seem sad” Fred surprisingly asked.

Ruby was amazed with Fred’s consent. She however decided to ignore and play along.

“Adzo are you ok” Ruby followed up.

The conversation was interrupted when suddenly Efe, one of the maids quickly rushed to them.

“Excuse me Sir” Efe said.

“Yeah, what Is it “ Fred asked.

“Sir,  one lady is here to see you. She said her name is Baaba” Efe answered.

Fred’s face dropped as soon as Efe mentioned her name. Instantly he knew that Efe was referring to Baaba, Fred’s ex girlfriend.
To Be Continued.