Adzo” (The Untamed) season 1 episode 7



Adzo felt that she had hope now and that she had made a good decision now. Little did she know that this was just the beginning of her plight?

Aziz on the other hand was left alone on the road. He stood there and gazed at the vehicle as it’s slowly fades away from the Horizon.

A new chapter has begun in Adzo’s life. A new family, a new environment and new face of life. As to how she was going to cope with this new life of hers’ , only fate can tell.

It was about 30 minutes’ drive until they got to their destination.  Fred and Ruby decided not to alarm anyone on the accident. Upon reaching their destination, Adzo was amazed upon seeing the huge house Ruby and Fred lived in.

The place was filled with high dignitaries well dressed with music at the background. The engagement party had already started when Fred and Ruby got there.

They had to use the back door in order to avoid been seen by the invited guest. Adzo slowly followed them from behind.  She had no idea where she was and practically everything there was not familiar to her.

She kept starring at every single object her eyes will come across. Ruby then showed her to her room and gave her a shabby out fit to put on for the party.

“Adzo, take your shower and put on this afterwards. You will be meeting my parents soon” Ruby said.

Adzo looked at the dress  over and over again. She had never seen anyone or even come across such a dress before.

Ruby was the smart type. She knew how ignorant Adzo was, however she called out one of the maids in the house to help assist Adzo if the need arises.

“Adzo, This Efe, she will assist you in anything you do” Ruby said.

Adzo nodded. She was still finding it difficult to adapt to her new environment.

Ruby entered her room and went straight to shower up. Fred on the other hand was already at the forecourt of the house were the party was taking place. He was by then, attending to the guest and interacting with them.

Right after taking a quick shower, she came back to her bedroom to meet her mother sitting on her bed. Apparently  she has been waiting for Ruby all this while she was bathing. for more stories

“Hey Maa, I didn’t’ know you were here” Ruby said.

“Well I am, where have you been all this while Ruby, you kept us worried and the guest waiting. It doesn’t speak well of us. Where have you been ?  She asked.

“Maa, this really not the time for this, I will explain later, like you said, we can’t keep the guest waiting” Ruby said.

“Anyway, I will be waiting for you downstairs and please hurry up and join us” Her mother said and stood up from the bed.

She was going back to the party where she suddenly popped up with a question that surprised and got Ruby’s attention.

“Ruby, who is that girl you came with? She asked.

Ruby’s mother had already spotted them when they were coming through the back door. Ruby was surprised to hear her mum ask that question, she wondered if Fred was the one who told her.

“I see Fred had already told you about Adzo” Ruby said.

“So that’s her name, well he did not, I saw you when you were coming in” She said. “Who is she? She asked Ruby again.

“Mum, for now, all I can tell you is that, she will be spending the night here. I will surely introduce her to you today. We will talk more about her after the wedding tomorrow “Ruby said.

Actually, Ruby had not really decided on what to do with Adzo because by tomorrow, she will be married and her a decision such as this would be taken together with her new husband Fred.

Already Fred had expressed his unwillingness in letting Adzo stay over and it will be another task for Ruby to convince Fred.

Ruby however was not overlooking the compassion she felt for Adzo when they two met and even with all the risk she may be exposing herself to, she just wanted to help Adzo.

Her mother didn’t comment about it, she just nodded and left Ruby’s room. Indeed, Ruby’s mother was not the “waiting type”. She wanted to find things out in her own way no matter what it takes.

She found her way into Adzo’s room where she met Efe brushing Adzo’s hair for her.

They all stood up upon Ruby’s mother arrival.

“Good evening madam” Efe greeted.

Adzo followed up and also greeted her.

“Are you Adzo? Ruby’s mother asked.

“Yes, mistress” Adzo respectfully answered.

Ruby’s mother carefully gaze Adzo from her hair to her toes. Her facial expression wasn’t welcoming. Naturally  she  didn’t like Adzo.

After giving her a hard look, she went out without any comment and joined the party.

In no time Ruby had finished dressing and was with Fred at the party. They interacted with almost all the guests that were present. Suddenly Ruby came to realize that Adzo was taking too long in showing up as she had already instructed.

Ruby decided to go and check up on her however before she could make that move, Adzo and Efe came out. Fred was the one who noticed her first.  The Adzo they drove to the house was not the Adzo they are seeing now.

The good clean shower and the make up with the well fitted dress had exposed her true natural beauty. Ruby couldn’t believe her eyes. Adzo was completely looking elegant and outstanding.
Fred on the other hand couldn’t take his eyes of her.

It became too obvious that Ruby even noticed it.  Fred had never ever looked at Ruby in that way before.

To Be Continued.




  1. Episode is long over due. The suspense is just too much.
    Beautiful writeup. Kudos to u.