“Adzo” (The Untamed) season 1 Episode 4


“I’m getting married tomorrow” She continued.

Adzo quickly reached out to her tattered bag and took out five cocoa seeds and gave them to her.

“Take these mistress” Adzo said.

“These are cocoa seeds, what should I do with them? She asked.

“That’s my gift to you for your marriage. I have no cattle or sheep but this is all I have”Adzo said.

As funny as it was, the lady was amazed by Adzo’s kind gesture and this made her more curious about who Adzo really was.

“Thank you very much “ She said and placed the seeds in her hand bag.

“By the way whats your name” She asked.

“Mistress, My name is Adzo” Adzo answered.

“Nice name, You can call me Aunty Ruby. I prefer that to the mistress” She said.

Adzo nodded and took a second look at the wound she had already dressed with the herbs. Fortunately, Ruby had stopped bleeding.

“Thank you Adzo, I barely feel any pain now” Ruby said.

No one had ever thanked Adzo ; she wondered why someone like Ruby would be doing that. For her, to show appreciation to a servant; you just had to assign her to more duties.

Everything about Ruby seemed strange to Adzo; her dressing, her kindness and even the car she was driving. Adzo didn’t feel worthy to be in her presence. Now that the wound was partially healed and Ruby was out of danger, she felt the need to leave her.

Adzo then took her bag and stood up to leave.

“Where are you going to Adzo” Ruby asked.

“I don’t know mistress, I have to keep walking till I find shelter” Adzo said.

“Are you saying you don’t have anywhere going? Ruby in shock asked. She was beginning to realize the reality of what Adzo had told her earlier.

Adzo nodded her head. “I have no master now”

“Master? Ruby asked, she was really finding it hard to believe the reality of Adzo’s issue.

“Come, Sit with me” Ruby said and slowly Adzo walked to her side and sat with her.

Ruby took her by the hand and looked at her in the eyes. Adzo had never been shown this compassion and tenderness before. The last time she remembered feeling this way was when her mother was alive.

Ruby was really getting fond of Adzo. Her innocent look and her level of ignorance made Ruby like her more.
Ruby came out with first class in Bachelor of Commence at University of Cape Coast before she met Fred a clearing agent at Tema harbor.

With regards to Education and wealth, Ruby had it all. Her parents were very rich and respectable people in the society. Fred on the other hand was just battling it out with life until He met Ruby. They both fell in love and eventually decided to get married.

Ruby’s parent were very fond of Fred because of the unconditional love Fred showed to their daughter. They took him to be their own son and treated him as such.

As a matter of fact all their wedding expenses were indirectly taken care of by Ruby’s parent. Ruby and Fred had already booked their flight for honeymoon in Singapore. That showed the class and how wealthy they were.

But things were about to change, either for good or for bad or even for the worse. Things were going to change, where true individuals’ characters would be exposed, where the good turns to bad and where we all are blinded by the good only to be subjected to wickedness and hatred.

Meanwhile, back at Mr. Abdul’s yard, It was already late in the night and still the yard looked unkept. Mr. Abdul was so furious now. Sekina should not count her chicks before the eggs are hatched. What she failed to remember was the fact that she was still a servant until Mr. Abdul says otherwise.

The fact that Mr. Abdul used her to satisfy his sexual desires does not change her status. Adzo was in the same position until she got pregnant.

Mr. Abdul looked at the whole yard and kept yelling Sekina’s name. He looked around and to his amazement, Sekina was nowhere in his yard.

“Where is that girl” Mr. Abdul asked himself.

He went into all the servants’ huts including where the male servants were and yet Sekina was nowhere to be found. It seems she was out of the yard but her belongings were still intact which meant that she was not far away from the yard.

Mr. Abdul didn’t stop searching. He couldn’t bare the fact that his whole compound was so unclean. He took the lantern to go further in search of Sekina.

He went behind the house and went straight to where his cattle are kept. There was a small hut there, that was where tools were kept for the farm.
Fortunately, Mr. Abdul saw from a distance that there was a lighted lantern that shined from the window of the hut.

“Who could be there at this time of the night” Mr. Abdul asked himself.

He went closer and upon reaching there, he opened the door leading to the tools’ room. Unfortunately, to his amazement, he saw Aziz fully naked on top of Sekina who was also naked. Sekina was having an intense sexual intercourse with Aziz, the same servant that traded food for sex with Adzo.