Adzo” (The Untamed) season 1 Episode 3



At that point in time, all she saw was a car coming towards her at top speed.

She was so blinded by the high light of the oncoming vehicle that she had nothing to do. Adzo was in danger; she made no attempt to even escape as she had no time for that.  The vehicle was very close now, all Adzo could think of was to embrace death.

The driver of the vehicle was very quick. She reacted quickly and drove of the road in other to save Adzo.
Unfortunately, she run into a big Tree by the road side and damaged the car.

What a narrow escape, Adzo was saved. She  sat in the middle of the road wondering what had just happened. She began shivering when she realised what had happened. Before she could make any move to get of from the road, she heard a faint  voice whispering for help. The voice came from the vehicle.

Adzo was scared to go closer to the vehicle but had no option. She stood up, and slowly walked towards the car. From the voice , you could tell that the person was in pain.

Upon reaching the car, Adzo noticed the driver was a young beautiful lady, shabbily dressed in a tight outfit.
Adzo had never seen a lady drive a car before and for her seeing that for the first time seemed strange to her.

Adzo noticed that the lady had a cut on her leg and was bleeding profusely. She needed to do something. Adzo helped the lady out of the car and without uttering any word, Adzo ran into the forest.

The lady called her out to come back but it fell on Adzo’s deaf ears.

“Come back, please, don’t leave me like this” The lady called out.

Soon she realiezed that she was all alone in the dark and was bleeding. She tore a piece of her outfit and was getting ready to tie it around her leg. At least, that will stop the bleeding for a while, she thought.

“Mistress, Don’t do that, it will worsen it” a voice came from behind her. It was Adzo, she had returned with some herbal leaves.

She took the leaves and wiped it on her cloth to remove the dirt. Adzo then placed it in her mouth and with haste, she began chewing the leaves.

The lady watched her closely in  amazement as Adzo chewed the leaves.

“This will stop the bleeding and ease the pain” Adzo said and placed the chewed leaves on the wounded leg.

The lady kept staring at Adzo as she tried dressing her wound.

“She looks strange” The Lady thought.  Adzo’s dressing was far from modernized and you could tell from her look that was what she was used to.

“Who are you, young girl? what were you doing on the road, I almost ran over you” The Lady asked.

Adzo was silent as she didn’t want to answer her to show her ignorance. She just kept on dressing the wound.

“young girl, please answer me, are you here with someone? you should be home at this time of night. Where are your parents” The lady kept asking.

The mention of parents got the attention of Adzo. She then looked at the Lady and said.

“My Master just released me, so no parent has bought me yet” Adzo answered.

“What are you talking about, I’m asking of your mother and father” Said the Lady

“Mother died long ago, Father sold me to Mr. Abdul and now Mr. Abdul doesn’t need me anymore” Adzo said.

This surprised the Lady, never in her life has she ever encountered such a thing. People being sold like a property.
Before she could interrogate her any further, she heard her phone ringing in her car.

The incident happened so quickly that she had even forgotten she had a phone. She stood up and picked up the phone.

“What is that” Adzo asked herself. She looked at the lady closely as she began talking on the on phone.


Caller: “We have been waiting for you for so long, your parents are even here” .

Lady: “Honey, I’m in the middle of nowhere, I just had a minor accident and the car is damaged”

Caller:  “What, which road did you use, I will be there soon”

Lady: “ Just drive on the highway, you will find me but Fred, don’t let anyone know about this, just come and pick me up”

Caller: “I will be there soon”

“What is that thing you are talking to” Adzo couldn’t hide her ignorance anymore.

“You don’t know what this is? She asked.

Adzo kept her eyes gazed on the phone.
“ I see, it’s a phone, we communicate with it. Fred will be here soon, it’s rather unfortunate that this will happen on my engagement night.” She said.

“I’m getting married tomorrow” She continued.